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‘Pitso is catching some serious hands’ ‘Mosimane is not a football coach’

1:34 PM EST 2/2/23
Pitso Mosimane - ahli 2022
Pitso Mosimane was brought crashing down to earth with a first defeat at Al Ahli on Thursday.

Pitso Mosimane’s winning run came to a screeching halt on Thursday, as the head coach was on the receiving end of a humbling 4-1 defeat.

His Al Ahli side were thoroughly eclipsed by Al-Akhdoud, with Mosimane’s side showing little of the class and conviction that they’ve demonstrated in recent matches.

They drop to third place in the table, with supporters wasting little time to take to social media and lament Pitso’s fall from grace, while others were quick to criticise Jingles.

  • South African shock

    A number of supporters could only express their shock and surprise at seeing Jingles so brutally humbled following his magnificent recent form in Saudi Arabia.

    “Pitso is catching serious iron hands right now,” wrote @Cibo_eazy, while @Jay_Langa agreed: “Mosimane is catching serious hands here.”

  • Players are cowards

    One Saudi supporter, tweeting under the @Jst_OS9 alias, had some harsh words for Mosimane in the aftermath of the loss, and insisted he must take some tough measures against some of his players.

    “Pitso, are you blind?” he addressed to the coach, before naming and shaming the players below.

  • ‘You are not a coach’

    One Saudi supporter was particularly unhappy with the team’s loss, even going as far as to accuse Pitso of not being a football coach.

  • Pitso must rise up

    Some users were quick to dismiss the loss, insisting that the true measure of the man and his players will be how they respond to the defeat.

    “The measure of a man is not how many times he falls but how many times he rises up after falling…” wrote @Setlago_Monare.

    “Sir Pitso and his men must rise up,” he added. “The journey is bound to get tougher as you've become the team to beat.”

  • Words of support

    “Hard luck Pitso,” wrote @ntuthukontuli8. “I know he will come back strong.”

  • Mosimane rampage

    @TumeloRICCARDO agrees, and has predicted that Mosimane will now embark on a winning streak after losing his first match.

    “Pitso doesn’t take losses lightly,” he wrote. “He will go on a rampage and go over 20 games unbeaten.”

  • Not like Pitso

    Some fans are dismayed that Mosimane, whose teams are typically so well drilled defensively, was on the receiving end of a 4-1 defeat despite having taken the lead in the contest.

    "How does a Pitso Mosimane-led team lose 4-1 after scoring first?" asked an incredulous Lesego Bravo Ngobeni.