WATCH: Ultimate sh*thousery! Unseen footage shows Andersen winding up Nunez to provoke Liverpool star's crazy headbutt

  • Andersen keeps provoking Nunez to get a reaction
  • Nunez eventually snaps and receives red card for headbutt
  • Liverpool striker facing a three-match ban

WHAT HAPPENED? Darwin Nunez was sent off for headbutting Joachim Andersen during Liverpool's 1-1 draw with Crystal Palace. Unseen footage has since surfaced on social media which shows how Andersen managed to provoke Nunez, who appeared to be rattled by the defender's rough tactics right from the off at Anfield.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Nunez will have to learn to keep his emotions in check to avoid any repeat incidents when he returns from a three-match ban, with Andersen describing his actions as "really stupid" in a post-match-interview.

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