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England v United States Live Commentary, 7/2/19

1 - 2
E. White (19)
C. Press (10)
A. Morgan (31)
Groupama Stadium


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The US have reached the final for the third consecutive World Cup but will have to wait until tomorrow to find out if they will be facing Netherlands or Sweden as they aim to retain their title. England have been knocked out at the semi-final stage for the second tournament in a row but have the opportunity to finish third again in the play-off match on Saturday.
The United States are through to the final after a 2-1 win over England. They took the lead in the 10th minute through Press when nodded past Telford. It only took England nine minutes to equalise when White glanced Mead's ball in off the far post. The US then regained the lead when Morgan fired her header into the back of the net. England thought they had equalised in the second half when White slotted her shot under Naeher but VAR ruled it out for offside. Houghton also had a penalty saved late in the game before Bright was sent off after receiving her second yellow card.
N. Parris
Yellow Card
90' + 5' Parris is the latest player to receive a yellow card after a late challenge on Lloyd.
90' + 3' The US have all of their players sat back around their own penalty area as they close down all the space ahead of England. Bronze is up on the right but can't pick out a team-mate in the crowded box.
90' + 1' England's frustration is really starting to show as we go into seven minutes of stoppage time. Their passing is sloppy and they are giving away needless fouls with late challenges.
G. Stanway
R. Daly
89' Neville makes his final change of the game now as well as Stanway comes onto replace Daly for the last few minutes.
A. Krieger
K. O'Hara
United States
87' Final roll of the dice for the US now as Krieger comes on in place of O'Hara.
86' BRIGHT IS SENT OFF! She flies into the challenge on Morgan and her foot goes over the ball before catching the US captain. It's a frustrated challenge and she receives her second yellow of the game before being shown the red.
S. Houghton
Penalty Miss
84' It's a good strike by Houghton but there's not a lot of power on the low shot and if she had sent the keeper the wrong way then she probably would've equalised.
A. Naeher
Penalty Save
United States
84' IT'S SAVED! Parris has missed England's last two penalties so this time it's the captain Houghton that steps up. She looks calm as she takes her run up and aims it low towards the bottom corner, but Naeher goes the right way and makes the save. Still 2-1!
R. Sauerbrunn
Yellow Card
United States
83' Sauerbrunn receives a yellow card for the challenge on White that gave away the penalty.
83' PENALTY TO ENGLAND! The referee spends a long time looking at the footage on the monitor and has now come back onto the field and pointed to the penalty spot.
81' VAR are having a look at a possible penalty for England. White was claiming that she was caught on the back of her foot by Sauerbrunn and the referee waved the claim away but she's not going to look at the monitor.
C. Lloyd
T. Heath
United States
80' Ellis makes her second chance of the game now as she brings on Lloyd in place of Heath.
79' GREAT CHANCE FOR WHITE! England finally string a good run of passes together and Stokes squares the ball across the six-yard box. It's a sitter for White but she misses the cross and can't find the back of the net again.
78' Heath is back on the field now after her treatment.
76' Heath is just receiving some treatment, but it's not clear what the injury is. While the medical team are seeing to her, the rest of the players are using the opportunity for a water break due to the hot temperatures in Lyon.
75' The US are taking their time with everything at the minute as they slow the pace of the game right down. Naeher has hold of the ball but isn't passing out from the back and Heath has just gone down on the halfway line much to the crowd's annoyance.
73' England have gained some confidence after White's disallowed goal and they're pushing forward with more intent now. Their final pass into the box is still letting them down though.
J. Moore
K. Walsh
71' Second change for England now as Walsh makes way for Moore.
69' VAR are having a look at the goal that White's just scored and after a fairly quick decision, it's disallowed for offside. One foot was offside when she received the ball and the crowd aren't happy with that decision. Still 2-1 to the US.
67' ENGLAND ARE LEVEL AGAIN! White is waiting in between the two defenders and Scott just touches the ball onto the forward. She latches onto it and takes a touch before slotting the effort under Naeher and into the back of the net. 2-2!
67' The US have a free-kick just outside the box and Heath is stood over it. She chips her cross towards the far post, but it's too deep for any of her team-mates to get on the end of it and Telford makes a comfortable save.
S. Mewis
R. Lavelle
United States
65' Lavelle has made way after suffering that injury and Mewis has come on to replace her.
65' Lavelle is down in her own half at the minute and she's holding onto her hamstring as the medical team come across to give her some treatment. It doesn't look like she'll be able to carry on and the US are preparing to make a substitution.
