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‘Disgusting Munyai should play with sneakers’ – Kaizer Chiefs’ Bimenyimana BRUTALISED by Galaxy

10:42 AM EST 2/5/23
Marks Munyai of TS Galaxy
TS Galaxy right-back Marks Munyai was the villain among PSL fans after his horror tackle on Bonfils-Caleb Bimenyimana

Kaizer Chiefs fans were up in arms on Sunday after striker Bonfils-Caleb Bimenyimana was stretchered off following a horror tackle from TS Galaxy right-back Marks Munyai.

It’s a bitter blow for the Amakhosi frontman, with supporters not holding back as they criticised Munyai for the challenge—which earned him a red card.

  • ‘Disgusting’

    Jason Zwane was unequivocal with his disapproval of Munyai’s dangerous challenege.

    “That Marks Munyai is disgusting,” he wrote. “He should have been given a straight red.

    “He must never play football.”

  • Ref lenient on Munyai

    While Munyai was dismissed for his challenge on Bimenyimana, some supporters believed he should have seen red earlier, with arguments made that the referees were too gentle on the striker.

    “Munyai should have received his first yellow in the first half,” wrote @Khizzie, while @__nxlo agreed.

    “Munyai everyday everyday must be rough,” they wrote. “He should’ve been off long ago.”

  • Did Munyai do it deliberately?

    Papa Lesedi attempted to start a conspiracy theory, arguing that the defender may have deliberately made a foul that earned him his marching orders.

    “Munyai never wanted to finish this match anyway,” he wrote on his @Edd_Everything handle.

  • Coach let him down

    “Marks Munyai is deservedly sent off,” wrote Kabelo Moss. “That kind of football must be shunned at every possible opportunity.

    “His coach failed him, Marks should not have come back for the second half.”

  • Bonfils-Caleb Bimenyimana, Kaizer Chiefs, January 2023

    Poor challenge

    The lunging Munyai challenge on the Chiefs frontman drew ire from PSL observers.

    “That was awful from Munyai,” wrote @Aaron Ranwedzi. “Very reckless.”

    @Prophilani agreed.

    “That’s a terrible tackle by Munyai,” he wrote. “It keeps getting worse for coach Jabulani.

    “I doubt Caleb will finish the game.”

  • 'Geez that was bad'

    Shakes Rampedi appeared very shaken after witnessing the challenge.

    “What a terrible challenge from Munyai,” he wrote. “Rightfully sent off, a mountain for TS Galaxy, advantage Kaizer Chiefs.

    “Geez that was bad.”

  • Studs should be banned

    “Munyai should play with sneakers,” wrote Kubo Kubo after witnessing the foul. “Always studs showing above the ball.”

  • Harsh on Munyai

    However, not all supporters were in agreement that the full-back deserved to be dismissed.

    “I feel sorry for Munyai,” wrote @A_matiwane. “This was an unfortunate incident.”

    @DeRey0602 agreed that the challenge that saw him dismissed shouldn’t have been a red card.

    “Munyai was supposed to be gone a long time ago,” they wrote, “but this one was not deserving of a card.”

  • He got the ball

    Describing the incident, Edgar Tsebo made a case that Munyai actually was unfortunate to have received another card for the challenge that led to his dismissal.

    “Munyai got the ball,” he wrote, “unfortunately Caleb's foot remained and he got the climbs of it after kicking the ball.

    “My opinion is not supposed to be a booking. Mara the ref called out Munyai many times.”