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Chile v Sweden Live Commentary, 6/11/19

0 - 2
K. Asllani (83)
M. Janogy (90+4)
Roazhon Park


That will do it for our live coverage of this Women's World Cup match between Chile and Sweden! We hope you enjoyed following along, and will join us again soon!
As for what's coming for these sides, Sweden will hope to carry this momentum into their match with Thailand while Chile will have to recover quickly before facing the reigning champions, the United States of America, on Sunday.
While neither the play, nor the weather, were particularly pretty, Sweden managed to turn their on-ball dominance into a late win. After recording an absurd 24 shots on the day, the Swedes finally managed to take the lead in the 83rd minute with a fantastic finish from Aslanni and Janogy finished things off with an impressive goal of her own (94'). The chances were certainly there for them today, but the finishing will definitely need to be better if they are to advance past the group stage. While Sweden did deserve to win on the day, you have to feel for Chile who fought so hard to hold onto a draw only to come up just short.
90' + 6' FULL-TIME: Chile 0-2 Sweden
Y. López
Yellow Card
90' + 6' Lopez commits a late challenge on Asllani and picks up a yellow card .
K. Asllani
90' + 4' Asllani, who now boasts both a goal and assist on the day, played the ball forward to Janogy and the latter went on a fantastic solo-run and finished the chance brilliantly!
M. Janogy
90' + 4' GOOOALLLLL!!!! SWEDEN SEAL THE WIN WITH A SECOND! Janogy was dribbling towards the box, glanced at Jakobssen on the overlap, but opted to cut inside, losing three defenders, and hammering a shot into top right corner with Endler grasping at nothing but air! Chile 0-2 Sweden
90' + 3' A lofted ball is played forward to Lopez who had beaten the back line, but the pass was too heavy and bounced away for a Swedish goal-kick.
90' + 1' For those wondering, the added five minutes are due to the Urrutia injury, not the weather delay which technically stopped and resumed in the 72nd minute.
90' There will be five minutes of stoppage time.
89' Hurtig attempts a header from the centre of the box, but it's blocked before it could trouble the goalkeeper.
87' CHANCE! Jakobssen breaks through the backline, pulls Endler off her line, and chips the 'keeper... oh but it has too much on it and floats harmlessly above goal! That could have decided the match!
R. Soto
Y. Aedo
84' Soto will replace Aedo in midfield for Chile.
A. Anvegård
83' Anvegard was technically the last Swedish player to touch the ball before Aslanni finished the chance, and is therefore awarded the assist.
K. Asllani
83' GOOALLLLL!!!! SWEDEN TAKE THE LEAD! Janogy controlled the ball well on the edge of the box, poking it in the direction of Anvegard who attempt a shot that was deflected into the path of Asllani. The latter opened her body and struck a curling left-footed shot into the top-left corner of the goal. The build-up may not have been pretty, but the finish certainly was! Chile 0-1 Sweden
83' It's been all Sweden since the delay, but can they find a way through?
M. Janogy
E. Rubensson
81' Another attacking option comes onto the pitch for Sweden as striker Janogy replaces Rubensson.
80' Lopez goes through the back of Seger and is lucky to avoid any further punishment.
79' Sweden attempt a set-piece play that saw Sembrant try an incisive pass to Asllani but the pass is too close to Endler who smothers it.
C. Guerrero
Yellow Card
78' Sweden will have a free-kick from just outside the penalty area after a foul from Guerrero. She is shown yellow.
76' Asllani goes to ground outside the box, but is called for a foul herself as she kicked the defender instead of the ball.
74' CHANCE! Jakobssen drifted in from the right, and tried a curling left-footed effort that forced an atheltic save from Endler! Corner to Sweden.
73' After what ended up being about a 40 minute weather delay, this match is back underway!
72' The teams are engaging in some light training on the pitch, as we are less than five minutes from the match restarting.
72' Word coming through that the match will restart in about 10 minutes.
72' There have been lightning strikes reported in the area, and it looks like we will be in for quite the lenghty delay.
72' For those wondering, the players are allowed to warm up and change into dry kits during the break.
72' STOPPAGE! We weren't kidding about the downpour earlier and the referee has now ushered the players back into the tunnel due to severe weather.
