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J. Milner
Yellow Card
C. Mbemba
Yellow Card
Mohamed Salah
J. Henderson
2 - 0
Thiago Alcântara
1 - 0
M. Uribe
Yellow Card

Match Stats

58% 41%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 1
Total Passes 503 351
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Liverpool LIV Liverpool 5 5 0 0 15 5 +10 15 W W W W W
2 Porto POR Porto 5 1 2 2 3 8 -5 5 L D W L D
3 Milan MIL Milan 5 1 1 3 5 7 -2 4 W D L L L
4 Atlético Madrid ATM Atlético Madrid 5 1 1 3 4 7 -3 4 L L L W D


8th Finals
UEFA Europa League


That's all for today, goodbye! 
Porto miss out on the chance to qualify for the last 16 today, but the good news for them is that Atletico lost 1-0 to Milan in the other group game. That keeps them second in the table, and it's all going down to their final match against Atletico. As for Liverpool, they'll be aiming for a perfect group stage as they travel to Milan in two weeks' time.
Liverpool's perfect start in the Champions League continues with a 2-0 win over Porto. The visitors just didn't take their chances in the first half, with Otavio firing wide of an empty net for their best effort. Mane also had a goal disallowed for a very tight offside before the break. Thiago scored with a wonderful strike from outside the box on the half-volley with the outside of his boot before Minamino also had a goal ruled out for offside. Salah then rounded it off with a smart finish.
90' + 2' The hosts are in control in the final moments of the game, and they're happy to just knock it around in the middle of the field for now.
90' Porto are making a late push for a consolation goal here and they've won a free-kick down the left. It's a poor cross from Vitinha though, and Milner clears it at the front of the crowd.
J. Milner
Yellow Card
88' Milner refuses to back away as Costa waits to take a free-kick for Porto. He's booked for it, and that means he'll miss Liverpool's final group game against Milan.
87' Liverpool just can't clear their lines and Robertson's attempt is straight to Diaz. He's waiting for it to drop which just gives Henderson the chance to stop him from having a shot. 
85' Milner crashes into Conceicao and the substitute is now down holding his knee. It looks like an impact injury, but the medical team are on to give him some treatment. He's able to carry on.
83' Vitinha has stayed down holding his knee on the edge of Porto's box, and it looks like he twisted it after a challenge with Williams. He's moving gingerly after receiving treatment, but it looks like he'll be able to carry on.
J. Milner
A. Oxlade-Chamberlain
82' Final change for Liverpool now, with Oxlade-Chamberlain being replaced by Milner.
80' Salah has scored six goals in this season's Champions League group, the joint-most any Reds' player has scored in a single group stage, equalling Roberto Firmino's six goals in 2017-18.
M. Grujić
M. Uribe
77' Former Liverpool player Grujic is also coming on as he replaces Uribe.
Toni Martínez
77' There's another double change for Porto now and Evanilson is the first to make way, with Martinez on for him.
C. Mbemba
Yellow Card
75' Mbemba stepped on the top of Origi's foot to trip him, and he's shown a yellow card for that challenge.
75' A mistake from Uribe gifts Origi possession and Mbemba sticks out a leg to trip him. The referee points to the spot, while Mbemba protests that the contact came outside the box and after a VAR check, the free-kick is given just outside the area.
74' Porto take a free-kick quickly, but it's wasted by Vitinha, who plays his pass behind Otavio. Origi breaks quickly on the counter and touches it into Henderson, but he loses it with a poor first touch.
D. Origi
S. Mané
72' Mane is also being taken off now, with Origi on in his place. 
Mohamed Salah
71' That goal was Salah's last kick of the game as he's replaced by Fabinho.
J. Henderson
70' It's a simple pass from Henderson to square it into Salah, but it was a good one that opened up the space between the Porto defenders.
Mohamed Salah
70' SALAH SCORES! Salah starts the move on the right and he backheels it to Henderson. He squares it back to the Egyptian, and he steps away from Uribe, who commits to his challenge and curls his shot into the near post and Costa can't get anywhere near it. Porto are asking for a flag, but it's not going to come. 2-0 Liverpool! 
69' Henderson gets himself out of a tight spot and Oxlade-Chamberlain sweeps it out to Robertson with his first touch. He floats an early cross into the box, but it's too short for Salah and Mbemba clears.
67' Liverpool have scored more goals from outside the box in this season's Champions League than any other side (five), with all of those coming from different players: Henderson, Roberto Firmino, Salah, Naby Keita and Thiago.
65' MANE! Robertson's corner is over everyone at the near post and Mane brings it down in a lot of space in the middle. He lets it bounce but can't wrap his foot around it and he fires his shot well wide.
Francisco Conceição
M. Taremi
64' And Conceicao is also being brought on in place of Taremi.
Sérgio Oliveira
64' There's a double change for Porto here as well. Oliveira is the first to make way, with Vitinha on in his place.
