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R. Haps
Yellow Card
L. Bonucci
2 - 1
M. Aramu
D. Peretz
1 - 1
Alex Sandro
Yellow Card
L. Bonucci
M. de Ligt
1 - 0

Match Stats

49% 50%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 3
Total Passes 411 421
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Milan MIL Milan 38 26 8 4 69 31 +38 86 W W W W W
2 Internazionale INT Internazionale 38 25 9 4 84 32 +52 84 W W W W L
3 Napoli NAP Napoli 38 24 7 7 74 31 +43 79 W W W W L
4 Juventus JUV Juventus 38 20 10 8 57 37 +20 70 L D L W W
5 Lazio LAZ Lazio 38 18 10 10 77 58 +19 64 D D W W L
6 Roma ROM Roma 38 18 9 11 59 43 +16 63 W D L D L
7 Fiorentina FIO Fiorentina 38 19 5 14 59 51 +8 62 W L W L L
8 Atalanta ATA Atalanta 38 16 11 11 65 48 +17 59 L L W D D
9 Hellas Verona VER Hellas Verona 38 14 11 13 65 59 +6 53 D L L W D
10 Torino TOR Torino 38 13 11 14 46 41 +5 50 L W L W D
11 Sassuolo SAS Sassuolo 38 13 11 14 64 66 -2 50 L W D L L
12 Udinese UDI Udinese 38 11 14 13 61 58 +3 47 W L D L W
13 Bologna BOL Bologna 38 12 10 16 44 55 -11 46 W L L D W
14 Empoli EMP Empoli 38 10 11 17 50 70 -20 41 W D L L W
15 Sampdoria SAM Sampdoria 38 10 6 22 46 63 -17 36 L W L W D
16 Spezia SPE Spezia 38 10 6 22 41 71 -30 36 L W L L L
17 Salernitana SAL Salernitana 38 7 10 21 33 78 -45 31 L D D W D
18 Cagliari CAG Cagliari 38 6 12 20 34 68 -34 30 D L D L L
19 Genoa GEN Genoa 38 4 16 18 27 60 -33 28 L L W L W
20 Venezia VEN Venezia 38 6 9 23 34 69 -35 27 D D W L L


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UEFA Conference League Qualifiers


That's all for today, goodbye!
Juventus stay in fourth with that win, but they've closed the gap to Napoli to just one point again. Next up for them is a trip to Genoa. That's Venezia's ninth loss on the bounce, and they stay bottom of the league. They travel to fellow strugglers Salernitana in midweek for their next game.
Bonucci's brace helps Juventus seal a 2-1 win over Venezia. The defender gave his side the lead early in the first half, glancing his header past Maenpaa just minutes after Pellegrini smacked the bar with his shot. Venezia responded well to going behind and after the break, Aramu saw a free-kick saved by Szczesny before he volleyed over. He finally got his goal when he drilled a low shot into the bottom corner. Bonucci bundled over what turned out to be the winning goal just five minutes later from another corner though.
90' + 2' Venezia win a free-kick down the left and Kiyine curls a deep cross into the box. It's too high for everyone in the middle though and Szczesny holds onto it on his line.
90' Juventus are keeping possession well at the moment and they're trying to run the clock down. Bonucci drags the ball away from Ullmann and the substitute pushes him in frustration, giving Juve a free-kick.
88' Ampadu fizzes a great ball into the far post and Aramu is tussling with Chiellini in an attempt to get on the end of it. They both end up on the floor, but the referee only points for a goal-kick.
M. Ullmann
A. Matějů
86' Substitution Aleš Matějů Maximilian Ullmann
D. Okereke
R. Haps
86' Venezia are making their last two changes, as they look for a late equaliser. Mateju is the first to go off, with Okereke on in his place.
85' Venezia have a chance to put the ball into the box after winning a corner, but it's a poor cross from Kiyine. He hits the first man and Juventus comfortably clear their lines.
83' Juventus are keeping Venezia penned back deep in their own half at the moment, but they're struggling to get in behind. De Ligt threads it through to Zakaria, but his cross is blocked by Fiordilino.
81' Venezia just can't clear their lines due to Juventus' high press and Kean nicks it off Kiyine. He tries to thread it through for Bonucci, but Ceccaroni cuts it out before he's pushed over by the defender.
