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Key Events

90' + 4'
Zhang Yuning
Yellow Card
90' + 4'
M. Degenek
Yellow Card
Wu Lei
Penalty Goal
1 - 1
A. Hrustić
Yellow Card
M. Duke
M. Boyle
0 - 1

Match Stats

35% 64%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 5
Total Passes 271 476
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Saudi Arabia KSA Saudi Arabia 10 7 2 1 12 6 +6 23 W D L W W
2 Japan JPN Japan 10 7 1 2 12 4 +8 22 D W W W W
3 Australia AUS Australia 10 4 3 3 15 9 +6 15 L L D W D
4 Oman OMA Oman 10 4 2 4 11 10 +1 14 W W D L L
5 China PR CHN China PR 10 1 3 6 9 19 -10 6 L D L L D
6 Vietnam VIE Vietnam 10 1 1 8 8 19 -11 4 D L W L L


World Cup


FULL TIME: CHINA 1 AUSTRALIA 1 - The full time whistle sounds and the Socceroos don't get the result they were after and have to settle for a 1-1 draw. They started the second half with a 1-0 advantage, but it all came undone at the 70th minute, after the VAR spotted a handball in the box from Jeggo, which was converted by Lei. The Socceroos will look back on this encounter as a game where a chance for the three points has gone begging, after dominating the majority of the match inside their attacking half.
M. Degenek
Yellow Card
90' + 5' YELLOW CARD AUSTRALIA - Degenek also goes into the book after providing the referee with some unnecessary feedback.
Zhang Yuning
Yellow Card
90' + 4' YELLOW CARD CHINA - Yuning is awarded a yellow card after a late challenge on Sainsbury.
Zhang Yuning
Wu Lei
90' + 3' SUBSTITUTION CHINA - Finally, China make the change as Lei is off Yuning replaces him.
90' + 2' Lei once again goes down with cramp and this time the stretcher comes out.
90' We have five minutes of stoppage time to play.
90' Another stoppage in play as Lei goes down with cramp. He is being attended to.
88' Dun blasts it to the back of the net, but the whistle has sounded for a hand ball from Dun inside the box, which means the goal was disallowed.
86' The Socceroos are starting to throw some caution to the wind, as they are starting to discover their time to regain the lead is starting to run out.
N. Rukavytsya
M. Boyle
84' SUBSTITUTION AUSTRALIA - The Socceroos make their final window of changes as Boyle is replaced by 34 year old Rukavytsya.
F. Karačić
R. Grant
83' SUBSTITUTION AUSTRALIA - A defensive change is made by the Socceroos as Grant makes way for Karačić.
82' There is a stoppage in play as Jingling takes a blow to the back of the head and is slow to get up. He looks set to keep his place on the ground.
Wu Xinghan
Luo Guofu
80' SUBSTITUTION CHINA - Aloisio's game is done as Wu runs on to replace him.
Ba Dun
Ā Lán
80' SUBSTITUTION CHINA - China now look to their bench as they are set to make a double change. Alan makes way for Ba.
79' Australia have conceded 11 fouls in the match to 9 from China.
A. Mabil
M. Leckie
77' SUBSTITUTION AUSTRALIA - The second of the double change as Leckie comes off and Mabil runs onto the arena.
R. McGree
A. Hrustić
76' SUBSTITUTION AUSTRALIA - Australia make the first of a double change as Hrustić is replaced by McGree.
75' The game is starting to be played in the middle of the ground becoming a bit of an arm wrestle between these two teams.
73' The Socceroos need to find a way to do it all over again, to be able to restore their half time lead.
J. Maclaren
M. Duke
71' SUBSTITUTION AUSTRALIA - The Socceroos have made their first change of the match as Duke comes off and MacLaren is injected into the game.
Wu Lei
Penalty Goal
70' PENALTY GOAL CHINA (Wu Lei) China 1 Australia 1 - Lei steps up and takes the penalty kick, as he sends it into the middle of the net, with Ryan losing his footing in the end. China level the scores to 1-1.
68' Play has been stopped as there is a potential penalty for China as the ball looks to have hit the arm of Jeggo in the box in the challenge on Kessen. The referee is looking at the replay.and has awarded the penalty.
66' Xin brings in the set piece, with a header inside the box from Kessen, but Ryan is able to take the ball cleanly.
65' Hrustic drives it into goal as Junling throws himself into the ball and makes the save.
63' The Socceroos are holding onto the possession as thye chip the ball around the midfield. Something has change here for China.
61' The Socceroos have had complete control of this second half, as they look to find a way to make the result a certainty.
59' Degenek and Jeggo lead the way in terms of possession, with 61 touches each.
58' Aloisio earns the right to have a shot on goal but it was never a threat for Ryan.
56' China are now playing the role of the team trying to slow down the pace of the play in the middle.
54' Xi is down behind play as he is being attended to. He looks like he will be fine to continue.
52' Wang Gang is able to eliminate the danger in defence for China as he concedes the corner kick to Australia.
A. Hrustić
Yellow Card
50' YELLOW CARD AUSTRALIA - Hrustić with a late challenge on Kesen and the referee awards the resulting yellow card.
48' It has been a slow start to the second half, as both teams look to sound each other out.
46' SECOND HALF - The second half is under way as the Socceroos kick off.