A. Robertson
K. Tsimikas
63' And Tsimikas is also taken off, with Robertson on for him.
J. Henderson
Thiago Alcântara
63' Liverpool are making a double change here and it's the goal scorer, Thiago, who goes off for Henderson.
62' OFFSIDE! It's well-worked from Liverpool from right to left, with Salah sliding in Mane. His effort is blocked, but the deflection takes it looping up into the air. Minamino scuffs the shot but still manages to poke it past Costa. He runs off to celebrate, but he was well offside and the late flag goes up.
60' It's a poor ball out from Alisson as he slices his pass out from the back. Otavio is alert and latches onto it, but luckily for the keeper, his low cross to Diaz is played against Konate.
58' GOOD SAVE! Otavio does well to win the ball back and Oliveira slides a throughball into Diaz. He turns to get on the end of it and hits a shot from a tight angle on the left of the box which Alisson smothers just as the flag goes up.
56' Porto are struggling to get upfield at the moment, and all of their possession is in front of the hosts. Oliveira wins a free-kick on the left, but nothing comes of it.
54' Conceicao is out of his seat and screaming instructions at his players from the sidelines. His frustration is clear and he's urging his side upfield to get themselves back into his game.
Thiago Alcântara
52' THIAGO SCORES! And what a goal it was! Oxlade-Chamberlain's free-kick is a poor one, and it's cleared by Mbemba at the front of the crowd. It rolls out to Thiago, who is a long way out, and he hits it sweetly with the outside of his boot on the half-volley. It rockets past Costa, who can do nothing as it nestles into the bottom corner. 1-0 Liverpool! 
51' Oxlade-Chamberlain wins the ball back on the halfway line and he makes a weaving run through the half to try and push Liverpool upfield. He's caught by Uribe though and the hosts have a free-kick.
49' CLOSE! Cardoso's free-kick causes Liverpool all sorts of problems and Alisson's parry falls for Uribe. He spins towards goal and drills a low shot towards the far post, but it's inches wide.
48' Porto have made a bright start to the second half and Otavio whips in a good cross from the right. Taremi glances the header on but gets his angles all wrong and it flies well wide. 
46' Porto get us back underway for the second half! 
Porto had some glorious opportunities to take the lead, but their decision making in the final third has let them down. A win today could take them through, if Milan also beat Atletico, with that game also 0-0. It took Liverpool a while to get going, which is understandable as they have nothing to play for, but Klopp will still want to see a better second half.
It's goalless at the break between Liverpool and Porto. The visitors made a bright start to the game and Otavio had a brilliant opportunity to open the scoring, but he fired wide of the empty net. Mane thought he'd given Liverpool the lead in the 37th minute when he curled a lovely low effort around Costa, but it was disallowed for offside by VAR by the tightest of margins.
45' CHANCE! Liverpool are upping the pressure at the end of the half here and Mane finds a pocket of space in the box again. He tries to bend it into the far corner, but a block by Cardoso sends it wide.
44' Tsimikas plays in Minamino down the left, and it looks like he's got away from Mario, but the defender recovers well to block his cross and give away a corner, but it comes to nothing. 
42' Porto break quickly on the counter again and Otavio threads it through for Taremi. Alisson rushes out towards him, so instead of having a shot, he pulls it back into the middle. Nobody's there though and Konate hooks it clear. 
M. Uribe
Yellow Card
40' Uribe has two attempts at trying to drag Thiago back, and it's right in front of the referee. He's shown a yellow card which means that he'll miss the final group game against Atletico Madrid.
38' NO GOAL! It's the tightest of offsides, but Mane was just leaning past Mbemba as the pass was played into him so the goal doesn't count. Still 0-0!
37' MANE SCORES! Thiago picks the ball up on the edge of the centre circle and he plays a great throughball into Mane. The Porto defenders are static and the forward is down the left of the box. He curls his low shot around Costa and into the back of the net, but VAR is just having a look at this...
35' Porto waste another corner as it hits the first man and Tsimikas hooks a clearance to Minamino, who drives through the middle. He tries to pick out Salah down the right but plays it behind him and the attack fizzles out. 
33' Sanusi goes long with a throw-in and Taremi flicks a header on to pick out Otavio in the middle of the box. He hits it on the volley, but gets caught under the ball and fires his effort high over the bar. 
31' Porto are just slowing the pace of the game down here and they're not in as much of a hurry to push upfield. They're patiently knocking it around, but aren't putting Liverpool under pressure.
I. Konaté
Yellow Card
29' Konate shoves into the side of Mario to stop his run and it earns him the first yellow card of the game.
29' Costa slices at another clearance and it's cut out by Oxlade-Chamberlain who instantly feeds in Salah. He brings it under control with a good first touch before losing his balance, but a belated offside flag has gone up against him.
27' Liverpool can't clear their lines from a corner, and Diaz hooks the ball back into the danger area. Taremi is running onto it, but he completely misses it on the volley.
