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Bayern München v Hertha BSC Live Commentary, 8/16/19

2 - 2
R. Lewandowski (24)
R. Lewandowski (60 pen)
D. Lukébakio (36)
M. Grujić (38)
Allianz Arena


Bayern's minds must now turn to their visit to Schalke next week, while Hertha will host Wolfsburg. There's 33 games to go for both teams, so it's hard to read very much into them yet. Whatever happens, it's going to be an interesting season. That's all for now. Goodbye! 
It's honours even for Bayern and Hertha, then, who have a point each on the board. That gives Borussia Dortmund the chance to take an early lead over Bayern in the Bundesliga table as they take on Augsburg this weekend. Bayern's likeliest challengers got off to a strong start last season and know they'll need to do so again if they're going to wrestle the title from Bayern's grasp. 
Bayern Munich get their Bundesliga title defence off to a frustrating start as they are held to a 2-2 draw by visitors Hertha Berlin. Hertha worked hard without creating much but were allowed to turn around a one-goal deficit by some lax Bayern defending. Bayern did better in the second half and capitalised on a stupid Grujic foul to pull things level, but didn't do enough to get the win.
90' + 3' It's last chance time for Bayern. They get two corners, first off Klunter then off Stark. From Kimmich's second delivery, Lewandowski heads over from close range! That'll be that.
M. Mittelstädt
Yellow Card
Hertha BSC
90' + 1' Mittelstadt is booked for a high foot in the run-up to Selke's run upfield. That was good refereeing to let play continue.
90' There will be three minutes of added time. Davies takes on Hertha's backline but can't get through. Hertha lump it to Selke, who tries dribbling down the right to buy time but ends up giving away a foul.
89' Bayern win a minor rash of corners, but Hertha's defenders manage to head each one away. The champions may have to settle for the draw.
A. Davies
S. Gnabry
Bayern München
87' Gnabry's race is also run. The teenage Canadian winger Davies comes on for him.
86' Bayern get a corner, conceded by Klunter. Hertha clear it. They look like they might just hold firm.
Renato Sanches
T. Müller
Bayern München
85' Muller's day is over. Sanches comes on to replace him.
84' Hertha get a spell in Bayern's half but not for long. Gnabra picks up the ball to the right of the box and blasts a menacing shot over the crossbar - a shot across the bows, if you like.
82' Rekik climbs all over the back of Lewandowski and concedes a free-kick. Alaba has his shot blocked.
80' Jarstein concedes a corner under a spot of pressure but Hertha manage to see it out. Bayern's energy levels have dropped a bit now.
P. Skjelbred
O. Duda
Hertha BSC
78' That's Duda's last act of the game. Duda is replaced by Skjelbred.
77' Duda steps up for the free-kick, which is in a central position. His first effort is blocked by the wall, and his second curls wide of Neuer's goal.
R. Lewandowski
Yellow Card
Bayern München
76' Lewandowski wades into the argument and sees yellow too. That was unnecessary.
B. Pavard
Yellow Card
Bayern München
75' Bayern take the free-kick quickly, and put Pavard into trouble. The centre-back brings down Leckie right on the edge of Bayern's box. Pavard is booked.
75' Bayern are well on top overall but strangely still look vulnerable at one-off moments. Selke gets a shot away at Neuer, forcing a save, but concedes a foul in the run-up for muscling Sule off the ball. 
74' The crowd shows a touch of disapproval as Kimmich sloppily hands the ball to Jarstein while looking for Lewandowski. The striker applauds his teammate anyway.
73' Chance for Bayern! Gnabry gets free down the right wing again and cuts back for Tolisso, whose trickling first-time shot rolls agonisingly wide of the post. Coman almost got there in time for a tap-in.
T. Müller
Yellow Card
Bayern München
71' The pressure on Hertha relieves slightly as Muller fouls a countering Esswein. Muller is booked.
70' You've got to love a bit of a goalmouth scramble. Hertha only half-manage to get the ball away after Rekik stops a Gnabry cross in the box. They're holding on at the moment.