63' The US are keeping the ball well when in possession and are patiently building up their attacks and they are causing England a lot of problems.
61' England just can't clear their lines to launch an attack for their side. All of their clearances have been played straight to the US and they are stuck deep in their own half.
59' MORGAN COMES CLOSE! A poor pass out from Telford gives the ball straight to Morgan and she curls her shot towards the top corner from the edge of the box. Luckily for the goalkeeper, she can only send it wide of the far post.
F. Kirby
B. Mead
58' First change of the game is made by Neville as he brings on Kirby in place of Mead.
57' The US are closing down the space in midfield really well and staying tight to the England forward players which is making it hard for them to get into the final third.
55' England are struggling to get out of their own half at the minute as the US start to pile even more pressure on them. The back line is standing strong though and they're blocking their way into the box.
53' Press originally does really well to dribble past Bronze down the left wing to take the ball to the byline. Just as she's getting ready to put her cross into the box, the right-back makes a good recovering tackle to dispossess her.
51' Scott and Ertz both go for the same loose ball and catch each other in the process. They're both down on the ground and look to be in pain, but they get back to their feet without needing any treatment.
49' WHITE COMES CLOSE! Mead whips a free-kick into the box from the right and Bright nods it back into the middle from the far post. White gets it and pokes it on target but Naeher holds it well.
L. Horan
Yellow Card
United States
47' Horan receives an early yellow card in the second half after catching Bronze in the face with her elbow.
46' The US get the game back underway for the second half!
It's a very tight game and the next goal in the tie will be very important. England have sometimes struggled to keep up with the US when they've been attacking, but if they can score next then it will swing the momentum of the game back in their favour. The US have looked a threat every time they've gone forward and they will want to get a two-goal cushion over their opponents which will allow them to sit back more and stop their high press.
The United States lead England 2-1 at half-time in the semi-final. They made a bright start to the game and took the lead just 10 minutes into the game when Press got on the end of O'Hara's cross to nod it past Telford into the net. It took England just nine minutes to equalise when Mead puts a brilliant ball into the box that White glanced onto the far post before it crossed the line. The US then took the lead again through Morgan when she fired her header over Telford and into the back of the net.
45' Daly whips the corner into the box for England and Scott rises in the middle to get on the end of it. She flicks it on but can only send it bouncing wide of the far post.
44' The US are enjoying a lot of possession in the final third, but haven't been able to put a good cross into the box in the last few minutes.
42' England have a free-kick just inside their own half and instead of going long, Houghton decides to play it sideways to Bright. She tries to play it forward to Mead but doesn't get the pass right to pick her out.
M. Bright
Yellow Card
40' Bright receives the first yellow card of the game after catching Morgan in the face with a trailing hand.
39' Morgan has now been involved in nine goals at this World Cup (six goals, three assists), at least two more than anyone else.
37' England's passing in the final third has been letting them down throughout the first half. Bronze tries to square the ball to Daly, but Horan gets across to intercept it and set off on the attack for the US.
35' England are struggling to track the ball as the US are moving it so quickly. Heath touches it onto Ertz, who turns before hitting her shot from the edge of the box. Her effort is too high though and it sails over the crossbar.
33' GREAT SAVE BY NAEHER! Walsh finds herself in a forward position and strikes her shot well from outside the box. It's a great hit and Naeher has to get across her line quickly to claw the effort away.
L. Horan
United States
31' Horan cuts back inside to create some space for herself and looks up to see Morgan's run before chipping her cross into the box.
A. Morgan
United States
31' THE US LEAD AGAIN! Horan cuts back inside and chips her cross into the middle of the box. Morgan gets ahead of Stokes and rises to get on the end of the cross before firing her header past Telford! 2-1 the United States!
30' The momentum has just shifted in the US' favour once again now and they're pushing forward with more intent than before. Their final ball into the box has been letting them down in the last few minutes though.
28' THE US ALMOST SCORE AN OWN GOAL! Mead puts another brilliant cross into the box from the left and she's looking for White at the far post. Sauerbrunn gets a boot to it, causing it to loop up and it's very close to going into her own net. Luckily for her though, it goes wide.
27' The US have resorted to trying to get in behind England with long passes over the top at the minute. Morgan is making the runs for them but it's easy for Houghton and Bright to deal with.
25' GREAT SAVE BY TELFORD! The ball is bouncing around in the penalty area and it falls to Lavelle. She strikes the shot first time and Telford dives across her line to get a hand to it and palm it away.
24' Houghton almost plays herself into trouble down the left wing and she misses her clearance and is closed down quickly by Press. She recovers excellently though and manages to clear the danger.