Fábio Cardoso
25' Pepe overstretched to try and block Salah's cross a few moments ago, and he gestured straight to the bench. His game is over and Cardoso is on to replace him.
24' CHANCE! Mbemba knocks the ball back to Costa, and the keeper hits his clearance straight against Mane. It ricochets to Salah on the opposite side of the box, but his shot is tame, and it's straight into the keeper's gloves.
22' Oxlade-Chamberlain wins the ball back high upfield and instantly plays in Salah down the right. He tries to square it into Minamino through the middle, but it's blocked by Pepe.
20' Tsimikas whips a corner into the box for Liverpool and Konate has a free header in the middle. He thumps it straight at Costa down the middle, but he'd nudged Pepe out of the way first and a free-kick goes against him.
18' Morton manages to get himself out of trouble by knocking it back to Alisson, but the goalkeeper's clearance goes straight to Uribe. He's trying to pick out Taremi with his header but sends it straight out of play instead. 
16' Porto have only won one of their 22 away games against English teams in European competition (D3 L18), however, that victory did come in their most recent one - 1-0 v Chelsea in the quarter-final second leg last season.
14' Otavio is receiving treatment on his foot after Tsimikas caught him in an attempt to block his shot. He's quickly back to his feet though. There's also a quick VAR check for a penalty because of the challenge, but there wasn't enough in it.
12' WHAT A MISS! Porto break quickly on the counter again and Diaz breezes past Williams to get into the box. He unselfishly squares it to Otavio, but he opens up his foot and fires it wide of the far post.
10' Evanilson drags the ball away from Konate and it looks like he's through on goal until he loses his balance. He still manages to poke a shot towards the near post, but Konate recovers well to make the block.
8' CLOSE! Otavio picks Tsimikas' pocket and gets away from the left-back to curl a cross into the middle of the box. Taremi glances his header on and it hits Matip's chest before bouncing just wide. 
6' Thiago spots Salah sprinting through the middle and tries to slide a throughball into him. Pepe gets in front of the Egyptian and chests it back to his keeper. Costa had rushed off his line but still manages to reach it.
4' Porto have made a good start to this game and are keeping Liverpool penned back early on. Evanilson cuts inside from the left but slips as he takes the shot from the edge of the box, and it's a comfortable one for Alisson.
2' Otavio's corner is cleared by Matip to Salah, but Oliveira is quickly in to nick it off him. He slides it through to Taremi, but he can't find a way past Konate through the middle.
1' Oxlade-Chamberlain gets the game underway for Liverpool!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Should Liverpool avoid defeat in this game, Porto will be the first side they've faced on 10 occasions in European competition without suffering a single loss (currently W6 D3 in nine meetings).
Sergio Conceicao makes five changes from the Cup win over Feirense on Saturday after resting some of his players in that game. Pepe, the defender, comes in to make his 100th Champions League appearance; Costa, Mario, Oliveira and Diaz also come in. Manafa, Vitinha, Marchesin, Conceicao and Cardoso all drop to the bench.
Jurgen Klopp makes four changes from the win over Arsenal at the weekend, bringing in Williams, Konate, Minamino and Morton, who makes his Champions League debut. It's a strong bench for the hosts including Van Dijk, Fabinho, Jota and Alexander-Arnold. Robertson and Milner are also amongst the substitutes after recovering from injuries.
PORTO SUBS: Wilson Manafa, Bruno Costa, Toni Martinez, Agustin Marchesin, Vitinha, Francisco Conceicao, Fabio Cardoso, Marko Grujic, Wendell, Jesus Manuel Corona, Fabio Vieira, Pepe.
PORTO STARTING XI (4-4-2): Diogo Costa; Joao Mario, Pepe, Chancel Mbemba, Zaidu Sanusi; Otavio, Mateus Uribe, Sergio Oliveira, Luis Diaz; Evanilson, Mehdi Taremi. 
LIVERPOOL SUBS: James Milner, Divock Origi, Andy Robertson, Nathaniel Phillips, Diogo Jota, Caoimhin Kelleher, Fabinho, Adrian, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Virgil van Dijk, Jordan Henderson.
LIVERPOOL STARTING XI (4-3-3): Alisson; Neco Williams, Joel Matip, Ibrahima Konate, Kostantinos Tsimikas; Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Tyler Morton, Thiago Alcantara; Mohamed Salah, Takumi Minamino, Sadio Mane.
Liverpool have already cruised through to the last 16 of the Champions League as group winners with two games to spare after winning all four games in the competition so far. They suffered their first defeat of the season against West Ham before the international break but bounced back with an impressive 4-0 victory over Arsenal last time out. Porto can book their place in the knockout rounds as well today, but they will need to beat Liverpool - who they lost 5-1 to in the last meeting - and hope Milan can beat Atletico Madrid in the other group game.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Champions League Group B meeting between Liverpool and Porto at Anfield!