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P. Schick
F. Wirtz
1 - 5
S. Gnabry
L. Goretzka
0 - 5
S. Gnabry
T. Müller
0 - 4
T. Müller
N. Süle
0 - 3
R. Lewandowski
A. Davies
0 - 2

Match Stats

40% 59%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 11
Total Passes 446 661
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UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League
UEFA Conference League Qualifiers
Relegation Play-off


Bayern now turn their attentions to Champions League duty. The Bavarians may yet prove vulnerable at the highest level, but they're clearly still the team to beat domestically. The rest of Germany will be hard-pressed to overthrow them. That's all for now. Goodbye!
Bayern's victory returns them to the top of the Bundesliga, a point above Dortmund. Leverkusen stay third. Despite this hammering they're still just three points behind Bayern with a respectable goal difference, and they successfully saved some face with their second-half display.
Bayern's five-star display in the first half of this match proves to be the difference between them and Leverkusen. The champions got the job done in the opening 45 minutes and had little to worry about after that. Leverkusen will take some comfort from Schick's consolation goal in the second half at least.
90' Bayern mount one last attack but Leverkusen manage to snuff it out. And that's it!
89' Kimmich jinks onto his favoured right foot down Bayern's left and angles an effort wide of the far post. He's not too far from finding the bottom corner.
87' Leverkusen have the ball in the net again as Alario shifts his feet and slots past Neuer from the centre of the box. Unfortunately for them the Argentinian was offside as he reached Adli's low cross.
85' Coman lashes towards goal from the left of the box and Hradecky tips the shot over the bar for a Bayern corner. Bayern can't make anything more of the chance.
83' Musiala tries to thread Gnabry through on goal but Leverkusen shut the door quickly and counter. Neuer beats Bellarabi in a footrace and cuts the attack short.
81' Bayern have continued to create chances in this second half but Leverkusen have been able to limit the quality of their shots, unlike in the first 45 minutes. If the hosts had played this well earlier they might have still been in this game.
P. Retsos
F. Wirtz
79' Wirtz also heads off. The Greek defender Retsos takes his place for Leverkusen.
L. Alario
P. Schick
79' Leverkusen make a change. The Argentine striker Alario replaces Schick who'll be glad to have scored.
78' Sabitzer blasts towards goal from inside the box but it's just a touch too high.
76' Leverkusen have an offside decision go in their favour as the flag goes up against Coman. They won't be happy with the manner of this defeat but they'll be satisfied with how much better they've done since half-time.
74' Bayern are still getting opportunities to score but they're more few and far between in this second half. Sabitzer forces a decent stop from Hradecky from range, before Sane reaches the Austrian's cross to get a free header inside the box but he's unable to keep it down.
O. Richards
N. Süle
72' Sule is the latest Bayern player to get an early rest. The former England Under-21 international Richards comes on.
70' Leverkusen play their way out of their own half, only for Schick's cross from the left to be wayward. Seoane shouts some words of encouragement to his players.
68' Sule goes for goal from outside the box. His first effort is blocked before his second is caught by Hradecky. The centre-back sweeps up shortly after as Leverkusen embark on an attack down their right flank. The hosts have improved immeasurably since half-time.
66' Adli handles the ball and Bayern have a free-kick. Sane receives a pass from Gnabry and fires high and wide from distance. 
J. Musiala
R. Lewandowski
64' Lewandowski is last to head off for now. He'll have to settle for just the two goals. Musiala takes his place.
K. Coman
T. Müller
64' Bayern also decide to rest a few more players. Coman replaces Muller.
A. Adli
M. Diaby
64' Diaby also makes way. Adli is his replacement for Leverkusen.
K. Bellarabi
J. Frimpong
64' Leverkusen make a few more changes. Bellarabi first replaces Frimpong, who's had a tough game.
63' Bayern aren't taking no for an answer though as Kimmich buys a free-kick off Demirbay. Sane sends the cross in from the left and Sule's header back across goal from inside the six-yard box lands just wide.
61' Frimpong hands Bayern a third corner in quick succession. That turns into a fourth which the visitors take short, and Leverkusen finally put a end to this latest Bayern attacking spell.
59' Bayern get another corner as Kossounou blocks Sane's shot. The Ivorian soon puts the ball out of play to let Bayern have another go.
57' Bayern are a potent attacking force - they've scored in each of their last 38 Bundesliga matches now, a top-flight record - but they've kept just one clean sheet in their last 10 Bundesliga matches now including this one. Their laxness could cost them against the best opposition.
F. Wirtz
55' Wirtz's pass through there was lovely and Schick did very well to keep his composure with Hernandez sliding in. Bayern will be disappointed to have given a cheap goal away.
P. Schick
55' GOAL! BAYER LEVERKUSEN 1-5 BAYERN MUNICH! Schick cuts the deficit slightly for Leverkusen, latching onto Wirtz's throughball and arrowing the ball past Neuer and in off the far left post. It's not much for the hosts but it's something.
