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Colombia v Chile Live Commentary, 6/28/19

PEN 4 - 5
0 - 0
Neo Química Arena
(FT 0 - 0)


That will do it for our live coverage of this Copa America match between Colombia and Chile! We hope you enjoyed following along, and will join us again soon!
Chile will hope to use this momentum to their advantage in their semi-final on Wednesday which could come against Uruguay or Peru, while Colombia will be heading home disappointed after this defeat.
Chile were the better team for most of the match, and finally manage to win after penalties. They controlled the midfield for most of the match with Vidal, Pulgar, and Aranguiz easily out-dueling their opposing counterparts. The biggest moments during regular time were surely the discounted goals of both Aranguiz and Vidal, but fortunately VAR and the referee have gotten both incidents right. Colombia did not have many goalscoring opportunities throughout, but will be rueing the missed free-kick by James Rodriguez in the 48th minute, and obviously the missed penalty by Tesillo which sealed their fate. Penalty shoot-outs just don't seem kind to Los Cafeteros who have now exited major competitions after spot kicks in the quarter-final stage two summers in a row. Chile on the other hand, advance to the semi-finals as they try to retain their Copa America crown.
FULL-TIME: Colombia 0-0 Chile (4-5 on penalties)
A. Sánchez
Penalty Goal
CHILE SCORE AND WIN! Alexis Sanchez strokes his right-footed finish into the bottom-right corner for the win!
W. Tesillo
Penalty Miss
COLOMBIA MISS! Tesillo tried for the top-left corner but hit his effort wide!
C. Aránguiz
Penalty Goal
CHILE LEVEL AGAIN! Aranguiz doesn't quite hit the corner, but does hit the back of the net as his effort goes over the diving Ospina!
Y. Mina
Penalty Goal
MINA SCORES! He produces a lovely curled effort into the top-right corner!
E. Pulgar
Penalty Goal
CHILE SCORE! Pulgar hits his penalty right down the centre and into the back of net after Ospina had already made his move!
J. Cuadrado
Penalty Goal
CUADRADO SNEAKS IT IN! Arias dove and got a hand to the Colombian's strike, but it has enough power to get the job done!
E. Vargas
Penalty Goal
VARGAS SCORES! The Chilean forward strode up confidently and smashed his penalty into the roof of the net!
E. Cardona
Penalty Goal
COLOMBIA TAKE THE LEAD! Cardona slotted his penalty right under a diving Arias and into the bottom-right corner!
A. Vidal
Penalty Goal
CHILE LEVEL! Vidal stepped up from the spot and hammered his penalty into the top-left corner!
J. Rodríguez
Penalty Goal
RODRIGUEZ SCORES! He takes the first penalty for Colombia, and slots it into the bottom-right corner of the goal!
Penalties will decide the winner of this match! Chile dominated most of play throughout with Colombia only managing quick attacks every now and again. La Roja failed to make their possession count though with two goals disallowed in the match (15', 72'), but both did prove to be the correct in the end. With no extra time to be played in the quarter-final stage of the Copa America, we will head straight to spot kicks! 
90' + 5' END OF 90: Colombia 0-0 Chile
90' + 3' After pushing into the penalty area, Vargas fouls Cuadrado which will likely be one of the last actions of regulation time.
90' + 1' A ball is played down the left with Rodriguez chasing it, but it skips away from the Colombian and it goes behind for a goal-kick.
90' There will be four minutes of added time
J. Rodríguez
Yellow Card
88' Rodriguez catches Vidal with a follow through and is shown yellow.
88' PENALTY SHOUT! Vargas applied a heavy touch to a pass played into him in the box, lost it, and then went down in a heap! The referee denies the claim immediately.
86' Neither side really able to build anything sustained or cohesive through the midfield as both opt for quick pushes forward.
84' CHANCE! Davinson Sanchez misreads the flight of the ball at the back which allowed Vargas to win the ball in the box and attempt a chip over Ospina that the 'keeper just managed to scramble to in time!
83' Maripan tries a through ball to Alexis Sanchez, but the Manchester United man sees the flag raised on him once more.
L. Díaz
R. Martínez
81' Another change for Colombia as Diaz comes on to replace Martinez.
80' If Chile fail to score in the final 10 minutes, Colombia will have kept five consecutive clean sheets in the Copa America.
78' Play starts back up and both Mina and Ospina will be able to continue.
D. Zapata
R. Falcao
77' A striker swap for Colombia as Falcao is replaced by Zapata.
76' Vargas and Mina go up for a header just in front of goal and the latter, as well as Ospina who was contacted by his own defender, are down on the pitch.
E. Pavez
J. Fuenzalida
75' Pavez enters the fray for Chile as Fuenzalida is withdrawn.
74' NO GOAL! After checking the monitor, the referee confirms that there was a handball in the box and Chile have a second goal disallowed on the day!
