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90' + 4'
M. Olise
Yellow Card
J. King
Yellow Card
H. Kamara
Yellow 2nd/RC
W. Hughes
Yellow Card
W. Zaha
Penalty Goal
1 - 0

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67% 32%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 7 1
Total Passes 533 248
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That's Watford's fourth relegation from the Premier League. Next up for them will be Everton at home. Palace have moved up to ninth with that win, and they travel to Aston Villa for their next game.
Watford are relegated from the Premier League after a 1-0 defeat to Crystal Palace. The visitors never got going in the game, with Palace dominating from the first whistle. Zaha scored the only goal of the match from the penalty spot in the first half, coolly slotting in to convert after Kamara's handball. Palace were just as good after the break, with Foster pulling off some great saves to keep out Edouard, Mateta and Schlupp. Watford finished the game with 10 men after Kamara received two bookings, which only made things harder for his side.
M. Olise
Yellow Card
90' + 4' Sema spins away from Olise and when he threatens to break away, the Frenchman sticks out a leg to trip him. He has no complaints as he's shown a yellow card.
90' + 2' GOOD SAVE! Palace's quick break sees Schlupp get the better of Troost-Ekong on the edge of the D and he fires his shot towards the near post. Foster quickly gets across to make another good save though.
90' + 1' Into the first of four added minutes here, and the clock is truly against Watford now. Sema plays a great throughball to King down the right and he fizzes in a wonderful cross, but Sarr can't sort his feet out quick enough to have a shot.
89' Watford can't get out at the moment as Olise touches it forward for Clyne to chase. He digs out a deep cross towards Edouard, but there's too much height on it for him and Femenia hooks it away.
87' Femenia swings another free-kick into the box and Cathcart peels away at the far post to nod it back across goal. He can only pick out Schlupp, who sets Palace on the counter.
85' GREAT SAVE! Olise whips another brilliant cross in from the left and Mateta almost makes an instant impact as he glances his header towards the far post. It's low into the ground, but Foster makes the save with his foot.
J. King
Yellow Card
84' King's frustration gets the better of him as he barges into the back of Andersen. He made no attempt to play the ball and he's shown a yellow card.
J. Mateta
W. Zaha
83' Palace's final change sees the goalscorer, Zaha, taken off and replaced by Mateta.
82' Palace have the ball, so Watford are dropping deeper into their own half again. Olise makes a good run down the right, but can't pick out Edouard with his low cross.
80' Sema makes a great run through the middle and he's dragging Watford upfield. He wins a corner which is swung in by Femenia. Cathcart rises highest, but his header loops over the bar and onto the roof of the net.
W. Troost-Ekong
78' Samir hasn't been moving comfortably since picking up that earlier knee injury. He's taken off in Watford's final change, with Troost-Ekong replacing him.
77' Clyne knocks it back to Butland and King is putting him under pressure by chasing him down. The keeper doesn't spot the danger but just manages to clear his lines in time.
75' Palace are still comfortable in possession, but it's all in front of Watford, who have dropped even deeper. Ward tries to switch it out to Zaha again but overhits it straight out of play.
T. Mitchell
M. Guéhi
73' Palace are also making a change as Guehi is helped off the field by the medical team. Mitchell is coming on at left-back, with Ward moving to partner Andersen in central defence.
A. Masina
E. Dennis
73' Dennis has struggled to make any sort of impact today, and he's taken off, with Masina coming on to fill the spot left by Kamara after his sending off.
72' Guehi is down again and it looks like the knee injury from the first half is causing him a problem. He's receiving treatment on it now, and Vieira is readying a substitute.
70' Watford have dropped very deep in their own half now as Palace just knock the ball around. Andersen sends another long ball forward, but this one is nowhere near Edouard and Cathcart cuts it out.
68' KAMARA IS SENT OFF! Things are going from bad to worse for Watford! Olise is threatening to break forward down the right and Kamara desperately pushes him off the side of the pitch to stop him. He's shown his second yellow card of the game before being sent down the tunnel.
66' Samir is down, and it initially looked like there wasn't much in it after Edouard brushed past him, but it looks like he landed awkwardly on his knee. He'll be okay to carry on after treatment though.
W. Hughes
Yellow Card
64' Hughes clips the back of Dennis' heels with a clumsy challenge, and he's the first Palace player to go into the referee's book.
J. Schlupp
C. Gallagher
63' Palace are making their first change of the game now and it's Gallagher that's going off for Schlupp.
62' OFF THE POST! It's an outstanding run from Edouard, who dances away from four Watford defenders in the box to open up space for a shot. He takes it from a tight angle, fizzing it across goal. It's through Foster's legs, but it hits the inside of the far post.
