FIFA 20 ratings: Messi, Neymar, Hazard & the best dribblers in the game

The usual suspects are doing battle for top spot again, but who is the most effective dribbler on FIFA 20?

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    #22 Marcelo - Real Madrid - LB - 89 DRI

    It's a surprise to see a player like Marcelo this far down the list, but that's testament to the amount of dribbling talent on show in the modern game. Tied with a couple of modern greats on 89 dribbling, he's the only defender to make this countdown.
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    #21 Cristiano Ronaldo - Piemonte Calcio - ST - 89 DRI

    Didn't expect to see him this far down, did you? Piemonte Calcio's finest is the second-best player in the game but finds himself a way off the number one in terms of dribbling. He's got those ridiculous physical attributes and 5* skills to go with his 89, though, so he's still a fairly useful player if you're short of a striker.
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    #20 Mohamed Salah - Liverpool - RW - 89 DRI

    Mo Salah, Mo Salah, running down the wing has become a fairly routine sight in the Premier League and with the Egyptian king reaching 90 overall this year, he'll be doing it to good effect on FIFA 20 as well. With 91 agility and 89 ball control, he'll be a difficult man to stop. 
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    #19 David Silva - Manchester City - CAM - 89 DRI

    Still mixing it with the whipper-snappers, 33-year-old Silva's touch shows no sign of deserting him just yet. With close to perfect close control and faultless passing stats to boot, Silva is still perfectly capable of giving your squad the added guile you've been crying out for, while his lack of pace means he's generally pretty affordable.
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    #18 Riyad Mahrez - Manchester City - RW - 89 DRI

    Remember when Manchester City decided they didn't have enough of the world's best wingers in their squad, so they bought Mahrez just for the fun? Well, now you can experience that thrill too, and his 92 agility means he's perfectly equipped for that cut inside, cut back outside, cut back inside again and shoot left-footed thing that he enjoys so much. Comes complete with 5* skills.
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    #17 Antoine Griezmann - Barcelona - CF - 89 DRI

    Griezmann might not have quite clicked at Barca yet, but an array of brilliant dribbling stats mean he'll be able to make an impact for your squad straight away. Griezmann also has superb shooting and passing so, while he isn't the fastest forward around, you can be assured of end product.
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    #16 Raheem Sterling - Manchester City - RW - 89 DRI

    He might, by his own admission, run a bit like a seagull but a frankly absurd combination of 94 agility and 94 balance means he'll be harder to catch than an errant bird nicking your chips. A lot of his stats are pretty average but he's quality where it matters, including a tidy 83 finishing.
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    #15 Isco - Real Madrid - CAM - 90 DRI

    Isco's lack of physical presence and bang-average shooting stats mean plenty stay away, but his ability on the ball in midfield is still an absolute joy with the right players around him. See if you can make him perform like the world-beater we all knew he could have been, but just never quite was.
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    #14 Paulo Dybala - Piemonte Calcio - CAM - 90 DRI

    Poor Paulo didn't get his move to struggling Spurs or Europa League spot contenders Manchester United over the summer, so he's going to spend the next season dribbling around Serie A defenders for his beloved Piemonte as he tries to run from the shadowy spectre of his broken dreams. His 93 ball control helps make him a useful bench option to rotate with Gonzalo Higuain.
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    #13 Philippe Coutinho - Bayern Munich - LW - 90 DRI

    Coutinho is back enjoying his football again in Germany, and a set of 90+ dribbling stats with 5* skill moves means he should be plenty of fun on FIFA 20 as well. A lack of red-hot pace on the wing is a little annoying, but with ability on the ball like his, it shouldn't matter.
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    #12 Thiago - Bayern Munich - CM - 90 DRI

    One of those players that FUT players have avoided over the years, Thiago's lack of pace doesn't diminish his incisive dribbling ability. With 5* skills to go with his excellent stats on the ball and small size, the Spaniard should be able to make things happen in even the tightest of midfield spaces.
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    #11 Jadon Sancho - Borussia Dortmund - RM - 90 DRI