F. Miretti
79' And Arthur is also being brought on in place of Miretti.
G. Chiellini
D. Vlahović
79' Another double change for Juventus now. Vlahovic is the first to make way, with Chiellini replacing him.
R. Haps
Yellow Card
78' It's a frustrated challenge from Haps, who leaves a leg trailing to trip Dybala and he's shown a yellow card.
L. Bonucci
76' BONUCCI SCORES AGAIN! The corner is whipped in and Danilo rises high to nod it towards goal. Maenpaa is stretching to push it away, but it hits Ampadu before bouncing over the line off Bonucci's shin. It's not the cleanest of finishes, but Juventus won't care. 2-1 Juve!
75' Kean bursts forward down the right, trying to get Juventus back on top in this game. He drills a cross into the box which is blocked by Caldara for a corner. There are half-hearted shouts for handball, but there was nothing in it.
73' Allegri doesn't look happy on the sidelines, and Juve are on the backfoot again. Peretz drives through the middle before he's clipped by Danilo, but the visitors can't do anything with the advantage.
D. Peretz
71' Peretz had Bonucci closing him down, and he does well to get up and direct the ball into Aramu's path.
M. Aramu
71' ARAMU EQUALISES! And what a goal it is! It's been coming from Venezia, and they've finally broken through! Ampadu lifts it over Rabiot to Peretz, and he cushions it down for Aramu on his chest. He lets it bounce before letting fly on the half-volley and Szczesny can't get anywhere near it as it nestles in the bottom corner. 1-1!
70' CLOSE! Venezia are really pushing now and Aramu chests it down so he can hit the shot on the volley from the edge of the box. It's always rising though and it sails just over the crossbar.
M. Kean
Álvaro Morata
69' Third change for Juventus now, and it's Morata that's going off to be replaced by Kean.
68' GREAT SAVE! Alex Sandro brings Henry down on the edge of the D, and Venezia have a free-kick in a dangerous position. Aramu curls it around the inside of the wall and it's sneaking in at the far post until Szczesny stretches to push it away.
66' Venezia break quickly on the counter again and Kiyine sees the space open up ahead of him. He has support, but goes goal himself, only to hit it wide.
D. Peretz
D. Črnigoj
64' Venezia are making their third change now, and it's Crnegoj that's making way for Peretz.
Alex Sandro
Yellow Card
63' It's a poor challenge from Alex Sandro who lunges in on Henry. He's the latest player to go into the referee's book.
M. Aramu
Yellow Card
61' Aramu tries to tug back Morata before clumsily catching him from behind. He's shown a yellow card.
60' Vlahovic chests it down before volleying a cross into the box for Dybala to chase. He wasn't on the same wavelength though and it's a simple clearance for Caldara.
P. Dybala
F. Bernardeschi
58' And Dybala is also being brought on, which will see Juve switch to a 4-3-3 formation. He comes on for Bernardeschi.
Alex Sandro
L. Pellegrini
58' Juventus are making a double change here, and Pellegrini, who is on a yellow card, is the first to go off. Alex Sandro replaces him.
57' It's a wonderful move from Juve, with Danilo spreading it out wide to Bernardeschi, who takes Mateju out of the game by playing the reverse pass to Rabiot. He whips a great ball across the face of goal, but it hits Morata before going wide.
S. Kiyine
Yellow Card
56' Kiyine just clips the back of Pellegrini's heels to effectively stop his run and he can have no complaints with the yellow card.
54' Rabiot does well to win the ball off Crnigoj before helping it onto Vlahovic. He drags it away from Ceccaroni and tries to fizz it across the box to Morata, but Ampadu slides in to cut it out.
52' Venezia win a free-kick through the middle and Kiyine steps up to take it. He's a long way out and his shot takes a big deflection off the wall to help it out for a corner, but that comes to nothing as well.
50' It's a great run from Mateju down the right and he plays a low cross into the box. Bonucci is off balance as he tries to poke it away, but luckily for him, De Ligt is behind him to stop it from reaching Henry.
48' Juventus have started the second half on the front foot and Zakaria spreads it out to Morata on the right. He takes it around Haps before curling a cross towards Vlahovic at the far post, but Maenpaa pushes it away ahead of him.
