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'The plan hasn't changed' - Klopp re-states intention to leave Liverpool in 2024

Jurgen Klopp has reiterated his intention to walk away from Liverpool when his contract expires in 2024.

The Reds boss signed a five-year deal in 2019, but has consistently stated that he would not remain at Anfield beyond that. 

An answer given to ITV earlier this week, in which he suggested that he “didn’t know” if he would extend his contract, had sparked plenty of interest among fans and media alike, but speaking on Friday, Klopp moved to clarify his comments.

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What did Klopp say?

Talking to reporters at a press conference ahead of Liverpool’s Premier League clash with West Ham, Klopp said: “The plan, at the moment, is to get to 2024 and 'thank you very much.'”

Earlier, he had stated: “The plan is still the same. I realised when I gave the answer I couldn't get it back but I was just not in the situation. 

“The plan is still the same, nothing has really changed. If I decide to leave in 2024 it has nothing to do with the quality of the squad: 'My God, I have to manage them' or 'Oh my God, I'd better stop managing them'. It's nothing to do with that. 

“All we do is for the long term. This club must be even better, especially when I am not here any more and that's the plan, that's what we are working on. It's not so important how long I will stay, it is much more important what we do until then.”

‘I am full of energy’

Klopp has always suggested that he would take a year’s sabbatical from management once his time at Liverpool is over, although he would have no shortage of offers from other clubs - and perhaps the German national team too - once that time comes.

Asked which factors will determine his next move, if not the quality of his Liverpool team, he replied: “If I have the energy level for it. This is important. I love what I do, but I said a couple of times that there must be something else out there in the world, apart from always thinking about very skilled, good-looking, fantastically-nice football players! 

“In the moment I am full of energy, but we have to make sure that [remains] the case. You don’t want to be sitting around tired more often than not, thinking ‘wow, why is everyone bothered about things out there, I couldn’t care less.’”

He added: “When I speak about ‘the plan’, I speak about the club. My future will be OK. I don’t have to plan that. I can book it last minute, if I say it like this! 'The plan’ is the future of the club. 

“We are constantly working so that everything is in place. That is not for me or for our generation, it is for a long, long time. We tried to improve so many things over the years.

“It’s just doing the right things, getting the right people, putting them in the right positions. That doesn’t mean you win the title, it just means you have the right people for the right job, so use them. That’s what we try, and that’s the plan, that things will be good, will be fine, after I leave.”

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