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Andile Mpisane ridiculed as 21-year-old chairman plays for his own club: ‘He’ll fire the coach’

11:16 AM EST 2/4/23
Andile Mpisane of Royal AM challenged by Siphamandla Zikhali and Mlungisi Mahaye of AmaZulu
Royal AM chairman Andile Mpisane was the victim of some online ridicule as he featured for the club’s reserve team on Saturday.

Royal AM chairman Andile Mpisane prompted some shocked responses by South African supporters on Saturday as he took to the field for his own club.

The 21-year-old musician was in action for Royal AM’s reserve side against AmaZulu reserves, but quite a few eyebrows were raised as he attempted to showcase his silky skills.

The youngest PSL chairman was the victim of some ridicule from supporters, while other fans were merely shocked by his decision to captain Royal AM’s reserve side on Saturday.

  • Disrespectful to SA

    Did the chairman being named in the starting XI make a mockery of South African soccer?

    Some supporters certainly think so…

    “Royal AM playing Andile Mpisane is a disrespect to SA football,” wrote @swazzinaiter3. “So many young talents on the bench of AM who needs this opportunity to be scouted by other teams in the PSL?

    “He played almost 60 minutes, he touched the ball twice.”

    @Thandi44926799 agreed.

    “Mpisane must give other kids the chance to shine bathing,” she wrote.

  • A joke

    “What joke for Andile Mpsiane running around the field with no touch of the ball,” echoed @cadafia_king, “with no touch of the ball.

    “He ended up being substituted.”

  • Overlooked

    “These boys are not passing to Andile Mpisane,” observed Malume Vandal…with the Royal AM reserves clearly not impressed to be playing alongside their employer!

  • Forget the football

    “Andile Mpisane should focus on what he does best,” wrote @Riccardo_Elle, “making babies.

    “The rest doesn’t matter.”

    The Royal AM chairman has three children with two women.

  • Focus on music

    With Mpisane’s footwork letting him down on occasion during the contest, and the club chairman appearing out of shape, some supporters claimed the sport was a distraction.

    “Mpisane should just focus on music,” wrote @Washu24727, in reference to the chairman’s primary career!

  • Not even the music can save him

    Others didn’t even believe that the Royal AM chief can seek refuge in his music career.

    “Mpisane should stop playing soccer,” wrote @kingSnezzo, “and also he should stop singing.”

  • Chairman out of shape

    A number of supporters remarked that, unlike the other players on the Royal AM roster, the chairman didn’t appear to have kept himself in the kind of condition required of a professional athlete.

    “Mpsiane playing football at pro level with that body is just wild bro,” wrote @Telmon_Maluleke.

  • Surprise at being subbed

    Despite his sub-par showing, Mpisane appeared shocked and disgusted at having been subbed…but observers weren’t surprised.

  • He’ll fire the coach

    Will the head coach’s decision to substitute his own chairman spell the end of his tenure? Some fans believe so.

    “Mpisane is going to fire the coach tomorrow,” predicted @Lany_Ath.

  • Are fans just jealous?

    We’ll leave the last word to @MalambaneT

    “Most people hating on Andile Mpisane because of the clout he has,” they wrote. “Jealous people.”