D. Selke
D. Lukébakio
Hertha BSC
68' This is surprising - Lukebakio makes way for Germany U21 striker Selke. Maybe Covic thinks the Belgian's run out of puff.
67' Bayern are piling the pressure on, forcing Hertha to camp in their own half. Jarstein gratefully claims a rogue throughball. Covic is going to make another change.
65' Hertha do precisely nothing with the free-kick. The away side have really not done much today, apart from the two goals they somehow scored.
A. Esswein
V. Ibišević
Hertha BSC
63' Hertha make the first change of the game before taking the free-kick, as Ibisevic is replaced by Esswein. The Bosnian furiously hurls his shinpads to the ground down on the touchline. It's no surprise he's frustrated.
62' Bayern want to build on this quickly as Lewandowski gets caught offside from Sule's pass. Up the other end, Hertha win a foul as Lukebakio is held back by Gnabry.
61' That Lewandowski goal is a record, by the way - he's become the first player to score in the first Bundesliga matchday five seasons in a row.
R. Lewandowski
Penalty Goal
Bayern München
60' GOAL! 2-2 BAYERN! Lewandowski steps up and makes no mistake from the spot, dispatching the penalty kick past Jarstein. Hertha may have a long last half hour in store.
M. Grujić
Yellow Card
Hertha BSC
58' Grujic is booked for his infraction. That's the least he deserves for that act of stupidity.
58' PENALTY FOR BAYERN! The ref points to the spot. Grujic hauled Lewandowski over in the box as the pair jockeyed for position. It was pointless really - the ball was nowhere near them at the time.
58' Bayern can't do anything with the corner, but the referee has stopped play to call on VAR. It looks like there was an off the ball incident with Lewandowski and Grujic? 
56' Jarstein is going to be busier this half. The keeper tips Gnabry's hopeful long-range effort over the bar for a corner.
54' Bayern take some time to work the ball out from the back, mentally mulling their problems over. Gnabry snaps them out of their stupor with a direct run forward. He can't find Coman though, and Alaba's cross lands in the arms of Jarstein.
52' A vital stop by Jarstein! Coman manages to wriggle through on goal but Jarstein prevents him from tapping the ball in. Hertha look up for Lukebakio who just about loses a thrilling footrace with Tolisso. The Belgian's pace on the counter is frightening.
51' Tolisso feeds Coman arriving to his left, who whips a cross in first-time. Gnabry salvages it at the far post but can't do anything with it. Bayern's substitutes are all warming up.
49' Hertha are back on the fouls again as Gnabry is checked by Mittelstadt. Kimmich's curling free-kick meets the head of Muller who heads over. Bayern's vice-captain is offside anyway.
47' Neither side can get a foothold in midfield at the start of this half. Hertha come off marginally the better until Leckie floats a cross to precisely no one.
46' Hertha get the second half started! Can they get their first league win in Munich since 1977?
Bayern have a job on to turn this game around. Since Hertha got promoted back to the Bundesliga in 2013, they haven't lost any of their six opening-day fixtures and have won their last four. Could Hertha get a shock win and give Bayern's title rivals early cheer?
Bayern made hard work of that half. The champions started brightly and looked well in control of the game after Lewandowski gave his side the lead. Suddenly, though, Hertha scored a fluke equaliser through Lukebakio then Bayern switched off for Grujic's goal. Not the opening 45 minutes they would have wanted.
45' + 2' Hertha are doing well at slowing the game down with niggly fouls, as Klunter brings down Coman again. Coman takes umbrage at this, successfully taking on the Hertha defence by himself before going down somewhat easily in the box under pressure from Stark. Bayern yell for a penalty. The ref isn't moved.
45' There will be three added minutes in this first half. Bayern try to tip-tap their way through Hertha's defence and Hertha are able to counter. Leckie looks for Lukebakio arriving on the opposite flank but Kimmich heads his cross out for a throw.
44' Grujic gives away a foul on Tolisso in midfield and Bayern play the free-kick quickly. Coman almost tricks his way past Klunter but can't get past him. The French winger's looking lively on Bayern's left.