71' Eriksson tries her luck from distance with a curling effort that misses just a touch high. Solid effort from the defender there.
69' Neither side looking too dangerous of late, with the last shot on target having come in the 35th minute via a Rubensson header.
M. Eriksson
Yellow Card
67' Eriksson slides into Lopez, catches the latter with her studs, and the referee awards the first yellow card of the match.
L. Hurtig
F. Rolfö
65' Hurtig will replace Rolfo on the left for Sweden
A. Anvegård
S. Blackstenius
65' Blackstenius put in a solid shift, but was unable to put any of her chances into the back of the net. She's now withdrawn as Anvegard comes onto the pitch.
63' The rain is absolutely pouring down now as Sweden line up their eighth corner of the match.
61' Seger tries a flicked header from a Eriksson corner-kick, but scuffed it left of goal. She'll wish she had that to do over.
Y. López
M. Urrutia
59' Lopez comes into the match to replace the injured Urrutia.
58' Urrutia is being carted off and will clearly play no further part in this match.
56' Urrutia is down on the pitch and screaming in pain after her teammate tried to help her stretch her leg. The medical staff head out to attend to the Chilean striker.
55' Blackstenius surges into the box and see the flag raise for offside. That was close!
54' Nine Swedish players in the opposing half as they try to press forward for an opening goal.
52' Aedo tries to play a ball through the defence and up to Zamora on the left, but under hits the pass and it's easily intercepted.
50' Rubensson had Jakobssen on the overlap, opted to dribble past her defender, and failed to. Clearly should have laid the ball off there.
48' Jakobsson tries to chip the ball past Toro in the box, but instead connects with the leg of Toro and is called for the foul.
46' The referee's whistle sounds once more, and this match is back underway!
It will be interesting to see how these sides set up for the second half. Sweden will be happy with their play, but obviously not the scoreline, so will they perhaps bring on a striker relatively soon in order to boost their goal-scoring potential? As for Chile, they've been trapped in their own third for most of this match thus far and could either bolster the backline with fresh legs to try and see out the draw, or throw on an extra midfielder or forward and try to score their first ever goal at the Women's World Cup.
Chile and Sweden head into the break level, and the latter must be wondering what it will take to score a goal. The Swedes recorded nine shots in the first half yet were unable to beat Endler who has performed tremendously thus far. With so little attacking impetus shown by Chile, it seems likely that the match will continue to be played in their half which would boost Sweden's chances of scoring, but they will need to be far more clinical in the second half. Can they manage to bulge the net, or will Chile pull off an historic result? We'll find out together!
45' + 3' HALF-TIME: Chile 0-0 Sweden
45' Seger snaps a shot from the centre of the penalty area, but it's blocked before it can casue the 'keeper any trouble.
45' There will be three minutes of added time.
44' CHANCE! Blackstenius called for a lofted pass that Asllani duly delivered, and the former wasted it! The ball was put on a platter and the striker made contact too early causing the effort to soar above the crossbar. Poor attempt that.
41' Chile get their first shot of the day off the right-foot of Urrutia, but it's well wide of the target and never troubled Lindahl.
40' Blackstenius turns creator as she cuts down the right before whipping in a cross that.... is cut out before it could reach an on-rushing Swedish player.
39' Sweden really piling on the pressure now. Can they find a goal before half-time?
37' CHANCE! Blackstenius blazes a shot well above the cross bar after Rolfo had sent in a perfect low-cross! Endler came off her line early to challenge the Swedish forward, and it seemingly put the latter off.
36' Sweden break forward and Asllani tries to dribble past her marker on the edge of the box, but fails to do so and Chile win the ball back.
33' The game stalls a bit in midfield as neither side are able to string more than a couple of passes together at the moment.
31' CHANCE! Eriksson whips in a cross to Rubensson who was cutting across the box and the latter heads it... right into the arms of Endler. Anywhere else and that would have surely been a goal!
30' Jakobsson takes down Toro and appears visibly frustrated when the foul is called.
27' No check on that previous goal opportunity after all as, from the replay, it's quite clear that Endler parried Fischer's effort away before it crossed the line. Incredible stuff!
25' SAVE! Endler scrambled and somehow managed to get a hand to a ball that was about to cross the line! VAR will likely go back and check that but, for the meantime, play continues.