54' Hernandez hands Leverkusen a free-kick by handling the ball. Leverkusen are looking better organised since the half-time break. It seems they've switched to a five-man defence.
52' Chance for Leverkusen! Neuer saves with his legs as Demirbay unleashes a powerful left-footed shot from the left of the box. Diaby's follow-up effort is blocked.
50' Bayern are biding their time, waiting for the right chance to strike. They're under no pressure at all to score again now.
48' Bayern knock the ball around with a care in the world. Sane has space to power into and Hradecky rushes out of his box to clear just as Sane shoots.
47' Bayern get the second half going. If it's anywhere near as lively as the first half was, we're in for a treat.
E. Tapsoba
46' Seoane hauls Paulinho off at half-time as Leverkusen focus on damage limitation. The Burkinabe centre-back Tapsoba comes on.
M. Sabitzer
L. Goretzka
46' Bayern make a substitution at half-time. Sabitzer replaces Goretzka in midfield.
Bayern weren't even that dominant in that first half in the sense that they only had 52 per cent possession. The difference is that Leverkusen let them have 15 shots, seven of which were on target and five of which went in. All Leverkusen can do now is try to put in a better showing in the second half.
Bayern have blitzed Leverkusen in the opening 45 minutes of this match, scoring five goals without reply. The champions took the lead early on and then were absolutely ruthless as Leverkusen lost their heads for seven minutes. This game already looks well beyond the hosts.
45' Frimpong too tries his luck from outside the box but it doesn't have the power to truly test Neuer. Leverkusen will be glad for the half-time whistle.
44' Leverkusen finally get another shot away, not that it feels like it matters much now. Diaby has a speculative pop at goal from range comfortably saved by Neuer.
42' Bayern are showing no signs of letting up. Sane blazes over from the centre of the box from Muller's cross.
J. Stanišić
A. Davies
40' Here's that Bayern change. Davies touches the ground before heading off. Stanisic takes the Canadian's place at full-back.
39' Bayern are preparing a substitution. It doesn't look injury-related. You can't blame them for thinking this game is already won.
L. Goretzka
37' Leverkusen allowed Goretzka to pick his pass and Gnabry was clinical. Bayern are totally demolishing Leverkusen here.
S. Gnabry
37' GOAL! BAYER LEVERKUSEN 0-5 BAYERN MUNICH! Leverkusen look shellshocked. Gnabry scores again, slotting into the bottom left corner with his left foot after receiving a nice pass from Goretzka.
T. Müller
35' Muller gets a goal and an assist in the space of a few minutes. He'd been very quiet before that. Leverkusen need to get their heads together.
S. Gnabry
35' GOAL! BAYER LEVERKUSEN 0-4 BAYERN MUNICH! This is getting embarrassing for Leverkusen. The hosts pass backwards from kick-off and Frimpong gives the ball away. Muller crosses from the left and Gnabry cuts across Hradecky to dink the ball into the net.
N. Süle
34' Sule would have preferred to score himself there but he'll be happy with his contribution regardless. Bayern are storming to victory and it isn't even half-time!
T. Müller
34' GOAL! BAYER LEVERKUSEN 0-3 BAYERN MUNICH! This may well be over as a contest. Bayern get a corner which Leverkusen don't entirely clear. Sule goes for goal from the left of the box. Muller tries to get out of the way but ends up guiding the shot in via his thigh instead. When your luck's in, your luck's in.
32' Gnabry wins a free-kick down Bayern's left as he's stopped by Paulinho. Sane crosses in and Goretzka nods wide. Lewandowski wants his hat-trick but has his shot blocked. Leverkusen haven't really shown up yet.
A. Davies
30' Davies gets the assist for carrying the ball closer to goal but all he really had to do was leave it for Lewandowski who did the rest. Bayern are cruising already.
R. Lewandowski
30' GOAL! BAYER LEVERKUSEN 0-2 BAYERN MUNICH! Lewandowski grabs his second goal of the game as Bayern race upfield quickly. Sane leaves the ball in the box for Davies and Lewandowski takes charge of the situation, lashing into the net from the centre of the box.
29' Leverkusen earn another corner down their left. Tah powers a header over from the centre of the box.
28' Bayern struggle to clear Demiray's inswinging delivery this time, leading to a bit of head tennis in Bayern's box. Eventually the visitors manage to hook the ball away.
27' Hradecky launches upfield and Leverkusen latch onto the second ball. Frimpong fires in a cross that's blocked by Davies, handing Leverkusen another corner.
25' Bayern head Demirbay's corner out without much trouble. The champions are largely looking comfortable.
24' Leverkusen win a corner down their left. Let's see if the hosts can do anything with this. Demirbay gets ready to take it.
22' Bayern continue to pepper Leverkusen's goal. Hradecky punches away Davies' fierce shot from inside the box before Goretzka forces the Leverkusen keeper to make another decent stop.