60' Sema has his pocket picked by Gallagher and he bursts down the right and into the box. Sissoko is staying tight to him to stop a cross from going in, and he ends up giving away a corner.
58' There's still no real urgency from Watford to get forward. Sarr makes a good run down the right but doesn't have many options in the box. He swings it in anyway, but it's a comfortable one for Guehi to deal with.
56' Foster sells Dennis short with his pass and Olise just chests it down to Gallagher. He spins and spots Foster off his line, so he takes the shot early, but he lifts it high over the bar.
54' It's a wonderful switch of play from Hughes out to Zaha and he cushions it down to Eze on the edge of the box. His shot is blocked by Cathcart, but Ward recycles it by lifting it over the top to Zaha again. The flag goes up against him this time though.
K. Sema
T. Cleverley
52' Cleverley slowly makes his way off the field with the medical team, and Sema is coming on to replace him.
51' Cleverley is down holding his ribs and it looks like the same problem that he received treatment for in the first half. He's receiving treatment now, but it looks like his game might be over.
49' It's a better start to the second half by Watford and King is bursting forward on the counter. He takes it into the box and has a go from the left, but it's a comfortable save for Butland.
48' There's a nervy moment at the back for Palace as Butland tries to clear the ball and King closes him down. The forward ends up kicking the keeper in the hand though and the free-kick goes Palace's way.
46' Watford get us back under way for the second half!
As things stand, Watford will be relegated back into the Championship, unless they can turn things around. They haven't managed to get a foothold in this game yet, and Hodgson will be urging them to change that. Palace have been brilliant so far, and they'll feel they should be further ahead at the break. Vieira will be hoping for more of the same.
Palace take a deserved 1-0 lead over Watford into half-time. The hosts dominated the first half, with Guehi and Olise both coming close before they won a penalty for Kamara's handball. Zaha coolly slotted it home to put Palace ahead. Guehi then saw a header well saved by Foster before the keeper then denied Olise after a brilliant team move. Watford haven't offered too much going the other way as they slip closer to relegation.
45' + 3' GREAT CHANCE! It's a lovely team move from Palace, starting with Eze's backheel flick to Edouard. He squares it to Gallagher, who helps it onto Zaha. He picks out Olise in space to the right, and his first-time shot is tipped wide by Foster.
45' + 2' Guehi's back to his feet and it looks like he'll be able to carry on until half-time at least.
45' + 1' After that attempt from Guehi, he made another run back into the middle of the box, but he slipped and jarred his knee in the process. He's receiving treatment now.
44' GOOD SAVE! Kayembe cleared the free-kick out for a corner, and Eze swings a good cross into the box. Guehi nudges Andersen out of the way to thump a header towards goal and Foster scrambles across his line to push it away.
43' Palace are back to dominating possession here and Gallagher links up well with Olise. He has his heels clipped by Kayembe though and Palace have another free-kick.
41' Cleverley is down on Palace's goal line at the moment after Dennis landed heavily on him when he jumped for an aerial challenge. He's back to his feet after treatment and he'll be able to carry on.
39' Watford are just starting to put Palace under some pressure here and it's a much better delivery from Femenia on the corner. Sissoko rises highest at the near post, but Butland just manages to punch it away before he can glance on a header.
37' Zaha is upended again and Eze swings in the resulting free-kick from the left. It looks like he's trying to sneak it in at the near post, but King gets there in front of Foster to knock it out for a corner.
35' CHANCE! Femenia swings another set-piece into the box for Watford and Samir has a free header on the edge of the six-yard box. He thumps it towards goal, but a deflection off Edouard helps it wide of the near post.
33' Watford win their first corner, but Femenia hits it straight at the first man. Palace break quickly on the counter, but Olise's pass into Zaha is cut out by Kayembe.
W. Zaha
Penalty Goal
31' ZAHA SCORES! He had to wait a long time to take it, but it doesn't faze Zaha! It's a good penalty and he just waits for Foster to shift to his right before coolly curling his penalty into the opposite side of the net. 1-0 Palace!
30' The VAR is looking at a possible nudge in the back of Kamara by Olise just before the handball happened. There wasn't a lot of contact by the Frenchman and after a long check, the decision stands, Palace do have a penalty.
28' PENALTY TO PALACE! Eze whips a looping cross into the far post and Olise heads it towards goal. Kamara's arms are up and it hits him. The referee has a long think about it before finally pointing to the spot. The VAR is having a look at this though...
26' It's a great counter from Watford, with Cleverley bursting forward down the left before he clips it into Sarr at the near post. It bounces off the forward towards goal and Ward hooks it away from King.
