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Chelsea v Grimsby Town Live Commentary, 9/25/19

7 - 1
R. Barkley (4)
M. Batshuayi (7)
Pedro (43 pen)
K. Zouma (56)
R. James (82)
M. Batshuayi (86)
C. Hudson-Odoi (89)
M. Green (19)
Stamford Bridge


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So, Chelsea are back to winning ways after their back-to-back defeats and are into the next round of the Cup. They will have to wait to find out who they face in the next round, but turn their attention back to the league where they face Brighton and Hove Albion at the weekend. As for Grimsby, their cup run comes to an end and Jolley will want to put this result behind them before they travel to League Two leaders, Exeter City, on Saturday.
Chelsea cruise into the fourth round of the EFL Cup with a brilliant 7-1 victory over Grimsby Town. It took them just four minutes to break the deadlock and they went into the break 3-1 up after goals from Barkley, Batshuayi and Pedro, with Green pulling the goal back for Grimsby. They continued to dominate in the second half and it was Zouma, Batshuayi, Hudson-Odoi and James, who scored his first goal for the club, who added to the impressive goal tally.
90' + 1' Grimsby have the ball following the restart, but they're in no hurry to move up the pitch. They're passing it around well but aren't causing Chelsea any real problems as we head into the final minutes.
M. Batshuayi
89' Batshuayi makes a great run through midfield and isn't tracked by Grimsby before he slides the ball through to Hudson-Odoi to set up the goal.
C. Hudson-Odoi
89' HUDSON-ODOI ADDS TO THE TALLY! He takes Hewitt the wrong way before cutting back onto his left foot and drilling his shot past McKeown at his near post to make it seven. 7-1 Chelsea!
88' Grimsby have a rare chance to push forward into the final third and Hanson decides to have a go from the edge of the box. He makes good contact with the strike, but it's straight at Caballero who comfortably catches it.
C. Pulisic
86' Grimsby were trying to crowd out Pulisic on the edge of the box, but the midfielder did well to spot Batshuayi's run on his right side.
M. Batshuayi
86' BATSHUAYI GETS HIS SECOND! Nobody is picking him up on the right side of the box and he lifts his effort over McKeown who is rushing off his line and into the back of the net. 6-1 Chelsea!
84' Hudson-Odoi pulls away from his defender yet again as he makes a good run into the box. He's one-on-one with the keeper when he hits his low shot but it's well stopped by McKeown.
R. James
82' JAMES MAKES IT FIVE! Once again, Grimsby don't clear their lines properly from a corner and the ball bounces off Davis and straight to James on the edge of the box. He takes a touch before driving his shot into the bottom right corner to score his first goal for the club. 5-1!
80' Chelsea are really starting to pile the pressure on now and Grimsby can't keep up with their movements into the box. Hudson-Odoi is one-on-one with the keeper and he takes the ball around him only for the offside flag to go up.
78' Chelsea should really have their fifth goal after a mix-up at the back for Grimsby. McKeown came quickly off his line to close down Batshuayi but he lays it off to Hudson-Odoi who puts it back into the middle. Pulisic has a shot but it's blocked well by Davis.
77' GREAT SAVE BY MCKEOWN! Maatsen drills a low cross into the six-yard box and finds Batshuayi. He turns with the ball and hits his shot down the middle of the goal and McKeown gets his body in front of the shot to deny him.
76' Grimsby clear the initial corner into the box by Chelsea, but it only goes out as far as Gilmour on the right. He tries to put a deep cross back into the middle, but it's high over the crossbar.
74' Grimsby are enjoying a good spell of possession now, but aren't doing much with it. They seem more than happy to just pass it amongst their defenders as they take a break from Chelsea's constant attacks.
72' PULISIC PUTS IT WIDE! Barkley drifts past two Grimsby defenders before laying the ball off to Pulisic. He's aiming for the bottom left corner, but he drags his shot and sends it wide of the far post.
J. Cook
L. Gibson
Grimsby Town
70' Final roll of the dice for Jolley now as he brings Cook onto the field in place of Gibson.
69' Grimsby are trying to make things happen when they do win the ball back, but their passing is just too slow and they're gifting possession back to Chelsea too easily under no pressure.
F. Anjorin
67' Pedro, who scored the third goal for Chelsea, also comes off and Anjorin is handed his debut for the club.
I. Maatsen
Marcos Alonso
66' Lampard is making a double change now and Alonso is the first to make way as Maatsen comes onto the field.
66' GOOD CHANCE FOR PULISIC! James cuts the ball into the box and there's a bit of a mix up as both Pulisic and Batshuayi go for the ball. It's Pulisic that has the shot though and he fires his effort high over the crossbar from a tight angle.
M. Ogbu
M. Green
Grimsby Town
64' Second change for Grimsby now and it's the goalscorer Green that makes way as Ogbu comes onto the pitch.
63' Barkley pulls away from his defender and takes the ball to the right side of the six-yard box before having a shot from the tight angle. It's straight at the keeper, but he does well to push it away to safety.