46' Venezia get us back underway for the second half!
S. Kiyine
M. Cuisance
46' Venezia are making their second change at the break, with Kiyine coming out in place of Cuisance.
Despite their early goal, Allegri was a frustrated figure on the touchline through the first half. Juve didn't capitalise on their quick start, and he'll be hoping for an improvement after the break. Venezia responded well to going behind, but they need to start taking their chances if they want to get a result in this game.
Bonucci's early header gives Juventus a 1-0 lead over Venezia at half-time. Juve made a bright start to the game, with Pellegrini smacking an effort off the top of the crossbar before Bonucci glanced in a header minutes later. Venezia grew into the game and Aramu saw a shot saved by Szczesny before Henry nodded wide. Morata also had a good chance to double the lead at the other end but dragged it wide.
45' + 3' There's just time for a Juventus free-kick before the half-time whistle, and Bernardeschi swings it into the far post from the left. It gets caught under Vlahovic's feet though, and he can't get a shot away.
L. Pellegrini
Yellow Card
45' + 1' Venezia broke on the counter and Pellegrini clipped the back of Crnigoj's heels to stop his run which earns him a yellow card.
45' Juventus are struggling to get out of their own half until Miretti cuts open Venezia's midfield with a wonderful throughball to Vlahovic. He tries to dribble away from Ampadu before toppling over, and he's told to get back to his feet.
43' Ceccaroni is allowed to carry the ball a long way and his first attempt at a cross is blocked by Bonucci. He gets a second bite at it, volleying it towards Henry, but the forward is caught on his heels.
41' Venezia are still patiently trying to build out from the back, but their final ball is letting them down at the moment. Haps makes a good run down the left, but overhits the throughball to Cuisance straight out of play.
39' It's another good set-piece delivery from Pellegrini as he drills a cross to the far post from a corner. Bonucci throws himself forward to thump a header towards goal, but it's blocked by the crowd.
L. Fiordilino
A. Vacca
37' Venezia aren't going to take any risks with Vacca, so he's taken off to finish getting treatment, and Fiordilino is brought on in his place.
35' Vacca took an accidental elbow to the face from Bernardeschi, and the medical team are on to give him some treatment. There's blood pouring out of a cut, so he needs to be patched up.
33' Vacca lifts a lovely ball over the top and he's looking for Crnigoj's run down the right of the box. He's sandwiched between two Juve defenders though and he can't poke it towards goal on the stretch.
31' CHANCE! Bernardeschi cuts out Maenpaa's clearance and slides it through to Morata in the box. He does well to get away from two Venezia defenders, though it forces him wide, and he can only drill wide from the tight angle.
29' Juventus are struggling to get a touch on the ball at the moment, with Venezia pushing forward again. It's squared to Henry on the edge of the box, and he cushions it into Aramu, but his shot is blocked by Danilo.
27' Venezia are on the attack again here, with Aramu working it out to Mateju on the right. Juventus have flooded bodies back into the box though, and there's no way through for the visitors.
D. Zakaria
Yellow Card
25' Zakaria slid in on Ampadu, catching him with his studs, in an attempt to stop the move. The referee initially played the advantage to the visitors but has gone back to book him now there's a break in play.
24' Venezia are still pushing for an equaliser here and the corner is whipped into the box. Henry rises highest in the middle, but his header loops just wide of the near post.
22' Venezia have only won one of their games when conceding the opening goal away from home in Serie A this season (D2 L8).
20' Henry has peeled out to the right and he breezes past Pellegrini to get into space. He has Aramu up in support, but he doesn't get enough on his low cross, and Bonucci cuts it out.
18' BLOCK! Danilo plays a dangerous, low cross into the box and Vlahovic just helps it onto Morata behind him. He has his back to goal, so he lays it off to Miretti instead. He has time to take a touch before drilling his shot at the near post, and a nick off Ceccaroni helps it wide.
17' SAVE! Venezia are moving the ball around much quicker and Cuisance slides it into the box for Henry. He rolls it past De Ligt before Aramu takes over, but his low shot is straight down the middle at Szczesny.
15' Bernardeschi volleys the ball forward and it hits Ceccaroni before falling kindly for Zakaria. He drives into the box, but Crnigoj tracks back to nick it off him before he can have a shot.
