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Argentina v Japan Live Commentary, 6/10/19

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Parc des Princes


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Argentina will be extremely happy with that result and Borrello can take many positives from the performance as his side now look towards their match against group leaders England on Friday. As for Japan, Takakura will know that her team need to improve when they face Scotland in their next game if they want to progress to the knockout rounds of the tournament.
Argentina earn their first ever point at a World Cup after drawing 0-0 with Japan. It was a game of very few chances for either side, with Yokoyama having the first shot on target with a long-range shot in the 50th minute which was saved by Correa. Argentina were defensively solid and frustrated Japan's attacking players throughout the game. Hasegawa had a couple of good chances but sliced her first shot wide of the post before aiming her second straight at Correa in stoppage time.
90' + 3' Hasegawa swings a corner into the box for Japan and Jaimes flicks it clear. The goalkeeper had come off her line but luckily, Miura's follow-up header is straight at her and she catches it without any pressure.
90' + 1' GREAT CHANCE FOR JAPAN! A poor goal kick from Correa goes straight to Sameshima who squares the ball across the box to Hasegawa at the far post. She has time to take a touch before getting her shot away and the keeper gets down well to deny her. Takarada almost reaches the rebound, but Cometti gets there first to clear it.
S. Takarada
Y. Sugasawa
90' Final change of the game now and Takarada is on in place of Sugasawa.
89' Mayorga's clearance on the edge of her box goes straight to Sugita who runs onto the loose ball and takes the shot first time from outside the box. Her effort is always rising though and it flies well over the crossbar.
88' Correa is taking her time on taking her goal kick and it seems like Argentina are going to start running down the clock where they can now as the game heads into its final minutes.
86' Stabile takes the resulting free-kick for Argentina on the left wing and swings a good cross to the edge of the box where everyone is waiting. Jaimes rises the highest to meet it, but she can't direct her header on target and it's wide of the far post.
M. Iwabuchi
Yellow Card
85' Iwabuchi is the latest player to be shown a yellow card after catching Banini in the neck as she tried to pull her back.
84' Iwabuchi takes the ball to the byline and puts a very good cross into the middle of the box. It was just a bit too high for Shimizu to get onto though and Cometti once again clears the danger for Argentina.
82' Another good break from Argentina sees Jaimes pick up the ball on the edge of the box. Minami is across quickly to close her down so she gets her shot away early, but it is well off target as it rolls out of play.
81' Japan are starting to get a bit frustrated by Argentina's defensive play again in the last few minutes as they are once again struggling to find a way in behind them.
M. Coronel
L. Benítez
79' Borrello is bringing on some extra experience now as Coronel comes on to replace Benitez.
M. Larroquette
F. Bonsegundo
77' Bonsegundo is the second player to make way for Argentina and Larroquette is on in her place.
76' Shimizu and Sugasawa play a brilliant one-two to open up the space down the right wing. Shimizu then puts a very good cross into the middle of the box, but Cometti rises highest to clear the danger for Argentina.
J. Endo
E. Nakajima
74' Another roll of the dice from Takakura now as she brings on Endo in place of Nakajima.
73' Bonsegundo pulls off some very good footwork to keep the ball and beat the defender, but she just slipped as she took the shot which made it an easy save for Yamashita.
71' Hasegawa played a good throughball to Sugasawa on the edge of the box and she tries to lay it off to Iwabuchi who is making the run on her right. She ends up playing it just behind the substitute though and the chance goes to waste.
69' Benitez puts a good cross into the box from the right wing, but nobody has made a run to the far post to get on the end of it which allows Yamashita to come off her line and collect it.
67' Japan are almost over-playing the ball when they get into the final third. They are playing one too many passes which is making it easier for Argentina to defend against them.
65' Banini makes a really good run down the left wing and plays in Jaimes on the edge of the box. The forward holds the ball up well and turns with it before having a shot on goal. Miura and Kumagai are both across quickly to close her down and block the effort from close range.
V. Santana
R. Bravo
64' First change from Borrello now and he brings off Bravo and replaces her with Santana.
63' Shimizu finds herself in some space down the right wing and she puts an early cross into the box, looking for Sugasawa in the middle. Once again, though, Barroso is in the right place to get to it first and clear the danger for Argentina.
61' Sugasawa comes very close to getting on the end of Miura's cross and goes to ground under pressure from Cometti. The fans around the stadium are calling for a penalty, but she gets back to her feet without complaint as it looked like she actually fell over.
