The best pop up goals you can buy in 2022

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    Pop up goals are a fantastic invention. Jumpers for goalposts invoke a certain nostalgia but, nevertheless, are incapable of replicating the practical function of not having to run and reclaim the ball after every goal or, indeed, the feeling of hitting the back of a net with a shot.

    These portable nets serve a function for anyone with a love of ‘the beautiful game’, from children, teenagers or adults having a quick, casual game of football in a park or back garden to those wishing to hone their skills with drills and precise targets. 

    There are several features one might look out for in a pop up goal of high quality: a durable net that doesn’t rip after a few well-struck efforts, a sturdy frame that keeps its shape, ease of portability through both lightness and compactness when folded, a design that is equally simple to set up and put away, and stability - possibly through the use of ground pegs.

    Below are eight of market-leading pop up goals that tick all those boxes, and perhaps a little more, with some varying in size or possessing additional functions. 

Best overall pop up goal: Mitre Foldable Goal Set

Mitre Foldable Goal Set

The Mitre Foldable Goal Set is incredibly convenient for those wishing to set up and stow away their pop up goals quickly and easily. Its unique design means the goals can be assembled and folded away within seconds.

The goals fit neatly into an included carry bag and are light and easy to transport. The set also comes with ground pegs for increased stability when using the goals outside. The large size is significantly bigger than the medium too - something to take into consideration when choosing which to purchase.

Get it from Mitre for £47.00 (Medium)or £57.00 (Large)

Best budget pop up goal: Lusum Large Pop Up Goal

Lusum Pop Up

There's no need to break the bank when picking up a pop up goal, and this Lusum effort - two-piece set for one at each end - proves that you can get quality for a fair price.

A UV-treated polymesh fabric offers long-term durability for action and a handy case allows for simple packing and unpacking. This is a fine budget option to have in your back pocket, to allow you to game on the go.

Get it from Amazon for £18.49

Best portable pop up goal: Franklin Sports Blackhawk Portable Soccer Goal

Franklin Sports Blackhawk Portable Soccer Goal

Taking a goal on the go is part of the appeal for pop up action and this Franklin Blackhawk model very much fits the bill, with a compact and easy-to-transport manner. It's weather-resistant and exceptionally durable, making it perfect for frequent action.

Using a mixture of bungee-attached fibreglass poles and reinforced steel corners to provide stability without compromising ease of assembly, it remains simple to set up and fold away again.

Get it from Amazon for £43.11

Best pop up goal for kids: Wilton Bradley Goaline Pop Up Goal

Wilton Bradley Goaline Pop Up Goal

You don't want a goal too big for the garden and luckily this compact Wilton Bradley double effort will offer children twice the fun to make their own mini pitch.

They couldn't be easier to set up, simply popping up when placed on the ground for immediate use, and their size makes them ideal for children to use as precision targets in a range of passing or finishing drills.

Get it from Amazon for £18.97

Best reflective pop up goal: Forza Flash Pop Up Goals

Forza Flash Pop Up Goals

Need something to light up your evening kickabouts? This Forza effort packs a unique and handy feature in the fluorescent yellow colouring of the nets and reflective strips that make the goals extremely visible at night or in low lighting.

This pop up goal set is suitable for any kind of surface and includes plastic ground pegs for outdoor use as well as a carry bag for ease of portability.

Get it from Amazon for £24.99

Best inflatable pop up goal: Kipsta Inflatable Football Goal Air Kage

Kipsta Inflatable

Fancy a game with a little bit more bounce? This offers something a touch different to the other pop up goals available in this list - it brings an inflatable option to the table, allowing you to pick it up and drop it down on any surface.

A simple mesh netting back ensures the balls won't sail through to the other side, while its chunky frame can weather heavy shots without too many issues. It's perfect for something like hard-court surfaces or sand on the beach, where traditional pegs may not assist stability.

Get it from Decathlon for £29.99

Best pop up goal for target practice: Kickmaster Quick Up Goal and Target Shot

Kickmaster Quick Up Goal and Target Shot

It's all well and good having a pop up goal to help hone your general skills - but what if you really want to put your placement power to the test in front of the net? That's where this Kickmaster model truly comes into its own.

A sheet of polyester can be fitted across the goal with openings in the four corners and through the middle, making it the perfect choice for those looking to hone the precision of their finishing - particularly children, given the size of the net.

Get it from Amazon for £18.49

Best lightweight pop up goal: Dimples Excel Pop Up Goal

Dimples Excel Pop Up Goal
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The bulk of heaving around a pop up goal can put potential buyers off them - but how about one that weighs less than a bag of chicken nuggets, when all is said and done? The Dimples Excel model certainly delivers on that front.

At less than a kilogram, its extra-light design makes it easy to wrangle into place - but don't fear about it blowing away in a light breeze either, with stainless steel pegs and fibreglass poles helping to ensure it will keep its shape in the face of a spot of wind or pressure.

Get it from Amazon for £32.99

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