    Sancho started FIFA 19 as a silver card with 82 dribbling, and now he's 84 rated with 90 dribbling. He's also got 5* skill moves, a 4* weak foot, good passing and shooting ability, and doesn't exit his teens until March. Could be one to watch.
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    #10 Marco Verratti - PSG - CM - 90 DRI

    Every year, Verratti gets a card in the high 80s, lots of people complain, but everybody uses him in their Ligue 1 teams anyway because he's great. It's a FIFA tradition. He's 86 rated this time around but with 90 dribbling, he might just feel like more. 

    #9 Luka Modric - Real Madrid - CM - 90 DRI

    With agility, balance, ball control and composure all over 90, the former best player in the world is back to his old tricks this year with another silky card. You already know his passing is off the charts as well, so if you can't control a match with Modric in your team, you might want to think about playing something else.
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    #8 Kylian Mbappe - PSG - ST - 90 DRI

    Mbappe isn't a precocious teen anymore, so you'd better make the most of him before his stats begin to fade with old age. 90 dribbling, 96 pace, 89 finishing, 5* skill moves and he's a striker this year. A breathtaking card.
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    #7 Dries Mertens - Napoli - CF - 90 DRI

    Mertens has been one of the most notable late bloomers in European football in recent years, and his renaissance has continued since the Napoli exit of Maurizio Sarri. Stats of 94 agility and 92 balance mean he'll have an absolutely miniscule turning circle, and should be able to find his way around the most packed defences the game will throw at you. A brilliant all-round card.
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    #6 Lorenzo Insigne - Napoli - CF - 91 DRI

    Two Napoli players in two suggests they'll be a lot of fun to play with away from FUT, and Insigne's card looks like an absolute controller smasher as always. 94 acceleration, 94 agility, 93 balance, and 93 ball control - his overall rating may have dropped slightly to 87, but it's hard to imagine you'll notice. 
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    #5 Douglas Costa - Piemonte Calcio - LM - 91 DRI

    Recently-formed Piemonte have done well to get three players on this list, and Costa is the best of the bunch. A FIFA favourite since his Shakhtar days, the 5* skills and burning pace are still there, and his dribbling ability is unquestioned. He's also got a cracking long shot on him and good crossing so he's pretty much the ideal winger, with a 3* weak foot his only relevant weakness - apart from his general weakness, with only 58 strength.
  19. #4 Bernardo Silva - Manchester City - RW - 92 DRI

    The third City right winger on the list, Silva just misses out on the top three after a big upgrade to an 87 OVR card. Plenty would rather see him in a central position, and a 3* weak-footed right footer on the right wing could be a little frustrating for those looking to cut inside, but he has some excellent stats across the board. A 93 for stamina also means you'll never really have to take him off, which is useful.
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    #3 Eden Hazard - Real Madrid - LW - 94 DRI

    The new king of Madrid has a sensational card to go with a Galactico reputation. It's probably easiest just to list some numbers here: 94 acceleration, 95 agility, 94 balance, 94 ball control and 95 dribbling. Hazard should be an absolute thrill to play with this year, and with a 91 OVR rating, he's got the substance to back up the style.
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    #2 Neymar - PSG - LW - 95 DRI

    You know exactly what you're getting with Neymar, and a summer of transfer distractions haven't dulled his dazzling ability. Only a paltry 84 balance sees him fall off the very top spot, but 5* skill moves and a 5* weak foot more than make up for that. Whether you like him or not, he's a whole lot of fun to play with.
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    #1 Lionel Messi - Barcelona - RW - 96 DRI

    Of the six stats related to dribbling - agility, balance, reactions, ball control, dribbling, composure - only one of them is below 95. Of the 12 related to passing and shooting, only one is below 85 and most top 90. He's had another minor pace drop this year, but Messi's still got it.