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Liverpool: ‘No way Bellingham signs'; ‘Thanks from Arsenal’; ‘Apologise to Mane’

11:10 AM EST 2/4/23
Jurgen Klopp Liverpool 2022-23
African fans were pulling no punches as Liverpool’s season lurched to yet another crisis.

Liverpool’s miserable season took another turn for the worst on Saturday as the Reds were outclassed by Wolverhampton Wanderers in the first half of their Premier League meeting.

The Merseysiders found themselves 2-0 down at the break against the strugglers, and African fans were—predictably—less than impressed with the 2020 champions.

Jurgen Klopp’s future at the club, and the performances of several key players, were—predictably—high on the agenda.

  • Klopp the villain

    “There is no way Jurgen Klopp will win something with this LFC under FSG,” wrote @JacksonMotena. “Lived long enough to be a villain.”

    Is it really time for the Reds to consider an alternative manager?

  • Klopp to blame?

    “We saw Klopp not reinforcing the squad,” echoed @Motsoene_P, “knowing very well that Liverpool’s midfield is mediocre.”

    Does the head coach’s lack of business in January truly explain the club’s current malaise?

  • Klopp to go?

    “Klopp’s last game?” asked @AviweSG…asking a question that was seemingly on the lips of many fans.

    “Yeah, that’s it for the season,” added @Lowkey_Theseus. “We are done.”

  • Thank you from Arsenal fans

    Following their own defeat by Everton earlier on Saturday, Arsenal supporters were quick to thank Liverpool for taking the attention of their own club’s poor performance.

    “Liverpool helping soothe my pain,” wrote @Oz_qha. “Thank you Scousers thank you for taking the spotlight off of us.”

  • Club in crisis

    Some supporters believe Liverpool’s current travails will dissuade potential summer signings—specifically Jude Bellingham—from signing for them.

    “There’s no way anyone competent, let alone Jude Bellingham, signs for Liverpool,” wrote @lfckez.

  • Pathetic, useless

    African supporters weren’t pulling any punches when it came into commenting on the Reds’ struggles.

    “Liverpool are pathetic to say the least,” wrote @Lattimoremoitsh, while @Poks_ns added: “The useless ness of Liverpool FC is very amazing.”

  • Relegation in view?

    Considering the club’s current disastrous run, one or two supporters were mentioning the dreaded ‘R’ word.

    “It's terrible can't watch,” wrote @cathyraats. “Just hope we aren't relegated with Everton.”

  • Apologise to Mane

    As Liverpool crashed out of the FA Cup against Brighton, the decision to keep Mohamed Salah and sell Sadio Mane was criticised by supporters.

    Again, this weekend, the decision to cut the Senegal superstar loose has been identified as a reason why Liverpool have struggled.

    “You need to apologise to Mane for the ill-treatment he received while he gave his all for the team,” wrote @H_Zedge, in a tweet aimed directly at the club.

    “The Senegalese ancestors are really dealing with Liverpool for the way they treated their son Mane,” added @MwahafarN

  • Hard day for Bucs fans

    Those poor South African souls who support both Orlando Pirates and Liverpool certainly had a bad day on Saturday, with the Buccaneers defeated by Mamelodi Sundowns earlier in the day.

    “Being a Pirates and Liverpool fan is the pits,” wrote poor @ama_dlaba.