The best football boots for kids you can buy in 2022

Kids Football Boots
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If you're the parent of a budding footballer, you'll know how tough it can be to find the right pair of football boots for your child. This is especially true when you don't know where their next match will take place or what kind of ground they'll be playing on.

So which kind of football boots are best for children? What do all the technical-sounding terms like FG, AG, GT or DF mean to you?

We've rounded up the best football boots and decoded those acronyms, so the mystery is finally solved. Here are the best kids' football boots for all playing surfaces - and a few extras.

What kind of football boots are there?

There are six kinds of football boots, by and large, available, and each is custom-built to tackle a particular surface. For safety reasons, anyone, whether children or adults, must have the right pair of boots.

There are firm ground, soft ground, multi-ground, artificial grass, astro turf and indoor court shoes, and we've outlined what you'll need below.

What is the difference between children's and adults' boots?

Children's and adult boots are arguably more similar than ever, with the top-of-the-line technology in the professional game scaled down for youngsters on matchdays.

But there are some key differences. Boots for kids may be crafted with a little more bulk to add extra protection, while their stud configurations may well be lesser to reduce the need for consistent maintenance.

Due to their ease of wear, laceless options are an increasingly common option among children's boots. If you'd like to see all of the best laceless boots currently available, check out GOAL's guide to the best laceless boots for children.

With that in mind, here are the best football boots for kids that you can get right now.

Best overall boots for kids: adidas Copa Sense.3 FG

Adidas Copa Sense.3 Kids FG

The Copa Sense is synonymous with success - and now, kids can master their skills, too, with this adidas boot available for children of all ages.

Complete with a laceless fit, these boots are the perfect fuss-free option for any child. The smooth, synthetic upper and explosive plate construction gives the wearer masterful, subtle control over the ball, allowing them to reach their full potential on the pitch.

Get them from adidas for £40.85

Best budget boots for kids: Puma Future 4.3

Puma Future Z 4.3

The vivid orange and black colourway is fun for kids to wear, but for the price of these boots, you get a lot back - like the FUZIONFIT+ technology, which gives the boot a sock-like construction for ultimate comfort. It adapts to your foot shape, which means waving goodbye to uncomfortable toe-pinching boots.

The advanced creator zones give you superior ball control and touch at high speeds. A lightweight and reactive outsole provides a good grip on artificial and firm ground pitches to elevate your game, whatever the weather.

Get it from JD Sports for £36.00

Best firm ground boots for kids: Nike Jr. Phantom GT2 Academy

Nike Phantom GT Kids FG

FG stands for firm ground, meaning that these are boots specifically designed to help players cut through harder, traditional pitch terrain. They're among the most common shoe in the game, thanks to their use on the well-honed pitches of top leagues worldwide.

This Phantom GT2 Academy effort might carry one of the higher price tags, but they're worth their weight in performance. This boot offers unmatched off-centre lacing to provide a clean strike zone for accurate shots. Although it's labelled as a multI ground shoe, it's perfect for firm grounds too.

Get them from Nike for £54.95

Best soft ground boots for kids: adidas Predator Edge.3 SG

Adidas Predator Edge Kids

SG stands for soft ground, meaning that these are boots built to help players cope with less sure-footed terrain, such as pitches that are muddier underfoot or have been soaked by heavy water exposure. They bolster traction and stability on awkward surfaces.

That makes the Predator Edge.3 one of the more robust shoes to have in your locker, especially if you want the edge on the other players. A richly textured upper means the ball won't run away when you dribble around the opposition, and its bright blue hues give it an electric feel.

Get them from adidas for £60.00

Best multi-ground boots for kids: adidas X Speedflow.3 MG

Adidas X Speedflow

MG stands for multi-ground, meaning that these are shoes made to weather the worst of both worlds on firm and soft ground pitches. You may not quite get the best over each surface respectively, but at the very least, they can be used on multiple terrains.

The X Speedflow.3 allows players to burst forth, no matter the weather, and leave their mark on the game.

Get them from adidas for £45.00

Best artificial grass boots for kids: Puma Kids Future Z 3.1

Puma Future Z 3.1 Kids

AG stands for artificial grass or artificial ground, meaning these shoes are designed to deliver strong performances of faux-grass pitches. Their hollow stud configuration tends to help provide additional support over unyielding surfaces, ranging from 3G through 5G.

Not too many football boots are purely designed for artificial grass, forcing many to turn to multi-ground to master the surface. However, the Puma Future Z 3.1 scales down a top-of-the-line adult model to deliver the goods on artificial surfaces.

Get them from Amazon for £34.57-£55.95

Best astro turf boots for kids: Nike Jr. Mercurial Superfly 8 Academy

Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 Kids

TF stands for turf, typically astro turf, meaning these boots are custom-made to offer the best experience over the semi-springy artificial surfaces that can make up a lot of training pitches. They tend to pack bouncy soles to help players react better to the terrain.

That makes this classic update on a Nike favourite all the better. Its gold-and-silver tints add a premium feel to the boot, while the grippy upper allows for extra precision with the ball.

Get them from Nike for £64.95

Best indoor court boots for kids: Nike Jr. Tiempo Legend 9 Club IC

Nike JR. Tiempo Legend 9 Kids

IC stands for indoor court, meaning these shoes have been built to offer outstanding performance on hard surfaces inside sports halls. They're made with rubber non-marking soles and can provide superb traction over hard ground.

That's where the Tiempo comes into its own - a shoe that allows players to go harder, faster and stronger over the unforgiving close-quarters of indoor matches. It'll give players the edge they need over their opponents, allowing them to truly enjoy themselves on matchday.

Get them from Nike for £37.95

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