62' Grimsby are struggling to get close to the ball at the minute as Chelsea continue to confidently pass it between their opponents to get into dangerous positions in the final third.
60' Chelsea are camped in the final third now and are passing it about with ease. Barkley decides to have a go from long range, but his low shot towards the far corner is cut out by Davis and put out for a corner.
58' McKeown tries to go long with his goal-kick once again and he picks out the substitute Wright. As he brings it down though, he fouls Barkley and gives away the free-kick.
M. Wright
H. Clifton
Grimsby Town
56' Jolley makes the first substitution of the match following the goal and he brings on Wright to replace Clifton.
R. James
56' The free-kick from Barkley was played short to James and the Grimsby defenders hadn't expected it which allowed him a little more time on the ball to pick out his cross.
K. Zouma
56' IT'S FOUR! The cross into the six-yard box from James is brilliant and Zouma gets ahead of his defender and sticks out a leg to get on the end of it and poke the ball past McKeown and into the bottom corner. 4-1 Chelsea!
55' Chelsea have failed to keep a clean sheet in any of their last 10 games in all competitions, including all nine under Lampard - they last went on a longer run between September and December 1996 under Ruud Gullit (16 matches).
53' Alonso is asking for another penalty as he felt that Davis brought him down on the edge of the six-yard box while Chelsea were taking a corner. The referee waves the claim away though, much to the defender's frustration.
51' BATSHUAYI COMES CLOSE! Hudson-Odoi squares the ball to Batshuayi on the edge of the box and he has a go from long range. He drills his shot low towards goal, but it's just wide of the near post.
50' Hudson-Odoi decides to cut inside from the left and have a shot on goal himself. He's trying to curl his effort into the near post, but Gibson makes a good block on the edge of the box.
48' Hendrie receives a short corner on the right and plays it straight back to Hewitt who's unmarked. He puts a good cross into the near post, but can't beat Guehi who clears the danger for Chelsea.
46' Chelsea get the game back underway for the second half!
Jolley will be pleased with how his team reacted to going two goals down so early in the match, but knows his side need to keep the ball better if they want to get back into this tie. As for Chelsea, they've created a few good chances for themselves but their finishing has let them down at times as they could've had even more goals. If they continue to play the way they did in the first half, then they look likely to find the back of the net again after the break.
Chelsea dominated the first half and lead Grimsby 3-1 at the break. It took Barkley just four minutes to open the scoring when his low shot from the edge of the six-yard box found the bottom right corner. Batshuayi doubled the lead three minutes later when he turned brilliantly and fired his shot past McKeown and into the back of the net. Green pulled one back for Grimsby when he drilled his shot into the roof of the net, but Pedro extended Chelsea's lead from the spot just before half-time.
45' + 2' Grimsby are taking their time to clear the ball out of their box. Pollock passes it back to Davis, who decides to let it run for McKeown and he's lucky none of the Chelsea players made a run to intercept it as they'd have been in on goal.
45' McKeown launches a free-kick over Chelsea's defenders as he tries to pick out Hessenthaler's run down the left wing. It's too high for the midfielder to take down though and he can only see it out of play.
Penalty Goal
43' PEDRO SCORES FROM THE SPOT! It's a confident take from Chelsea's captain as he sends the keeper the wrong way and nestles his penalty into the bottom left corner. 3-1 Chelsea!
42' PENALTY TO CHELSEA! Chelsea put a corner into the box and Green grabs Zouma around his waist and tugs him to the ground in front of the referee. He's in no doubt as he quickly points to the spot.
41' Chelsea are starting to pile more pressure on Grimsby again as we head into the final few minutes of the half. Alonso puts a great low cross into the box and Pollock makes an important block to put it out for a corner.
39' Nobody is tracking Hudson-Odoi and he has time to cut back onto his left foot in the box before shooting for the far bottom corner. Hendrie recovers really well though and gets across to block the effort.
37' Hudson-Odoi finds himself in some space down the left and puts a good cross into the far post. Batshuayi has made a run to the near side though and nobody is waiting at the back to get on the end of it.
35' Grimsby have a free-kick just outside the box which Clifton plays short to Whitehouse. He's being marked closely so has to move out to the right wing to try and make something happen which is when he's fouled and wins another set-piece.
33' Grimsby are being pinned back once again as Chelsea patiently build up an attack from the back. It's a good move for the home side as they pick out James down the right, but his cross goes straight to McKeown.
31' Pulisic finds himself in some space on the right wing and has time to pick out a cross into the box. Batshuayi is in the middle waiting once again, but Hendrie reaches it first to clear the danger.
29' GOOD CHANCE FOR BATSHUAYI! Chelsea have a free-kick on the right wing which Hudson-Odoi floats into the box. Batshuayi gets ahead of his defender to flick it on but can't direct his header on target.
M. Green
Yellow Card
Grimsby Town
28' Green picks up the first booking of the match after catching Pulisic with a late tackle.