42' Grujic returns to the pitch just in time to defend a free-kick as Klunter brings down Coman. Hertha clear.  
40' Grujic has to leave the pitch temporarily - he took a knock to the head in the build-up to that goal but bravely saw it through first. That gives Bayern a moment or two to stew on the one-two punch they've just received. Hertha had created little to nothing before that.
V. Ibišević
Hertha BSC
38' Bayern aren't happy as there was a touch of handball from Grujic as he challenged Kimmich for the header. The ball lands to Ibisevic, who played the ball back and Grujic was in to score.
M. Grujić
Hertha BSC
38' GOAL! 2-1 HERTHA! What are Bayern playing at?! The champions fail to deal with a routine long ball and Grujic is through on goal. The midfielder rounds Neuer and taps the ball in.
O. Duda
Hertha BSC
36' Duda gets the assist for that one, although to be fair Lukebakio did most of the work. He pretty much dribbled from the halfway line.
D. Lukébakio
Hertha BSC
36' AND HERTHA SCORE! 1-1! It's Lukebakio again! Bayern's hat-trick tormentor last season shows up once more. This one's a bit of a fluke. The Belgian drifts in from the flank and takes a left-footed shot from range which deflects past Neuer into the net.
34' It's one-way traffic for Bayern at the moment - not particularly fast traffic, but traffic nonetheless. That is until Hertha manage to nab the ball back...
32' Kimmich curls the free-kick in and it's headed away. Bayern still have the ball, though, and Lewandowski has another shot blocked. He then pops a pass to Tolisso, who's stayed forward. Tolisso's muscled out and Hertha manage to clear it.
30' There's a few quick turnovers in midfield and Bayern come off the better. Muller has a snap shot from distance blocked. Bayern win a free-kick when Gnabry is barged over by Grujic.
28' Hertha don't look too shaken by Bayern's goal - nor should they be. Mittelstadt's cross into the box is headed out for a throw by Pavard. There's plenty of time for them yet.
26' Bayern almost make it 2-0 straightaway! Gnabry is slid through on goal by Tolisso and he forces a save from Jarstein. Lewandowski's follow-up in the centre of the box is blocked.
S. Gnabry
Bayern München
24' That was a nice assist by Gnabry who didn't have to do too much. He simply crossed the ball first time from the right and Lewandowski was left with a tap-in.
R. Lewandowski
Bayern München
24' GOAL! 1-0 BAYERN! Lewandowski opens his Bundesliga account for 2019-20 as Hertha push too far forward after giving away the throw. Bayern counter-attack and Gnabry rolls the ball across goal for the Pole to slide in.
22' Hertha survive a few scares just outside their box and try to work the ball forward. However, a Darida pass for Leckie is a touch overcooked and bounces out for a throw.
21' Bayern get another corner as Klunter blocks a cross from Coman, who's looking for Tolisso. Tolisso is too pushy while challenging for a header. Hertha goal-kick.
20' Lukebakio has got some pace. Bayern make a hash of the throw-in and the Belgian chases a direct ball, racing Bayern's centre-backs. Neuer is on hand to clear up quickly.
19' Kimmich floats a cross into Hertha's box but it's too high for Lewandowski. Coman picks it up at the far post and wins a corner. Hertha put it out for a throw on Bayern's right.
V. Darida
Yellow Card
Hertha BSC
17' Darida is booked for holding onto Coman a little too much. The free-kick from the left is lofted towards Muller at the far post but his header is saved by Jarstein.
15' Hertha are living on the edge. After Jarstein spills a cross and the ball's scrambled away, they give it away cheaply again and Gnabry races at Mittelstadt. His pass is overcooked though and Bayern can't get the shot off.
13' This game is already pleasantly end-to-end. Ibisevic clamours for a penalty after his own shot trickles wide, claiming he was put off by a Bayern defender. The referee isn't convinced.