HALF TIME: CHINA 0 AUSTRALIA 1 - The Socceroos go into the half time break holding a 1-0 lead over China, thanks to a brilliant header from Duke inside the box at the right place in the right time. China have been good in the first half but have lacked the polish inside their attacking half. This is all or nothing for them in the second half.
45' We have two minutes of stoppage time to play in the first half.
Wang Gang
Jiang Guangtai
45' SUBSTITUTION CHINA - Guangtai's game is done, as he succumbs to a hamstring injury and he is replaced by Wang Gang.
43' Hrustic delivers the ball beautifully to the back post towards Leckie, who chooses to control it with his right foot as Junling slides in to be able to eliminate the clear and present danger.
Luo Guofu
Yellow Card
41' YELLOW CARD CHINA - Aloisio with a knee on knee challenge on Boyle and he upends him in the middle of the ground. The referee steps in immediately to award the first yellow card of the match.
40' The Socceroos goal will calm the nerves going into half time, after a scoreless game last week.
M. Duke
38' GOAL AUSTRALIA (Mitchell Duke) China 0 Australia 1 - Boyle sends it inside the box towards the right post and Duke is there to head it past Junling and it bounces into the back of the net, for Australia to take the 1-0 lead over China.
37' A good ball in by Behich into the box, but China have the numbers inside the box to be able to weather the storm.
35' The Socceroos are starting to steady again, as the game has evened up significantly in the last few minutes.
33' Hrustic kicks it straight into the defender and China are away with the fast break. This could be dangerous for the Socceroos.
31' The ball is floated into the back post for the Socceroos, towards Leckie, but he is unable to make the most of his opportunity inside attack.
29' A great turn by Aliosio as he hits the ground calling for a free kick inside the attacking half for China, but the referee has given it to Grant, after spotting Aliosio holding onto him.
27' Australia are doing the bulk of the attacking at the moment, with 64.3% of the possession.
25' The flag has gone up for offside against Boyle as China look forward to a much needed reset.
23' Hrustic takes the free kick and goes for goal as Junling scrambles, but he has it under control, with Leckie unable to do much with the rebound.
22' Boyle looks to turn Schenchao just outside the box on the right side, but he is brought down and the referee awards the resulting free kick.
20' Australia chip the ball around defence, looking to maintain possession, waiting for the right opportunity to send the ball into attack.
18' Ryan sweeps just outside his area, as Lei has an open goal to contend with but it is placed wide of the mark.
16' Another chance for China, as Kesen has it inside the box, but it is steered to safety by Degenek.
14' Well played by the Socceroos, as Boyle runs onto it inside the box, but a wonderful sliding challenge by Chenje is able to save the day for China, as they are happy to concede a corner kick.
13' The game has evened up in the last couple of minutes, as the ball is spending equal amounts of time in each team's attacking half.
11' Leckie with a shot on the turn, inside the box, but it goes straight into the palms of Junling.
10' China with the fast break through Alan, but Behich uses his body well in defence, to allow Ryan to make an easy save.
8' Leckie sends it into the box for Irvine, but he is unable to finish it off for the Socceroos, as it goes wide off goal off his boot.
7' Australia are starting to slow down the pace of China through the middle, with a great ball into the box from Boyle, but Junling is up to the challenge and makes the save.
5' It has been a bit of a messy start from the Socceroos, with China starting off as the more aggessive team inside attack.
3' Alan with a shot on goal, but it floats across the face of goal, with Ryan breathing a sigh of relief as he makes the save.
1' FIRST HALF - China kick off and we are under way.
AUSTRALIA SUBSTITUTIONS: Lawrence Thomas (GK), Callum Elder, Fran Karacic, Jamie Maclaren, Awer Mabil, Nikita Rukavytsya, Kenneth Dougall, Denis Genreau, Danny Vukovic, Ryan McGowan, Riley McGree, Gianni Stensness.
AUSTRALIA (4-3-3) STARTING XI - Mat Ryan (GK) (c); Milos Degenek, Trent Sainsbury, Rhyan Grant, Aziz Behich; Jackson Irvine, Ajdin Hrustic, James Jeggo; Martin Boyle, Mitchell Duke, Mathew Leckie.
CHINA PR SUBSTITUTIONS: Liu Dianzou (GK), Li Ang, Li Lei, Hao Junmin, Zhang Xizhe, Ba Dun, Wu Xinghan, Zhang Yuning, Chi Zhongguo, Wang Gang, Yu Dabao, Wang Dalei.
CHINA PR (4-4-2) STARTING XI - Yan Junling (GK); Zhang Linpeng, Zhu Chenje, Jiang Guangtai, Wang Shenchao; Wu Lei, Xu Xin, Wu Xi (c), Aloisio; Ai Kessen, Alan.
Australia have won their last two men’s internationals against China PR, outscoring them 5-0 in the process; they had won only three of their eight encounters prior with one draw and four losses. Mat Ryan has a save percentage of 83% in men’s Asian World Cup Qualifiers since the beginning of June 2021, the second-highest rate of any goalkeeper to have played more than two games in that period (Mohammed Alowais – 89%).
China PR’s Yin Hongbo is one of only two players to have outperformed their Expected Assists with +2.2 by more than two in men’s Asian World Cup Qualifiers since the beginning of June 2021 with 3 assists.
Welcome to Sharjah Stadium for the World Cup Qualifier match between China PR and Australia.