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ATK v Chennaiyin Live Commentary, 3/14/20

3 - 1
Javi Hernández (10)
Edu García (48)
Javi Hernández (90+3)
N. Valskis (69)
Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (Fatorda Stadium)


Thank you for following our Live text commentary for tonight's final.
Second ISL title for coach Antonio Lopez Habas as he guides ATK to glory after coming back at the club after four years.
Third ISL title for the Kolkata club as they completely outclass the Marina Machans in the final.
Full time: ATK beat Chennaiyin FC 3-1 to lift the ISL 2019-20 title.
Javi Hernández
Yellow Card
90' + 4' Yellow card Francisco Javier Hernández González
90' + 4' Halder sends a through ball for Hernandez who enters the box beats, Kaith and pushes the ball into the net.
P. Halder
90' + 3' Assist Pronay Halder
Javi Hernández
90' + 3' Goal Francisco Javier Hernández González
90' + 3' GOALLL!!! Javier Hernandez seals the fate of the match with a third goal. Game, Set and Match ATK.
90' + 1' Firtulescu to Valskis inside the box but Arindam comes out of his line and collects the ball.
90' Added time: 4 minutes. Can Chennaiyin pull one back?
89' Goian attempts a header but it goes straight to Arindam.
Eli Sabiá
Yellow Card
88' Yellow card Eli Sabia Filho
88' Edu Garcia tries to go past Eli Sabia with a pacey run but gets fouled by an ugly challenge from the Chennaiyin defender. Free-kick to ATK.
86' Crivellaro sends a curling free-kick but it goes out of play without finding any of his teammates.
85' Dinliana brought down by Soosairaj on the right flank. Free-kick to Chennaiyin.
Víctor Mongil
84' Substitution Armando Sosa Peña Víctor Mongil Adeva
84' Habas shutting shop completely as he brings in central defender Victor Mongil.
83' Chance! Valskis attempts a header from Crivellaro's cross but fails to keep it on target.
82' Dragos Firtulescu sends a swinging cross from the right but Rathi clears the ball.
80' Chance! Williams sends a through ball for Edu Garcia who was one-on-one but Kaith does well to come out of his line and clear the ball timely.
77' Chance! Crivellaro attempts a shot from inside the box but Arindam somehow manages to parry the ball out for a corner.
D. Firțulescu
A. Schembri
76' Substitution André Schembri Dragoș Petruț Firțulescu
76' End of Schembri's career as he is replaced by Dragos Firtulescu. Schembri had announced earlier his retirement post the ISL final.
75' Jerry sends a cross from the left but fails to find any of his teammates.
73' Soosairaj keeps a low ball from the left inside the box and Sabia gets a foot to the ball. Hernandez attempts a first time shot but it sails above the crossbar.
70' Chance! Valskis attempts another header from a close range but Arindam pulls off a quality save.
J. Lalrinzuala
69' Assist Jerry Lalrinzuala
N. Valskis
69' Goal Nerijus Valskis
69' Dinliana exchanges a one-two with Thapa before sending a cross inside the box. Kotal clears the ball unconvincingly with the back of his head as the ball falls to Jerry who sends the ball back to Valskis who finds the back of the net with a quality shot.
69' GOALLL!!! Nerijus Valskis pulls one back for Chennaiyin.
P. Halder
M. Regin
67' Substitution Micheal Regin Pronay Halder
66' Like for like change from Habas as he brings in Pronay Halder in place of Regin Michael.
65' Crivellaro sends a corner inside the box but Johnson heads the ball away from the box.
64' Prabir attempts a shot after going pas Goian from the difficult angle but Kaith pulls off a quality save.
63' Valskis exchanges a one-two with Chhangte and takes a shot but gets blocked. Crivellaro then attempts a shot from the edge of the box but once again ATK defenders block.
62' Dinliana sends a long ball inside the box but it is wayward and goes out of play.
60' Crivellaro sends the free-kick inside the box and Johnson intercepts with his head before Garcia clears the ball.
M. Regin
Yellow Card
59' Yellow card Micheal Regin
59' A poor poor challenge by Regin Michael on Edwin Vanspaul. He makes a high boot challenge on the Chennaiyin man.
