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ISL 2018-19: Jorge Costa: Mumbai City can learn from FC Goa

15:56 EAT 11/03/2019
Jorge Costa Mumbai City
Jorge Costa does not believe in miracles but he had a dream in which Mumbai City won against FC Goa...

As Mumbai City prepare to host FC Goa in the second leg of the 2018-19 Indian Super League (ISL) semi final, Jorge Costa needs a miraculous comeback, like Barcelona turning around a 4-0 defeat against PSG with a 6-1 win in the return tie in the 2016-17 UEFA Champions League season.

However, Jorge Costa's Mumbai City FC lost 5-1 in the first leg and after the game, the Islanders' head coach was quoted saying, "Our dream is finished, I do not believe in miracles."

Ahead of the second leg on Tuesday, the Portuguese tactician clarified, "In football and in life, we can never say say never but the reality is that it is very difficult to change this result. To be honest, yes, we have a small chance to change this result. Last night I dreamed that we can change the result. If you want me to say that I'm (Mumbai City FC) here to score six-to-seven goals to change the result, I will try to do this.

"We will play tomorrow, as I said before, against one of the best teams in India. If you ask me if I believe in my team, yes I believe in my team but I'm not stupid to not think that there is a very good team on the other side," he continued.

"So until the last second, we will fight. We will try to do the best. Then, if we win the game, good. If we win the game with more than four goals, it's a dream. We must be honest with the fans, with the club, with our job, with ourselves and we must do our best. All I can promise for tomorrow is that this is not over for us. It's not impossible but it is very, very difficult."

Can Mumbai City FC change their tactics or squad to pull off a miracle? "I will field my best first 11 and in the first game, I think I did the things (chose squad) that I thought was best for the team," Costa replied.

"At the end, psychologically it was not easy. What can we say to the players! I'm here with my face. I will not hide. This is my job. I'm here when we win; I'm here when we lose. I'm here to explain why we win; I'm here to explain why we lose. And the player, they must do the same.

"5-1, to be honest is very difficult. These kind of games will give us the maturity that we don't have. In the future, we will be much more stronger than yesterday. Goa have given us some lessons that I hope we can learn from to not make the same mistakes," he concluded.