20' Bayern have had slightly more possession than Leverkusen but they've easily been the more aggressive team so far. They've had five shots to Leverkusen's zero.
19' Sane hits the post! The winger has space in front of him and lets loose a ripping effort from the edge of the box. It beats Hradecky and rebounds off the right upright and bounces across goal.
18' Kimmich dinks the ball into the danger area between Hradecky and Leverkusen's defensive line. Hradecky rushes off his line to stop Lewandowski from snaffling another goal.
16' Sane shifts his way into the box and has a shot blocked. Bayern are enjoying the lion's share of possession so far.
15' Paulinho darts inside from the left and tries to play a one-two with Schick. Upamecano is in the right place to cut it out.
14' Leverkusen pass the ball around at the back and Frimpong has his pocket picked by Sane. The hosts recover quickly to prevent Sane finding Lewandowski.
12' Gnabry blasts a shot against a Leverkusen player from outside the box. Bayern construct their next attack and Lewandowski floats a cross from the right out for a goal kick.
10' Paulinho thinks he'll have the chance to fire a cross in from Leverkusen's left but the pass is overcooked and rolls out of play. Leverkusen don't look too worried at being behind so early on. Nor should they be.
8' Although Bayern are already ahead, both teams are still finding their feet in this game. There's a lot of back and forth in midfield with neither side making much progress.
6' Lewandowski has broken his latest goalscoring duck of just two straight Bundesliga games. The Poland international had found the net in 15 consecutive league games before missing out in Bayern's win at Furth and defeat to Frankfurt. You can't keep Lewandowski quiet for long.
4' Leverkusen look to recover immediately, winning a corner off Hernandez. Bayern get it clear.
D. Upamecano
3' Leverkusen made it far too easy for Upamecano to look up and pick his cross there. The hosts have got work to do already!
R. Lewandowski
3' GOAL! BAYER LEVERKUSEN 0-1 BAYERN MUNICH! Bayern take the lead almost straight away! Diaby fouls Davies in Leverkusen's half. The ball in finds Upamecano at the far post who crosses low, and Lewandowski beats Hradecky with a clever backheel towards the far post!
2' Bayern force an early corner conceded by Tah. The visitors swing it into the box but Leverkusen get the free-kick.
1' Leverkusen get this big game under way! With Borussia Dortmund winning earlier this weekend, they and Bayern can go top with three points.
The two goalkeeper captains Hradecky and Neuer shake hands in the centre circle. Leverkusen are wearing their preferred red and black home colours, so Bayern will play in their white away strip.
Leverkusen have lost their last three meetings with Bayern in the Bundesliga. Only once have the hosts been on a longer losing streak to the Bavarians in the top flight, a nine-game run between 2005 and 2009. Bayern have also won in four of their last five visits to the BayArena. Leverkusen will be confident of faring better here.
Leverkusen boss Gerardo Seoane makes three changes to his team from their 4-0 away victory over Arminia Bielefield before the international break. Bakker, Amiri and Paulinho come in. Bayern are unchanged from their home defeat to Frankfurt.
SUBS: Corentin Tolisso, Christian Fruchtl, Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting, Bouna Sarr, Marcel Sabitzer, Josip Stanisic, Omar Richards, Jamal Musiala, Kingsley Coman.
BAYERN MUNICH (4-2-3-1): Manuel Neuer (c); Lucas Hernandez, Dayot Upamecano, Niklas Sule, Alphonso Davies; Joshua Kimmich, Leon Goretzka; Leroy Sane, Thomas Muller, Serge Gnabry; Robert Lewandowski.
SUBS: Edmond Tapsoba, Andrey Lunev, Daley Sinkgraven, Amine Adli, Lucas Alario, Zidan Sertdemir, Piero Hincapie, Panagiotis Retsos, Karim Bellarabi.
BAYER LEVERKUSEN (4-2-3-1): Lukas Hradecky (c); Jeremie Frimpong, Odilon Kossounou, Jonathan Tah, Mitchel Bakker; Nadiem Amiri, Kerem Demirbay; Moussa Diaby, Florian Wirtz, Paulinho; Patrik Schick.
Just above Leverkusen in the table are defending champions Bayern who slumped to a 2-1 home defeat to Eintracht Frankfurt last time out. The Bavarians have been suspect at the back of late but remain able to blow opponents away more often than not. Can Leverkusen condemn Bayern to back-to-back Bundesliga defeats for the first time in almost two years?
It's the Bundesliga's first top-of-the-table clash of the season as Germany's first- and second-placed teams at the start of the weekend face off. Leverkusen have made their best start to a Bundesliga season in eight years, having never scored more than their 20 goals in their opening seven games. They'll be keen for their season to continue in this vein.
Hello! Welcome to our live text commentary of this Bundesliga match between Bayer Leverkusen and Bayern Munich at BayArena.