59' Argentina have a free-kick in their own half, but instead of using it as an opportunity to keep possession for a little while and take the pressure off themselves, Benitez plays a long ball upfield to nobody and gifts it back to Japan.
M. Iwabuchi
K. Yokoyama
57' Takakura makes the first change of the game and it looks like it's an enforced one. Yokoyama goes straight down the tunnel when she leaves the field and Iwabuchi is on in her place.
56' HASEGAWA COMES CLOSE! Shimizu puts a good cross into the box and Sugasawa leaves it to run through to Hasegawa. She takes a touch but then slices her effort wide of the far post and wastes a brilliant opportunity for Japan.
54' Argentina just can't keep hold of the ball when they win back possession. Jaimes was the furthest person forward in the first half, but now she's dropping so far back to help in defence that there isn't an out ball for her team.
52' Japan look a lot more confident following those two chances and are starting to push forward with more intent than before. Sameshima gets forward from right-back and reaches the edge of the six-yard box before Cometti gets across to put the ball out of play.
50' GREAT CHANCE FOR SUGASAWA! Yokoyama, out of nowhere, takes a very long-range effort from the middle of the field and forces a smart save out of Correa, meaning we finally have our first shot on target in the game. Sugasawa reacts quickly to get on the end of the loose ball and fires her effort over the crossbar from a tight angle on the left.
48' The second half has started the same way the first one ended, with all of Argentina's players sat back in their own to close down the space ahead of Japan.
46' Japan get the game back underway for the second half!
Borrello will probably be the happier of the two managers at half-time as his side put in a very professional performance that kept Japan quite throughout the first half. Defensively, they have been impressive, but if they want to earn their first ever win at a World Cup, then they need to actually push players into the final third and put some pressure on Japan's defence. As for Takakura's side, their strength lies in their attacking play, but they looked like they had run out of ideas very early on. They could maybe do with making a substitution to give them something fresh up front to try and help them break the deadlock.
Argentina frustrated Japan in the first half and go into the break level at 0-0. It was a half of very few chances, with Argentina failing to register a single shot, while Japan didn't have any on target. Miura came the closest for Japan after she got on the end of a poor clearance from Correa, but she fired her effort over the crossbar from the edge of the box. Japan did have a lot of possession, but they just couldn't create any opportunities to test their opponents.
H. Sugita
Yellow Card
45' + 1' Sugita is shown a yellow card after catching Banini in the face with a trailing hand.
45' Banini has a chance to break on the counter-attack and she gets past two Japan defenders to get out of their own half. None of her team-mates are making supporting runs so she has no out ball.
43' Once again, Argentina have all of their players back in their own half to close down the space ahead of Japan, who are being forced to pass the ball between their defenders and slowly build up from the back.
41' Sameshima puts a long throw-in int the box and it's nodded down by Yokoyama. Sugasawa comes very close to getting on the end of it, but she's just beaten to the ball by Barroso who clears it for Argentina.
39' Banini is down at the minute receiving some treatment after that challenge from Shimizu. She's quickly back to her feet though and it looks like she'll be able to carry on.
R. Shimizu
Yellow Card
38' The first yellow card of the game is shown to Shimizu after she catches Banini with a late challenge.
37' Argentina are yet to have a shot, while there have been no shot on target at all from either side.
35' Kumagai plays a good chipped pass over Argentina's middle to pick out Sugita on the edge of the box and nods the ball down to her right. None of her team-mates have made the run to support her though and Argentina are able to get it clear.
33' Japan already look like they're out of ideas on how to get in behind Argentina's defence as their way through the middle is blocked again. They've stopped looking to their wide players, but that might be what they need to find a way into the box.
31' Argentina are struggling to get out of their own half at the minute as Japan are pressing them so high up the field. So far though, they've been solid defensively which is starting to frustrate their opponents.
29' Japan have been keeping possession really well so far, but they haven't been able to do too much with it in front of goal just yet.
27' There have been quite a lot of instances in the first half where Argentina have been caught offside due to Japan's high line. They've been getting into some dangerous positions, so if they can stay onside then they could cause Japan some problems.
25' Correa quickly came off her line to punch away Nakajima's cross into the box from the right wing and Miura picks up the loose ball on the edge of the box. She takes a touch to set herself but ends up firing her effort over the crossbar without troubling the keeper.
24' Jaimes has drifted out to the right to get on the end of a good pass from Banini on the other side. Her first touch is sloppy though and she shows too much of it to Kumagai, who she fouls when she tries to win it back.