72' GOOOALLLLL! Chile actually open the scoring... or do they?! Vidal buried a chance into the bottom right-corner of goal but Maripan may have handled the ball before the finish! The referee will head over to the monitor to review this further. 
J. Cuadrado
Yellow Card
70' After a failed Colombia free-kick deep in the final third, Chile launch a counter-attack that's only stopped when Cuadrado fouled Alexis Sanchez. The former is shown yellow.
E. Cardona
M. Uribe
67' Cardona is brought into the midfield by Colombia with Uribe the player to make way.
65' Pulgar goes throught the back of Falcao, and Colombia will have a free-kick.
64' As we drift past the hour mark, it's worth noting that this match would go straight to penalties should the score be level at the end of regulation.
62' Mina is down on the pitch grabbing his ankle after a mild confrontation with Vargas. The former did seemingly throw an arm in the process, but that's seemed to have escaped the attention of the referee.
60' Alexis Sanchez made what looked like an excellent defence-beating run, only to see the flag raised after he missed the ensuing shot.
A. Vidal
Yellow Card
59' Vidal is shown yellow for clipping the heels of Uribe on the left.
57' After a foul on Cuadrado, Colombia try a quick free-kick that just doesn't come off as a Barrios lofted pass floated past everyone and out for a goal-kick.
55' Cuadrado slips on the edge of the box, yet somehow manages to flick a pass to Rodriguez who chips the ball... right to Arias. That was a nifty bit of play from Colombia though.
53' Vargas takes a stinging shot from distance that Ospina spills! Alexis Sanchez tried to run onto the rebound, but the 'keeper managed to scramble onto it just in time.
51' A threatening counter-attack from Colombia comes to an abrupt end as Cuadrado fired a shot well right of goal from inside the box. That's a poor finish from the Juventus man.
48' CHANCE! Rodriguez tries an audacious free-kick, going directly for goal from a wide position and just grazes the outside of the net! He'd caught Arias sleeping, but just couldn't get the attempt on target.
47' Cuadrado gets chopped down by Vidal right on the edge of the penalty area, and Colombia will have a dangerous free-kick.
46' The referee's whistle sounds once more, and this match is back underway!
It will be interesting to see how these sides approach the match from here. Colombia will likely need to bring on another midfielder in order to recapture some semblance of possession in the centre of the pitch, while Chile could look to bring on another forward to take advantage of some of the chances that are being created from the midfield.
After a brief period of dominance at the start of the match, Chile turned things around quickly and head into the half with momentum wholly on their side. The latter started to win almost every ball in the midfield and, when they didn't, Pulgar and Vidal would collapse almost immediately on any Colombian player that dared to dribble into the Chilean half. This established a great platform for the attack which led to their side putting the ball in the back of the net in the 15th minute, only for it to then be ruled out for offside. They've still yet to score a goal, but you feel it's coming soon. As for Colombia, they  have lost control of this match and will likely need a goal, or a bit of individual brilliance to turn the tide back in their favour.
45' + 6' HALF-TIME: Colombia 0-0 Chile
45' + 5' Play starts back up as it seems Aranguiz will be able to continue.
45' + 4' Play halts as Aranguiz is being looked at by the medical staff after a clash with Cuadrado.
45' + 3' A promising late attack from Chile comes to a screeching halt after Alexis Sanchez is called for handball.
45' + 2' Uribe picks off a pass in the penalty are only to immediately lose the ball again due to a heavy touch.
45' There will be four minutes of added time.
S. Medina
Yellow Card
44' Medina rakes down the back leg of Alexis Sanchez, and the former is shown yellow for his efforts.
42' Isla has been getting heavily involved down the right for Chile of late though nothing has come of it... yet.
40' CHANCE! Alexis Sanchez dribbles into the penalty area, and cuts it back to Vidal who strikes a curling effort just beyond the upper-right corner of goal! Ospina would have had no chance had that been on target!
39' Chile take a shot from distance that is blocked wide but Ospina still sprints to the edge of the box to smother it. Good, if not risky goalkeeping there.
37' After a bright early start by Colombia, Chile have now overtaken the lead in possession with 52.7 per cent of the ball.
35' Consecutive corners conceded by Colombia now as Chile grow ever more into the match.
33' The two sides come together on the far side of the pitch after a heavy foul came in on Cuadrado. Alexis Sanchez and Mina were in the middle of things, but the referee seems to have a decent handle on things, with nothing escalating beyond pushing.
31' Vidal is limping a little bit after colliding into a Colombian defender on the corner, though it looks as though he'll be able to continue.
29' Chile win their first corner of the match after Uribe blocked a cross behind rather than let it fly into the penalty area.
27' Mina skews a free header wide from a corner, but it did take a touch from a Chilean defender which makes it a throw for Colombia.