24' Watford just haven't found their footing yet and when Samir wins it back, he tries to play it back to Foster. It's a wild backpass to his keeper, and he's given away a needless corner, and luckily for him, nothing comes of it.
22' It's a lovely switch of play from Andersen out to Zaha on the left and he cuts inside before trying to thread it through for Edouard. Three Watford defenders crowd him off it, but Palace quickly win it back.
20' Watford are making a rare push out of their own half and Kayembe plays a one-two with Femenia to open up some space on the edge of the D. He has a shot when it comes back to him, but it's blocked by Hughes.
18' Edouard lays it off to Gallagher and the space just seems to open up for him on the edge of the box. He tries to spread it out to Zaha on the opposite side instead of having a shot, but Sarr is there to cut it out.
H. Kamara
Yellow Card
16' Kamara loses the ball and then takes Edouard's legs out from under him in an attempt to make up for his mistake. He's shown the first yellow card of the game.
15' Hughes goes long with his clearance and it's helped on by Olise towards Edouard. He's asking too much of the forward though and Samir gets it away for Watford.
13' Femenia pushes Eze in the back just outside the box and Palace have a free-kick in a great position. Eze steps up to take it himself but whips it straight into the wall.
11' Zaha helps it onto Eze and he spins away from Cathcart before stretching to make sure he touches it back into Zaha's feet. There are a lot of players between him and the goal, but he has a shot which rolls into Foster's gloves.
9' Palace are looking to complete their first league double over Watford since 2011-12 in the Championship, following their 4-1 win at Vicarage Road in February.
7' Watford have barely managed a touch so far in this game as Palace push forward again. Olise makes a great run into the box and goes for goal himself, but fires his effort just over the bar.
5' CHANCE! Olise takes the corner short to Zaha before getting it back and he swings a great cross into the far post. Guehi rises highest to meet it, but his header loops onto the roof of the net.
4' Zaha threads it through to Edouard, who does well to hold off Cathcart in the box before returning it to the winger. He spots Olise's run to the far post, but his cross deflects off Samir and Foster is able to collect.
2' Palace are seeing a lot of the ball in the opening couple of minutes here and Gallagher tries to get Olise in behind with a throw-in. The forward's first touch is too heavy and it ends up rolling harmlessly out of play.
1' After a delay due to balloons being blown onto the field from the stands, Gallagher gets the game under way for Palace!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Watford have won just one of their last 29 league matches against London sides (D7 L21) - a 1-0 home win over Millwall in April 2021. In the top-flight, they've lost 14 games in a row against teams from the capital, the longest-ever losing run against London teams in top-flight history.
Hodgson makes four changes from Watford's defeat to Burnley last time out. Cleverley and Cathcart return to the side after recovering from injuries, with Kayembe and King also coming in. Kabasele starts on the bench, while Imran Louza, Juraj Kucka and Joao Pedro miss out through injury.
Patrick Vieira makes five changes to the side that started the win over Southampton last Saturday. Butland starts in goal, with Hughes, Olise, Zaha and Edouard also brought into the side. Ayew, Mateta and Schlupp drop to the bench. Vicente Guaita and James McArthur aren't involved in the squad.
WATFORD SUBS: Samuel Kalu, Ken Sema, Oghenekaro Etebo, Christian Kabasele, Daniel Bachmann, William Troost-Ekong, Adam Masina, Jeremy Ngakia, Dan Gosling.
WATFORD STARTING XI (4-3-3): Ben Foster; Kiko Femenia, Craig Cathcart, Samir, Hassane Kamara; Moussa Sissoko, Edo Kayembe, Tom Cleverley; Ismaila Sarr, Josh King, Emmanuel Bonaventure Dennis.
CRYSTAL PALACE SUBS: Cheikhou Kouyate, Christian Benteke, Remi Matthews, Luka Milivojevic, James Tomkins, Tyrick Mitchell, Jeffrey Schlupp, Jordan Ayew, Jean-Philippe Mateta.
CRYSTAL PALACE STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Jack Butland; Nathaniel Clyne, Joachim Andersen, Marc Guehi, Joel Ward; Conor Gallagher, Will Hughes; Michael Olise, Eberechi Eze, Wilfried Zaha; Odsonne Edouard.
Roy Hodgson returns to Selhurst Park after leaving Palace at the end of last season knowing that anything other than a win today will see Watford relegated back to the Championship; they sit 12 points behind Leeds United, with only 12 points left to play for. They've lost their last five games on the bounce, shipping 14 goals and scoring just three in the process. As for Palace, their late show against Southampton last weekend ended a run of four without a win in all competitions (D1 L3), and a win for them today will see them move into the top half of the table.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Crystal Palace and Watford at Selhurst Park!