59' Chennaiyin are going all out at the moment desperate to pull at least one back as soon as possible.
58' Vanspaul now sends a through ball for Chhangte and once again the ball goes to Arindam.
56' Thapa sends a long ball for Crivellaro inside the box but the ball goes straight to Arindam.
54' Crivellaro sends a cross inside the box but Johnson heads the ball away for a throw-in.
54' Hernandez to Williams on the right and the Australian sends a cross inside the box for Garcia but Kaith timely comes out of his line and collects the ball.
52' Chance! Chhangte takes a shot from the edge of the box but it goes just wide of the second past! Unlucky!
52' Prabir Das sends a cross eyeing Williams' run but it goes to Kaith.
Yellow Card
51' Yellow card Armando Sosa Peña
51' Mandi Sosa pulls Crivellaro from the back by his shirt near the centre-circle to give away a free-kick.
D. Williams
48' Assist David Williams
Edu García
48' Goal Eduardo García Martín
48' Garica lays-off a long ball for Williams from the left flank who beats Eli Sabia and squares the ball back to Edu at the edge of the box. The Spaniard enters the box and slots the ball home through the second post.
48' GOALLL!!! Edu Garcia makes it 2-0 for ATK.
47' Crivellaro goes down inside the box after a clash with Mandi just outside the box but no penalty is given.
46' Early chance! Renthlei finds Valskis at the edge of the box who flicks the ball for Schembri but the winger fails to reach at the end of the pass as Arindam collects the ball.
46' Second half underway!
Half time! ATK lead 1-0 after the first 45 minutes. Stay tuned for more action in the second half.
45' Chance! Jerry finds Chhangte at the left edge of the box and Chhangte sends a cross inside the box. Schembri attempts a header but it goes just wide.
45' Added time: 3 minutes.
44' Chhangte sends a low cross from the left flank but Kotal intercepts and clears the box.
43' Crivellaro sends a through ball for Valskis but Kotal does well to block him. Valskis commits a foul on Kotal.
41' Hernandez brings down Thapa from behind with a poor challenge. Free-kick to Chennaiyin.
R. Krishna
40' Substitution Roy Krishna Armando Sosa Peña
40' Yes Krishna leaves the pitch in tears as Habas brings in Mandi Sosa.
39' Krishna struggling with his hamstring as he goes down again. End of the road for him in this final?
38' Chhangte exchanges a one-two with Valskis at the edge of the box but Johnson intercepts. Jerry picks up the ball and sends another cross but an ATK player heads the ball away.
37' Chhangte sends a cross inside the box and Schembri brings it down for Valskis but Kotal does well to intercept the ball before the striker could pounce on it.
36' Valskis takes a low free-kick but it gets blocked by the ATK wall inside the box.
35' Johnson gives away a free-kick to Chennaiyin after he makes a poor challenge on Schembri.
34' Cirvellaro makes a run and tries to find Valskis near the box but Kotal intercepts the ball and clears.
32' Crivellaro enters the box and goes past two defenders exhibiting great skills and takes a shot which gets blocked, Valskis attempts a shot from rebound but once gets blocked.
31' Chance! What a save by Arindam. Crivellaro sends a curling free-kick inside the box and Schembri attempts a header but Arindam pulls off a quality save.
29' Free-kick to Chennaiyin near the ATK box as Prabir handles the ball. 
29' Crivellaro goes past Regin and sends a cross inside the box which Rathi intercepts. Valskis attempts a shot from the rebound but Arindam stops his shot.
27' Chance for Chennaiyin! Schembri exchanges a one-two with Crivellaro inside the box before sending a pass to Valskis who takes a first time shot at goal. Arindam fumbles while trying to collect the ball but Kotal clears to avert danger.
23' Back to back chances for ATK! Krishna receives a long ball and beats both Eli Sabia and Goian inside the box and takes a shot which Kaith stops. Hernandez attempts a shot at goal from the rebound but it gets cleared off the line. The Spaniard once again tries to slot the ball home and this time a Chennaiyin player clears the ball.
E. Vanspaul
G. Singh
22' Substitution Germanpreet Singh Edwin Sydney Vanspaul
22' Coyle makes his first change as Edwin Vanspaul replaces injured Germanpreet Singh.