25' Falcao takes a shot at goal as he falls over outside the box and the attempt, understandably lacked the power required to beat Arias.
24' Cuadrado is fould in his own half by Beausejour, and Colombia will have a free-kick.
22' Sanchez flubs a clearance, but then wins it back and launches it upfield down the left. The Tottenham man has looked a little shaky at the back in the early stages.
20' Martinez dribbles into the penalty area, beats his man, and then takes a heavy touch that runs straight into the arms of Arias. 
18' NO GOAL! After review, Alexis Sanchez was ruled to be offside in the build up down the left, and the goal has been chalked off, much to the relief of Ospina!
15' GOOALLLL!!!! Chile have opened the scoring! Chile whip in a cross from the left wing that Ospina seemingly had covered, but then spilled! Aranguiz pounced on the ball and tucked it into the back of the net to give his side the lead... but wait! This one will be looked at by VAR!
13' SAVE! Ospina saves a flicked header by Aranguiz with a diving effort to his right that ensured the score stayed level!
12' Martinez opts to dribble straight at the defence rather than play Cuadrado into acres of space on the right and, unsurprisingly, the former is dispossessed.
10' After a brief stint in Colombia's half, a Chilean attack ends as Davinson Sanchez hammers the ball upfield.
C. Aránguiz
Yellow Card
8' The Chilean players surround the referee after James was fouled on the edge of the box. Aranguiz is shown yellow more for his reaction than for the initial foul.
7' As you may have deduced, it's been all Colombia thus far.
5' James takes an in-swinging free-kick from within the final third, though his delivery is poor and easily headed away by Vidal.
4' Colombia push up the left through Falcao who cannot connect with Rodriguez who had been making a run down the left channel.
2' A slightly nervy moment for Chile at the back as a missed headed clearance saw Cuadrado charging down a ball in the box, but it bounced toward Arias who got there first.
1' Referee Nestor Fabian Pitana blows his whistle, and this match is underway!
The players are finally out on the field as the national anthems ring around Arena Corinthians. Not long to go until kick-off now!
Chile will be confident heading into this match considering they have beaten Colombia in all three meetings between the two nations in Copa America knockout-games.
Chile make four changes to their squad after a late 1-0 loss to Uruguay last time out. Isla, Beausejour, Vidal, and Fuenzalida will start the match while Diaz, Jara, Hernandez, and Opazo find themselves on the bench. Despite some of the big names in this squad, Aranguiz will be a big creative threat for Chile today considering the midfielder has recorded more assists (three) than anyone else at this tournament. if he can set up a Sanchez or Vargas goal today, La Roja will have an excellent chance of advancing.
Chile substitutes: Igor Lichnovsky, Pablo Hernandez, Diego Valdes, Gonzalo Jara, Junior Fernandes, Angelo Sagal, Oscar Opazo, Yerko Urra, Nicolas Castillo, Brayan Cortes, Paulo Diaz.
Chile (4-3-3): Gabriel Arias; Mauricio Isla, Gary Medel, Guillermo Maripan, Jean Beausejour; Arturo Vidal, Erick Pulgar, Charles Aranguiz; Jose Pedro Fuenzalida, Eduardo Vargas, Alexis Sanchez.
UPDATE! This match has been postponed, and will now begin 20 minutes after the hour as both teams were stuck in traffic.
We’re still waiting on the Chile team news but, regardless of who they select, they come into this match with the oldest squad at this Copa America (29.7), while Colombia have one of the five youngest (26.8).
Colombia make a whopping eight changes after their 1-0 win against Paraguay which sealed them as Group B winners. Arias, Zapata, Lucumi, Borja, Lerma, Cardona, Cuellar, and Diaz all fall to the bench while Medina, Mina, Sanchez, Tesillo, Barrios, Uribe, Rodriguez, and Martinez all come into the starting XI. The return of James Rodriguez is the most eye-catching introduction as, despite only starting two of the group stage matches, he still was involved in more shots for his nation than anyone else (seven taken, 12 created). Can the 27-year-old find a way through this Chilean defence today?
Colombia substitutes: Camilo Vargas, Alvaro Montero, Cristian Zapata, Santiago Arias, Edwin Cardona, Duvan Zapata, Luis Diaz, Jefferson Lerma, Christian Borja, Gustavo Cuellar, Jhon Lucumi.
Colombia (4-3-3): David Ospina; Stefan Medina, Yerry Mina, Davinson Sanchez, William Tesillo; Juan Cuadrado, Wilmar Barrios, Mateus Uribe; James Rodriguez, Radamel Falcao, Roger Martinez.
Now, let’s take a look at the team news!
We should be in for a fantastic match tonight as Colombia, who boast the best defence at this tournament, face Chile’s second-ranked attack.
Hello, and welcome to our live coverage of this Copa America match between Colombia and Chile!