22' Lavelle picks up the ball just outside the box and has another go from long range. There's a lot of power on her shot once again and Bright makes an important block in the area.
21' The US are trying to play out from the back, but England are closing them down high up the field now. Parris tried to win the ball back from Horan but ended up catching the player in the process and the US have a free-kick.
B. Mead
19' The switch of play from the right to left from Daly took out the US midfield players and Mead then put a brilliant cross into the box ahead of the defenders for White to get on the end of.
E. White
19' WHITE EQUALISES! It's England first real attack and they've found the back of the net! It's a brilliant cross into the six-yard box from Mead ahead of all the defenders and White guides it over the line off the inside of the far post. 1-1!
18' The US have scored in the first 12 minutes of every game they've played in this World Cup.
16' LAVELLE COMES CLOSE! She gets away from Walsh on the edge of the box and decides to have a go from long range. There's a lot of power on her shot but she can't keep it down and it sails over the crossbar.
14' Mead drifts inside from the left and tries to pick out White with a throughball. She plays it too early though and Dahlkemper reaches the ball first to clear her lines.
12' England are keeping possession well following the restart and are slowing the pace of the game down a little so that they can get a feel for the ball and build-up from the back.
K. O'Hara
United States
10' O'Hara's run down the right wing wasn't tracked and she has time to pick out Press with her cross.
C. Press
United States
10' PRESS GIVES THE US THE LEAD! A brilliant throughball from Heath picks out O'Hara's run down the right and she puts a deep cross into the box. Bronze doesn't see Press behind her and the forward rises to fire her header over Telford and into the back of the net. 1-0 the US!
8' Mead pulls away from O'Hara down the left wing and Bright spots the run. She tries to pick her out with a long ball over the top, but the pass is over hit and it runs straight out for a goal-kick.
6' The US have a free-kick in a good position in midfield and Lavelle puts the cross into the box. Morgan gets in between England's central defenders but can't rise high enough to get on the end of it.
4' GREAT SAVE BY TELFORD! England don't clear their lines from a corner and the US keep the pressure on. Lavelle dribbles past Bright to move into the box before she has a shot and the keeper palms the effort away.
2' Both teams are already pressing high up the field when they lose possession to try and force their opponents into making a mistake. The US have had the first attack, but Bronze stands tall to win the ball back.
1' White gets the semi-final underway for England!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
The US have lost just one of their last five matches against England (W3 D1), with the most recent encounter between the two countries ending 2-2 in the SheBelieves Cup in March.
Jill Ellis makes two changes to the team that started against France and also has made a big call. Rapinoe, who scored both goals in that match, starts on the bench along with Mewis. Horan and Press are the players to come into the side.
Phil Neville makes three changes to the side that beat Norway in the quarter-final and the big news is that goalkeeper Bardsley is missing through a hamstring injury. Telford comes into the side in her place. Mead and Daly also start, with Duggan and Kirby dropping down to the bench.
UNITED STATES SUBS: Ali Krieger, Mallory Pugh, Megan Rapinoe, Emily Sonnett, Samantha Mewis, Carli Lloyd, Ashlyn Harris, Allie Long, Adrianna Franch, Morgan Brian, Jessica McDonald, Tierna Davidson.
UNITED STATES (4-3-3): Alyssa Naeher; Kelley O'Hara, Abby Dahlkemper, Becky Sauerbrunn, Crystal Dunn; Rose Lavelle, Julie Eartz, Lindsey Horan; Tobin Heath, Alex Morgan, Christen Press.
ENGLAND SUBS: Karen Carney, Georgia Stanway, Leah Williamson, Lucy Staniforth, Karen Bardsley, Mary Earps, Jade Moore, Alex Greenwood, Abbie McManus, Fran Kirby, Toni Duggan, Jodie Taylor.
ENGLAND STARTING XI (4-1-4-1): Carly Telford; Lucy Bronze, Steph Houghton, Millie Bright, Demi Stokes; Keira Walsh; Beth Mead, Rachel Daly, Jill Scott, Nikita Parris; Ellen White.
England cruised past Norway in the last round to win 3-0 and reach the semi-final stage for the second consecutive tournament. If they win the match today, they will reach the World Cup final for the first time in their history. As for the US, they held on late in their match against France to win 2-1 and qualify for the semi-final and have now reached this stage of the competition for the eighth successive time. The current holders are hoping to reach the final for the third consecutive edition and retain their title from 2015.
Hello and welcome to our LIVE match commentary of the Women's World Cup semi-final match between England and the United States.