21' Germanpreet Singh has gone down on the ground and is getting medical attention at the moment.
19' Hernandez sends a corner inside the box but a Chennaiyin defender heads the ball away.
19' Another low cross from Prabir from the right flank but this time Goian intercepts.
17' Prabir makes a brilliant run as he goes past Chhangte first then beats Goian before sending a cross inside the box but Thapa intercepts.
15' Dinliana sends a cross inside the box but it goes out of play.
12' ATK has gained momentum after scoring the early goal.
11' Johnson sends a long ball for Krishna who goes past Sabia on the left edge of the box and sends a cross. Williams gives a dummy and Hernandez scores with a brilliant half volley.
R. Krishna
10' Assist Roy Krishna
Javi Hernández
10' Goal Francisco Javier Hernández González
10' GOALLL!!!! Javier Hernandez hands ATK the lead! Boy oh boy what a strike!
9' What an exciting start to the final as both teams came close to break the deadlock.
7' Javier Hernandez receives a pass from Roy Krishna inside the box but goes down on the ground after a clash with Lucian Goian. He appeals for a penalty but gets denied by the referee.
7' Chance! Soosairaj dribbles past three Chennaiyin players near the left edge of the box and attempts a shot but it goes just wide.
6' Hernandez takes the free-kick but hits straight at the Chennaiyin wall. The Spaniard attempts a shot from the rebound ball but it hits the Chennaiyin players once again.
G. Singh
Yellow Card
5' Yellow card Germanpreet Singh
5' Goian gives away a loose ball to David Williams in Chennaiyin half and the Australian makes a run but he is brought down by Germanpreet Singh just outside the box. Free-kick to ATK.
4' Valskisss! What have you done! The star striker hits the crossbar from a handshaking distance!
2' Crivellaro brought down by Hernandez near the centre circle. Free-kick to Chennaiyin.
1' Early chance! Crivellaro lobbed the ball for Schembri who kept a low ball inside the box. Rathi fails to intercept the ball properly as Crivellaro takes a shot but it gets deflected off a ATK defender and goes out for a corner.
1' Kick-off! Let's Go! We are underway in Goa.
Completely empty stands in Goa tonight as the final will be played behind the doors due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak.
We are just minutes away from the kick-off. The players are coming out of the pitch.
Antonio Lopez Habas is the only coach in league's history who has reached the final for the second time. The last time (2014) Habas was in the final the Kolkata club had won the trophy beating Kerala Blasters 1-0 in Mumbai.
The two teams met twice in the league stage. While ATK had won the first leg 1-0 in Chennai, the Marina Machans had thrashed ATK in Kolkata 3-1 in the second phase.
ATK had scored 33 goals in the league stage and three in the two-legged play-offs while Chennaiyin FC had scored 32 in the league stage and six in the play-offs.
A firecracker of a final is on the cards as both teams are ready to pounce on each other and claim their third ISL title.
Owen Coyle, on the other hand, has made just one changed in the Chennaiyin XI. Germanpreet Singh replaces Edwin Vanspaul in central midfield.
Antonio Habas is fielding an unchanged ATK lineup from the second leg play-offs against Bengaluru FC.
CFC subs: Karanjit Singh, Deepak Tangri, Masih Saighani, Dragos Firtulescu, Edwin Vanspaul, Thoi Singh, Rahim Ali.
ATK subs: Dheeraj Singh, Victor Mongil, Mandi Sosa, Pronay Halder, Balwant Singh, Jayesh Rane, Jobby Justin.
CFC XI: Vishal Kaith; Laldinliana Renthlei, Eli Sabia, Lucian Goian, Jerry Lalrinzuala; Germanpreet Singh, Anirudh Thapa; Andre Schembri, Rafael Crivellaro, Lallianzuala Chhangte; Nerijus Valskis.
ATK XI: Arindam Bhattacharya; Pritam Kotal, John Johnson, Sumit Rathi; Prabir Das, Edu Garcia, Regin Michael, Javier Hernandez, Michael Soosairaj; Roy Krishna, David Williams.
Lineups In.
Hello and welcome to the LIVE match centre of the grand finale of Indian Super League season six at the Fatorda Stadium, Goa where ATK and Chennaiyin FC lock horns.