11' Bayern counter-attack again after Hertha lose the ball sloppily in midfield. Klunter barges over Lewandowski just as he's about to pull the trigger. No foul. Bayern's Polish striker is holding his shoulder but looks to be fine.
10' Hertha have to be careful even at this stage. From Ibisevic's shot, Neuer throws out quickly and suddenly Gnabry is in behind. Jarstein rushes out of his goal somewhat rashly but does enough to claim.
9' Bayern have the ball at the back but Hertha are pressing high, not letting them play out. Ibisevic nicks the ball and fires a tame shot at Neuer.
8' Hertha are keeping hold of the ball, forcing Bayern to be patient. Lukebakio loses out on the edge of Bayern's box and Thiago carries his team upfield. Gnabry passes back inside to Muller who fizzes a long shot wide.
6' Hertha enjoy their first spell in possession, mostly in their half. Eventually Darida lumps an aimless ball forward that Neuer comes out to claim.
4' Coman picks up the ball on the left, looks up, and curls a great pass to Gnabry on the opposite side. The ball's worked inside to Thiago, whose dipping shot is caught by Jarstein. Bayern look threatening already.
2' Bayern make a lively start to the game as Kimmich bombs down the right hand side, crossing the ball straight to Jarstein. They're wasting no time.
1' Reigning champions Bayern Munich get the 2019-20 Bundesliga underway!
The two sides take the field at a noisy Allianz Arena after a dramatic opening ceremony - with Nico Santos singing the German national anthem. Crikey. There have been cup finals with less pomp than this.
Hertha have proved something of a problem side for Bayern in recent seasons - they've avoided defeat to the champions four times in the last three years, more than any other team in the division. However, Hertha haven't won away in Munich since 1977, so a draw looks the best they can hope for. Will Bayern start the season firing on all cylinders, or will Hertha hold them on the opening day?
Kovac's first Bayern XI of the 2019-20 Bundesliga only features one change from Bayern's 3-1 victory over Energie Cottbus in the DFB-Pokal earlier this week. Gnabry comes in for Sanches. Javi Martinez is injured, while new signing Ivan Perisic has to serve a suspension. Hertha boss Ante Covic, meanwhile, throws Lukebakio right in - one of two changes from their own midweek cup match. Klunter is the other. Veteran striker Kalou and Torunarigha drop to the bench.
HERTHA SUBS: Salomon Kalou, Jordan Torunarigha, Thomas Kraft, Alexander Esswein, Per Skjelbred, Pascal Kopke, Eduard Lowen, Sidney Friede, Davie Selke.
HERTHA BERLIN (4-2-3-1): Rune Jarstein; Lukas Klunter, Niklas Stark, Karim Rekik, Maximilian Mittelstadt; Marko Grujic, Vladimir Darida; Mathew Leckie, Ondrej Duda, Dodi Lukebakio; Vedad Ibisevic (c).
BAYERN SUBS: Sarpreet Singh, Renato Sanches, Sven Ulreich, Paul Will, Jerome Boateng, Alphonso Davies, Lars Lukas Mai, Kwasi Okyere Wriedt, Lucas Hernandez.
BAYERN MUNICH (4-3-3): Manuel Neuer (c); Joshua Kimmich, Niklas Sule, Benjamin Pavard, David Alaba; Thomas Muller, Thiago Alcantara, Corentin Tolisso; Serge Gnabry, Robert Lewandowski, Kingsley Coman.
Their opening day opponents this time around are Hertha Berlin, who finished a respectable 11th last season. Their new signing Dodi Lukebakio scored a hat-trick against Bayern in their 3-3 thriller with Fortuna Dusseldorf last November. Wouldn't a repeat be a fun way to kick off Hertha's campaign?
Eight in a row. That's what Bayern Munich will be looking for this season after winning their seventh consecutive Bundesliga title last time out. After winning their opening fixtures in all seven of those title wins, Niko Kovac's men will be confident of getting off to a good start again.
Hello and welcome to our live text commentary of the opening match of this season's Bundesliga between Bayern Munich and Hertha Berlin at Allianz Arena.