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Hazard, Aubameyang & the best possible Arsenal & Chelsea combined XI on FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

5:50 AM EDT 5/29/19
Europa League FIFA Header
With so many high-rated cards available for both Premier League sides, a Europa League final combined team is something special

Kicking off the first of two all-English club European finals, Arsenal and Chelsea will clash in the Europa League in Baku.

Now that EA Sports has UEFA licensing rights, you can create the Europa League final on FIFA 19 and Goal has previewed the final by creating a combined Arsenal and Chelsea squad on Ultimate Team!

  • cech fifa

    91-rated End of an Era Petr Cech

    Kicking off this list, it feels right to include a player who has represented both clubs with Petr Cech. The legendary goalkeeper is retiring after the final, resulting in his amazing End of an Era card.

    With 90 diving, 92 reflexes, 89 handling, 80 kicking, and 91 positioning, Cech is incredibly safe and will make plenty of saves to keep you in the game.

  • bellerin fifa

    86-rated Carniball Hector Bellerin

    Next, at right-back, we have Hector Bellerin who has missed most of the season through injury but is still amazing in FIFA 19 thanks to this Carniball card. FIFA fans will be salivating over his 96 pace but Bellerin is no slouch at the back either with 86 interceptions, 84 marking, 87 stand tackle and 89 slide tackle.

    The Spaniard is effective going up the wing too with his 89 agility, 85 ball control, 81 dribbling, 89 short passing, 85 crossing and, of course, his 94 acceleration and 97 sprint speed.

  • rudiger fifa

    87-rated Carniball Antonio Rudiger

    Our first Chelsea player on this list, Antonio Rudiger is a solid centre-back that you can always rely on.

    The German has reasonable pace thanks to his 84 sprint speed but his stats really shine in the defending and physical areas with 84 interceptions, 83 heading, 85 marking, 90 stand tackle, 87 slide tackle, 86 strength and 97 aggression.

  • david luiz fifa

    89-rated Flashback David Luiz

    One of the more popular cards on the game, David Luiz's Flashback card is ridiculously good. You won't find many centre-backs who are adept at carrying the ball forward as much as they are at defending.

    This card is stacked with outrageous stats including 85 sprint speed, 89 shot power, 84 free-kicks, 85 short passing, 85 long passing, 85 reactions, 90 ball control, 87 composure, 94 interceptions, 89 heading, 87 marking, 92 stand tackle, 91 slide tackle, 89 jumping, 90 strength and 97 aggression.

    Luiz is fast, strong and even has that little something special to score a rare goal.

  • alonso fifa

    90-rated Europa League Marcos Alonso

    Yet another Spanish full-back, Marcos Alonso's Europa League card is unbelievable - excelling in all areas with a higher total of in-game stats than Eden Hazard's 98-rated TOTS card.

    This card has everything you could ask for with 87 sprint speed, 88 positioning, 97 shot power, 89 long shots, 96 crossing, 99 free-kicks, 93 short passing, 98 curve, 95 reactions, 94 ball control, 91 dribbling, 88 interceptions, 90 heading, 88 marking, 92 stand tackle, 88 slide tackle, 99 stamina and 84 strength as well as three-star skills, high/high work-rates and he also stands at 6'2" to help defend crosses.

  • torreira fifa

    89-rated Team of the Season Moments Lucas Torreira

    Moving into the midfield, Lucas Torreira's work-rate quickly turned him into a fan favourite at Arsenal, hence his inclusion in the TOTS.

    This card is fantastic for screening your back four with his 89 acceleration, 98 shot power, 93 long shots, 93 short passing, 87 long passing, 91 agility, 99 balance, 89 ball control, 96 interceptions, 96 marking, 95 stand tackle, 87 slide tackle, 98 stamina and 95 aggression as well as four-star skills.

  • kante fifa

    96-rated Team of the Year N'Golo Kante

    And if you thought Torreira was difficult to get past, try to go up against TOTY N'Golo Kante. This sensational card has every face stat in the 90s other than his shooting, which is still an impressive 89.

    Nearly all of his stats are amazing but the highlights are 92 acceleration, 95 positioning, 87 finishing, 95 shot power, 93 long shots, 96 vision, 99 short passing, 98 long passing, 96 agility, 99 balance, 99 reactions, 92 ball control, 91 dribbling, 98 composure, 99 interceptions, 99 marking, 99 stand tackle, 93 slide tackle, 99 stamina and 99 aggression.

  • mikhitaryan fifa

    91-rated Europa League Henrikh Mkhitaryan

    Next is Henrikh Mkhitaryan, who is unavailable for the Europa League final due to tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia but you can still use him as your CAM in Ultimate Team.

    Mkhitaryan is brilliant on FIFA 19 thanks to his four-star skills and five-star weak-foot as well as his amazing stats such as 93 acceleration, 95 positioning, 88 finishing, 99 shot power, 94 volleys, 97 vision, 89 crossing, 94 short passing, 96 curve, 94 agility, 92 balance, 93 ball control, 92 dribbling and 98 stamina.

  • aubameyang fifa

    96-rated Team of the Season Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

    While you could use Aubameyang's FUT Birthday card on the right-wing, his 96-rated TOTY is far too good to leave out and is totally worth playing out of position (you'll still have 99 chemistry).

    The only right-winger at Chelsea is Pedro who can't compete with Aubameyang's stats of 97 acceleration, 99 sprint speed, 99 positioning, 99 finishing, 93 shot power, 90 long shots, 99 volleys, 93 vision, 93 crossing, 93 short passing, 94 curve, 91 agility, 99 reactions, 98 ball control, 91 agility, 99 reactions, 98 ball control, 94 dribbling, 99 composure, 99 heading, 97 jumping, 93 stamina, 93 strength, four-star skills and a four-star weak-foot.

  • hazard fifa

    98-rated Team of the Season Eden Hazard

    Eden Hazard's 98-rated TOTS was a must for this list, what an incredible card. 

    The in-game stats tell you everything you need to know about this card: 99 acceleration, 96 sprint speed, 99 positioning, 99 finishing, 94 shot power, 94 long shots, 94 volleys, 99 penalties, 99 vision, 98 balance, 94 reactions, 98 ball control, 99 dribbling, 95 composure, 87 heading, 99 stamina, four-star skills and a four-star weak-foot.

    Hazard alone could carry you to victory, he's done that many a time for Chelsea over the years.

  • lacazette fifa

    94-rated Team of the Season Alexandre Lacazette

    Finishing off this list is Arsenal's Player of the Year Alexandre Lacazette who injects even more pace and power into this squad.

    You could put Aubameyang or Lacazette up-front but for the purpose of this list, the Frenchman is the chosen forward as he's slightly stronger, while the Gabon international will benefit from the space out wide.

    Lacazette's card is amazing with four-star skills and four-star weak-foot, 90 acceleration, 95 sprint speed, 99 positioning, 99 finishing, 94 shot power, 94 volleys, 98 penalties, 89 vision, 96 short passing, 89 curve, 96 agility, 95 balance, 96 reactions, 93 ball control, 96 dribbling, 96 composure, 99 heading, 93 jumping, 93 stamina and 88 strength.