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Jürgen Klopp

Three famous coaches who have had hair treatment

04:42 EAT 13/02/2019
Antonio Conte - Arezzo
These three coaches have had to receive hair treatment to combat their receding hairline

Footballers and hairstyles have been synonymous in modern times thanks to the likes of David Beckham and Olivier Giroud. However, on the other hand, footballers losing their hair have also made the news as in today's world rarely anything escapes the public eye.

While Beckham may have made certain hairstyles popular, the types of Wayne Rooney have made hair treatment fashionable and less embarrassing. And in light of Rooney's trend-setting efforts to combat hair loss, it may seem that he has also inspired these football coaches..

Antonio Conte

The former Chelsea boss was known to have had several transplants to sort out his thinning locks, as he was already losing hair when he was a player. But today he sports a much thicker hairdo.

Slaven Bilic

Former West Ham boss was known to go have had treatment in the summer of 2016, in an effort to spruce up his hairline. Still needs a bit more work though..

Jurgen Klopp

The German's flowy mane is a result of investing the health of his hair, it's no wonder he has a toothy grin all the time. One can't argue with the results.