23' Urrutia is called for a handball, and Sweden will have a free-kick.
22' Sweden have had the ball for an incredible 78.8 per cent of this match! Can they ride that momentum into a goal soon?
20' Asllani dribbles past three defenders in the box, gets to the byline, and whips in a cross that's headed away by Chile before it can cause any real danger. Great feet from the Swede there though.
19' Both Asllani and Saez are back on their feet, and seem able to continue.
17' Asllani and Saez are both down after colliding in the air, and both will be looked at by the medical staff.
16' Araya sees Lindahl off her line and attempts to beat her from distance... but the shot lacked the requisite power, and the 'keeper caught it with ease.
13' Eriksson sends a great cross in to Asllani, the latter used her arm to control it though, and it will be a free-kick to Chile.
10' Chile have not been particularly effective in possession, but do look a threat down the wings in the early stages here.
8' Chile with their first push forward as Lara launches on the counter-attack and, despite a bit of a wayward cross, the South American side will have a throw.
7' Asllani goes down in the box and pleads to the referee for a penalty, but the latter remains unmoved and play continues.
5' Toro fouls Asllani on the left wing, giving a dangerous free-kick to Sweden.
3' An early opportunity for Sweden after a curling ball was sent into the box to a streaking Jakobsson, but Toro did well to get there first knock it behind for a corner.
2' For those interested, Chile are wearing red kits with blue shorts and socks, while Sweden don all yellow.
1' Referee Lucila Venegas Montes blows the whistle, and this match is underway!
The players are lined up as the national anthems ring around Roazhon Park. Not long to go now!
Sweden make three changes after their 1-0 win against South Korea in May. Fischer, Seger, and Rolfo come into the starting XI while Ilestedt, Bjorn, and Hurtig fall to the bench. The Swedes are known for their stoutness in defence, but the attack will need to step up if they are to make it out of the group stage yet again. Blacksteinus is certainly a threat up front due to her pace, but Asllani is arguably their best player going forward, frequently providing and finishing goal scoring opportunites.
Sweden substitutes: Amanda Ilestedt, Zecira Musovic, Julia Roddar, Madelen Janogy, Jennifer Falk, Jonna Andersson, Olivia Schough, Nathalie Bjorn, Mimmi Larsson, Julia Zigiotti Olme, Anna Anvegard, Lina Hurtig.
Sweden (4-3-3): Hedvig Lindahl; Hanna Glas, Nilla Fischer, Linda Sembrant, Magdalena Eriksson; Elin Rubensson, Kosovare Asllani, Caroline Seger; Sofia Jakobsson, Stina Blackstenius, Fridolina Rolfo
Only one change for Chile after their 1-0 loss to Germany in their final tune-up match before this tournament. Toro will be replacing Soto in defence, and coach Jose Letelier will be hoping that helps strengthen the defence which has allowed 14 goals in their last five matches. At the other end of the pitch, La Roja Feminina will need a big performance from Aedo whole led the team with three goals in qualifying.
Chile substitutes: Claudia Soto, Paloma Lopez, Elisa Duran, Fernanda Pinilla, Yessenia Huenteo, Rocio Soto, Ryan Torrero, Valentina Diaz, Daniela Pardo, Maria Jose Rojas, Natalia Campos, Javiera Grez.
Chile (4-3-3): Christiane Endler; Su Helen Galaz, Carla Guerrero, Camila Saez, Javiera Toro; Karen Araya, Yanara Aedo, Francisca Lara; Daniela Zamora, Maria Jose Urrutia, Rosario Balmaceda.
Now, let’s take a look at the team news!
Sweden come into this match in excellent form having lost just one of their last five matches (W3, D1), while Chile will be hoping to turn things around after going without a win in their last five (L3, D2).
Chile, on the other hand, are making their debut in this competition after finishing as runners-up at the Copa America Feminine. They are the fifth South American nation to appear in the Women’s World cup.
Sweden come into this match with significantly more experience at this level, having featured in all eight iterations of the Women’s World cup. They have made it past the group stage six times, with their best finish coming in 2003 when the Swedes finished as runners-up to Germany.
Hello, and welcome to our live coverage of this Women's World Cup match between Chile and Sweden!