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‘Lampard is a plumber’ – PSL football from Everton?

3:33 PM EST 1/21/23
Frank Lampard Everton 2022-23
The Everton head coach was the target of South African football’s boo boys after the Toffees’ latest defeat
  • Same old story

    The former England midfielder and Chelsea great is enduring a difficult season with the Toffees—who face problems on and off the field—as Everton slip deeper into the relegation mire with their latest loss.

    South Africa’s football fraternity, some of whom have been enjoying watching Lamps flail, have been giving their verdict on his ongoing struggles at Goodison Park.

  • Lampard the plumber

    Bonga Mdletshe, writing on Twitter, pulled no punches when he criticised Lampard in the strongest terms, and even suggested he was being protected by a sympathetic media.

    “Lampard is a plumber,” he wrote. “He has proven it, but the pundits and English media are forcing a different narrative on our throats that he’s a master tactician, etc.”

  • Frank Lampard 2022-23

    Lampard is a fraud

    For some, only relegation will make Lampard apologists see his true colours.

    “Everton must be relegated,” wrote @Mthunzie_Maps. “Maybe people will wake up in their slumber and realise Lampard is a fraud as a coach. Same as Rooney.”

  • Familiar to a ZA audience

    @NkalaBandile reckons he’s seen the kind of brand of football Everton played on Saturday somewhere closer to come.

    “That football I saw just now was PSL football from Lampard and Everton,” he wrote…we assume he doesn’t mean it as a compliment!

  • Go back to being a pundit

    User @Stegzz_ was one of several South Africa Twitter users who believes that Lampard is in the wrong job, and ought to give up on his coaching career.

    “Lampard should be honest about his career,” he wrote. “Go back to being a pundit.”

    @Caleb_Snd had a different idea.

    “Lampard should quit coaching,” he wrote, “and become a talent scout.”

  • Frank Lampard, Manager of Everton

    Coach at a different level

    While some supporters aren’t ready to give up on Lampard’s coaching career altogether, they just believe that the Premier League is too rarefied air for him.

    “Lampard might become a decent Championship level manager,” wrote @AinaDissaine, “and if lucky, can land a National Team job, but I don’t think he’s good enough to manage in the Premier League.”

  • Others surprised he’s still employed

    Certainly Everton’s apparent reluctance to pull the trigger on Lampard has surprised many fans, with some questioning why the board haven’t been more ruthless.

    “Lol,” began @MasanaVusie. “How does Frank Lampard still have a job??”

  • The knives will be out on Monday

    @TK_Cele appears to agree, and has also expressed his surprise.

    “If Lampard is not sacked come Monday,” he wrote, “then he will never be sacked again.”

  • Relegation forecast

    “Why is Frank Lampard still employed?” asked user @sammoyo_ “Like do they wanna get relegated?”

    We’ll leave the last word to Molebogeng Tuuu, who has predicted exactly how this one’s going to end.

    “Lampard is going to relegate that club,” she wrote emphatically.