13' Ampadu puts a long throw-in into the box and Rabiot can only help it on at the near post. Caldara is waiting at the far side, but he can't control it under pressure from Bonucci.
11' Venezia win a free-kick down the right, but Vacca's cross into the middle isn't close to any of his team-mates. Bonucci's thumping header only goes as far as Haps on the edge of the box, but his effort is always rising.
9' More shouts for a Juventus penalty here after De Ligt tumbles over in the box. He touched the ball out to Morata but was already on his way down when Mateju got there. He ended up catching the full-back and the foul goes against him.
M. de Ligt
7' It's a great leap from De Ligt to get above Ceccaroni at the far post to put it back into the danger zone.
L. Bonucci
7' BONUCCI SCORES! It's a wonderful free-kick into the far post from Pellegrini down the right and De Ligt rises high to knock it back across goal. Bonucci gets in front of his defender to glance it on and Maenpaa has no chance. 1-0 Juve!
6' Danilo goes long down the right and it looks like he's overhit it, but Bernardeschi brings it down with a lovely bit of skill. He knocks it away from Caldara just as the defender crashes into him, but the referee waves the penalty shouts away.
4' OFF THE BAR! It's a poor clearance from Caldara and he gives it straight to Pellegrini. He brings it down on his chest before taking aim from the edge of the D. Maenpaa is beaten, but it smacks off the top of the crossbar.
2' Maenpaa's long clearance is nodded down by Aramu, and he links up well with Haps down the left. He cuts inside but he can't get enough on the cross and he curls it harmlessly into Szczesny's gloves.
1' Vlahovic gets the game underway for Juventus!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
The reverse fixture between these sides ended in a 1-1 draw, meaning Venezia could go unbeaten in both Serie A matches against the Bianconeri for the first time since 1941-42 (0-0 and 2-0 win).
Interim boss Andrea Soncin also makes four changes from the defeat to Atalanta last Saturday. Caldara, Haps, Crnigoj, and Vacca, who has recovered from a muscle problem, all come in. Svoboda, Ullmann, Busio and Okereke start on the bench.
Massimiliano Allegri makes four changes to the side that saw off Sassuolo last time out, with De Ligt, Pellegrini, Vlahovic and Miretti all being brought in. Rugani, Alex Sandro and Dybala drop to a depleted bench, though they are boosted by the return of Arthur and Ake, who are also among the substitutes. Mattia De Sciglio joins the long casualty list due to a thigh strain.
VENEZIA SUBS: Bruno, Tanner Tessmann, Jean-Pierre Nsame, Luca Fiorilino, Dennis Johnsen, Maximilian Ullmann, Nani, Sofian Kiyine, Gianluca Busio, Michael Svoboda, Dor Peretz, David Okereke.
VENEZIA STARTING XI (4-3-2-1): Niki Maenpaa; Ales Mateju, Mattia Caldara, Pietro Ceccaroni, Ridgeciano Haps; Domen Crnigoj, Ethan Ampadu, Antonio Vacca; Michael Cuisance, Mattia Aramu; Thomas Henry.
JUVENTUS SUBS: Carlo Pinsoglio, Mattia Perin, Giorgio Chiellini, Arthur, Paulo Dybala, Alex Sandro, Moise Kean, Daniele Rugani, Marley Ake.
JUVENTUS STARTING XI (4-4-2): Wojciech Szczesny; Danilo, Leonardo Bonucci, Matthijs de Ligt, Luca Pellegrini; Federico Bernardeschi, Denis Zakaria, Fabio Miretti, Adrien Rabiot; Dusan Vlahovic, Alvaro Morata.
Juventus are looking to keep their slim chances of securing the Serie A title alive with a win today. They've lost just one of their last 20 league matches (W13 D6), though they've failed to win either of the last two at home, drawing with Bologna and losing to Inter. As for Venezia, they parted ways with manager Paolo Zanetti earlier this week with the team sitting bottom of the league, having lost their last eight games on the bounce. They're only six points away from safety, with two games in hand, but they need a quick turnaround in results if they want to stay in the top flight.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Serie A meeting between Juventus and Venezia at the Allianz Stadium!