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Warrior Women of Football: How to watch & full details of Pele's daughter's documentary

02:17 EAT 30/11/2019
The Brazilain's daughter Kely Nascimento-Deluca is set to direct a new documentary that focuses on the struggles that female footballers face

Football documentaries have enjoyed a resurgence in the last couple of years, with fly-on-the-wall documentaries such as All or Nothing: Manchester City and Barcelona's Matchday programme all finding success.

A film titled Warrior Women of Football is a new documentary, this time focusing on the gender disparity between men and women's football and the challenges that female footballers around the world face in the industry. Goal has everything you need to know about the programme including what it is, who it's directed by and when it will be released.

  1. What is Warrior Women of Football?
  2. When will Warrior Women of Football be released?
  3. Who is Kely Nascimento-DeLuca?

What is Warrior Women of Football?

Warrior Women of Football is an upcoming documentary directed by Kely Nascimento-Deluca, the eldest daughter of Brazil talisman Pele, and produced by Susie DeLellis Petruccelli.

It is to be executive-produced by two-time World Cup winner Julie Foudy, who also won the 1996 Olympic gold medal with the U.S. women’s national team.

The documentary is set to focus on the theme of gender disparity in sport, most crucially the wage gap between men and women's national teams – particularly amid the conversation around the USWNT members suing U.S. Soccer for gender discrimination. The USWNT clinched their fourth World Cup title in July 2019, yet are still paid significantly less than their male counterparts.

Warrior Women of Football will also shine a light towards the broader issues of the marginalisation female footballers go through, from grassroots level to professional. 

The filmmakers visited clubs in England, Brazil, France, Italy, Tanzania and the United States to speak to female footballers on the challenges they have experienced in the male-dominated industry, while it will also work to raise funds for non-profit organisations who have been crucial in the battle towards achieving gender equality.

“The whole thing has been very whirlwind, but it’s been very fun,” said Petruccelli. “Everywhere we went, what we found was not at all what we expected.”

Its central story narrative follows the journey of young Brazilian professional footballer Lais Arjaujo as she works to fulfill her dreams of playing at the top level. The documentary will tell the story about the barriers she faced as a female footballer, from being allowed to even pick up a ball to finally getting noticed by a scout who noticed her talents – leading her to play in America.

“The argument that women don’t bring in the same revenue as men is a complicated issue, but in simple terms, it theoretically shouldn’t apply to non-for-profit organizations like U.S. Soccer and FIFA, which are mandated by their own by laws to grow the game for everyone equally,” Petruccelli added. 

“I argue that the revenue argument is also unethical to hold against women in clubs teams even though they are for-profit organization because, for example, in 1920 when a professional women’s game in England got more attendance than the men’s games at the time, the FA banned women’s football — the ban stayed in place for 50 years — thwarting the growth of the women’s game unfairly.”

When will Warrior Women of Football be released?

The release of the documentary is set to coincide with the 2020 Summer Olympics, begins in Tokyo on July 24, 2020.

Details on how to watch will be announced closer to the release date.

Who is Kely Nascimento-DeLuca?

Nascimento-DeLuca, who is directing Warrior Women of Football, is the eldest daughter of Pele and a New York-based filmmaker, activist and producer.

Having first laid down her roots in New York ever since her father played for the New York Cosmos in 1975, Nascimento-DeLuca attended Parsons School of Design and has worked in editorial, photography and production, focusing on social commentary, and is a strong advocator of women's rights.

She is also an ambassador for the Global Goals World Cup, a women's activist football tournament.

"This is an incredible time to affect widespread awareness, empowerment and actual change! With the internet we have access to each other that we have never had before," Nascimento-DeLuca told the Offside Rule Podcast about the documentary.

"For so many years there have been so many incredible people in isolated corners of the world, fighting to give women the same rights to thrive in football and in life as men have.

"The right to be able to make a career out of playing the game they love. It is time to use the resources available to us to bring these people out of those corners and together to create a movement."