22' Nakajima finds herself in a lot of space down the right wing and she puts a very good cross into the middle of the box. Nobody has made a run towards the ball though and Correa is quickly off her line to collect it. Cometti has just come back onto the field after her treatment as well.
20' Cometti is currently down in the centre circle receiving some treatment after she was caught in the face by Sugasawa. She's back to her feet quickly and the medical team have taken her off the field as they continue to see how she's doing.
18' Minami plays a wonderful pass over the top of the Argentina midfielder to pick out Sameshima who does a very good job of keeping the ball in play. She is closed down very quickly by Bonsegundo though and doesn't get the chance to put a cross into the box.
16' This is the third time that Argentina and Japan have been drawn together in the same group at the World Cup (also met in 2003 and 2007), with Japan winning both of those games, 6-0 and 1-0.
14' Banini sees the space ahead of her and puts a very deep cross into the box, but it misses everybody. Bonsegundo picks it up on the opposite wing but she's closed down very quickly and loses the ball.
12' Argentina finally push forward and get into the final third after some good build-up play. Jaimes gets the ball from a throw-in and just uses her strength to get to the ball ahead of Shimizu and the referee deems it to be a foul and awards a free-kick to Japan.
10' Sugasawa just pulled away from her defender at the far post to get on the end of Nakajima's cross and she made good contact with it as she headed her effort back across goal. The goalkeeper was quickly off her line to stop the attack though.
8' Argentina are sitting back in their own box at the minute to close down the space ahead of Japan and forcing them to pass it around the penalty area as they look for a way through.
6' Banini is being closed down very quickly in midfield but she manages to get away from four Japanese players with some brilliant footwork. None of her team-mates are making runs ahead of her though which is stopping Argentina from getting into the final third early on.
4' Japan are keeping the ball well at the minute and every time they go forward, they are trying to play in Hasegawa down the left wing. So far, the final passes into her haven't been great, but she's getting into some dangerous positions.
2' Sameshima wins the ball back and straight away is looking for a forward pass upfield. She picks out Hasegawa ahead of her on the left wing, but her first touch lets her down and Argentina have possession again.
1' Jaimes gets the game underway for Argentina!
The teams are out on the pitch now and we'll be underway after the national anthems!
This is Argentina's third appearance in the Women's World Cup and they have lost all six of their previous games at the tournament by an aggregate score of 2-33.
Asaka Takakura makes just two changes to the team that drew with Spain in their last game and she brings Sugasawa and Miura into the starting line-up. Momiki and Ichise both start on the bench.
Carlos Borrello makes four changes to the side that beat Uruguay in Argentina's last outing before the tournament. Correa comes into goal to replace Pereyra, while Gomez, Mayorga and Benitez come into the team as well. Sachs, Santana and Larroquette all drop down to the bench.
JAPAN SUBS: Mizuho Sakaguchi, Rikako Kobayashi, Asato Miyagawa, Nana Ichise, Mana Iwabuchi, Saori Takarada, Chika Hirao, Sakiko Ikeda, Yuka Momiki, Shiori Miyake, Jun Endo, Rumi Utsugi.
JAPAN STARTING XI (4-4-2): Ayaka Yamashita; Risa Shimizu, Saki Kumagai, Moeka Minami, Aya Sameshima; Emi Nakajima, Hina Sugita, Narumi Miura, Yui Hasegawa; Yuika Sugasawa, Kumi Yokoyama.
ARGENTINA SUBS: Gabriela Garton, Milagros Menendez, Mariela Coronel, Gabriela Chavez, Mariana Larroquette, Natalie Juncos, Maria Belen Potassa, Adriana Sachs, Yael Oviedo, Vanesa Santana, Solana Pereyra, Dalila Ippolito.
ARGENTINA STARTING XI (4-5-1): Vanina Correa; Virginia Gomez, Agustina Barroso, Aldana Cometti, Eliana Stabile; Estefania Banini, Linda Bravo, Lorena Benitez, Miriam Mayorga, Flor Bonsegundo; Sole Jaimes.
Argentina are making their first appearance at the World Cup in 12 years today after some big problems off the field in the last few years. They come into this game having won just one of their last five matches in all competitions (L4), although that was in their last outing when they beat Uruguay 3-1 in a friendly. Japan, who finished second at the World Cup in 2015, haven't been on the best run of form recently either. They have won just one of their previous six games in all competitions (D3 L2) which was back in March when they beat Brazil in the SheBelieves Cup.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Group D Women's World Cup match between Argentina and Japan at the Parc des Princes!