27' Chelsea are keeping the ball better again now as they patiently build up their attacks from the back. They're trying to make things happen down the right, but so far, it's not coming off for them.
25' Clifton spots Hanson's run down the right and tries to pick him out with a throughball. The forward has the beating of Alonso but the pass to him is overhit and he can't keep it in play.
23' Chelsea's passing has started to get sloppy in the last few minutes which is inviting more pressure on them from Grimsby as Barkley sends his pass straight out of play.
21' Grimsby look a lot more confident following their goal and are on the attack once again. Whitehouse switches play to the right and Hessenthaler touches it onto Hanson, whose volleyed effort flies wide of the near post.
J. Hanson
Grimsby Town
19' Hanson was being challenged by Zouma as he rose to meet the ball, but he just got enough on his header to flick it into Green's path.
M. Green
Grimsby Town
19' GREEN PULLS ONE BACK FOR GRIMSBY! A goal-kick from McKeown is flicked down by Hanson and his strike partner latches onto the loose ball. He takes a touch before firing his shot over Caballero and into the roof of the net. 2-1!
18' Grimsby work the ball upfield really well and Hewitt puts a good cross into the box from the right. Hanson is in the middle to meet it and he tries to head it back across goal but sends his effort wide of the post.
17' Chelsea have a free-kick in a good position not far outside the box and Alonso is the one to take it. His effort curls over the wall, but there's not enough dip on it as it sails over the crossbar.
15' There were just 148 seconds between Barkley's opener and Batshuayi doubling Chelsea's lead in the seventh minute.
13' Pulisic pulls away from his defender on the right and tries to squeeze a cross into the box to pick out Batshuayi. There are two defenders in between them to clear the danger though.
11' Grimsby have barely been able to get a touch on the ball since Chelsea's second goal and are sitting back in their own half as they try to close down the space ahead of the home side.
9' Barkley cuts back inside and drives another low shot towards goal. This time, McKeown makes the save but he palms it straight back into the middle of the box and Pollock makes an important clearance before Pedro can reach it.
M. Batshuayi
7' AND IT'S TWO! Batshuayi has his back to goal on the penalty spot when James crosses the ball to him and turns brilliantly before firing his shot past McKeown and into the back of the net. 2-0 Chelsea!
6' Alonso takes the ball to the byline and cuts it back into a dangerous position in the middle of the box. Batshuayi is waiting in the middle but he can't sort his feet out quick enough to get on the end of it.
4' Pedro has his back to goal when he receives the ball but sees Barkley in a lot of space so lays it off to him.
R. Barkley
4' BARKLEY GIVES CHELSEA THE LEAD! Clifton just couldn't get close to Barkley when he got the ball from Pedro. Barkley took it past him with his first touch before hitting his low shot into the net at the near post from the edge of the six-yard box. 1-0 Chelsea!
2' Chelsea are seeing a lot of the ball in the opening minutes of the game and look comfortable with it as they pass it amongst their defenders in their own half.
1' Green gets the game underway for Grimsby!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
Chelsea have won their last 11 EFL Cup matches against sides from outside the Premier League, scoring 36 goals across those victories.
Michael Jolley makes just four changes to the team that beat Macclesfield at the weekend. Pollock, Davis, Clifton and Whitehouse all start for Grimsby. Cook, Robson and Rose all start on the bench, while Luke Waterfall misses out as he is cup-tied.
Frank Lampard names a completely different side from the one that lost to Liverpool on Sunday. Batshuayi leads the line for Chelsea, with Pedro sitting just behind him and Hudson-Odoi also returns from injury and comes straight into the starting line-up. Abraham, Mount and Jorginho all drop to the bench.
GRIMSBY TOWN SUBS: Ethan Robson, Jordan Cook, Max Wright, Charles Vernam, Sam Russell, Moses Ogbu, Ahkeem Rose.
GRIMSBY TOWN STARTING XI (5-3-2): James McKeown; Elliott Hewitt, Luke Hendrie, Matthew Pollock, Harry Davis, Liam Gibson; Harry Clifton, Jake Hessenthaler, Elliott Whitehouse; Matt Green, James Hanson.
CHELSEA SUBS: Jamie Cumming, Fikayo Tomori, Ian Maatsen, Mason Mount, Tammy Abraham, Jorginho, Faustino Anjorin.
CHELSEA STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Willy Caballero; Reece James, Marc Guehi, Kurt Zouma, Marcos Alonso; Billy Gilmour, Ross Barkley; Christian Pulisic, Pedro, Callum Hudson-Odoi; Michy Batshuayi.
Last season's runners-up, Chelsea, play their first game in the competition this season, with the aim of trying to better their result from last year. They were on an unbeaten run of four games after losing their opening game in the league (W2 D2) but have suffered back-to-back defeats to Valencia and Liverpool. Grimsby beat Macclesfield Town on penalties in the last round to progress, but have won just one of their three games since then (D1 L1), though that was in their last outing.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the EFL Cup third-round meeting between Chelsea and Grimsby Town at Stamford Bridge!