The best goalkeeper gloves for kids

Kids Goalkeeper Gloves
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For most players on the pitch, a good pair of football boots and a sturdy set of shin pads are the only pieces of kit they need to worry about choosing. But for goalkeepers, another piece of gear must be thought of: the gloves. 

Goalkeeper gloves don't just exist as a fashion statement - they're there to help players in a game where they don't often need to use their hands. For children, in particular, a good pair of goalkeeper gloves is essential for their protection and enjoyment.

We've put together the best goalkeeper gloves you can buy today, dependent on what you want out of your game.

The goalkeeper gloves included in this article

What size goalkeeper gloves do I need?

Unlike adult sizes, children's goalkeeper gloves can vary depending on the age grouping. A seven-year-old player will need a different size glove than a thirteen-year-old, highlighting that a one-size-for-all guide is likely to be less valuable.

Gloves are typically graded on a sliding scale between the numbers three and eleven - and it is between three and eight that you will normally find children's sizes. Here's a rough breakdown of the sizes needed for each age group:









You can find more detailed information on children's glove sizes on the retailer's websites.

When do you need goalkeeper gloves?

Without gloves, a goalkeeper runs the risk of serious injury. This is not good no matter the player's age, but it can prove an awful experience for children, and an injury may put them off playing football in the future.

Goalkeeper gloves help increase game performance and reinforce the hands with additional grip and cushioning - perfect for ensuring that youngsters will feel up to the sometimes daunting task of stepping in between the goalposts.

With that in mind, here are the best goalkeeper gloves that you can get right now for kids.

Best overall gloves: adidas Kids X Pro

Adidas X Pro

The adidas X Pro is the best overall pair of goalkeeper gloves, especially when it comes to helping children feel more comfortable in goal. A slightly curved design allows for better handling of the ball and optimises hand position and contact with the ball.

An elasticated strap makes it easy to put on and take off the gloves, whilst mesh on the backhand keeps your hands cool in a breathable material. Plus, the bubblegum blue and pink colourway makes the X Pro a stylish pair of gloves.

Get it from Pro Direct Soccer for £43.00

Best budget gloves: Kipsta Kids Football First

Kipsta Gloves

There's no need to empty your wallet to get a good deal on a pair of goalkeeper gloves for kids, as this Football First model from Kipsta will do the job at a fraction of the cost of several others.

Its rolled finger design reduces the risk of backlash, cutting down on the chance of a nasty injury from a high-impact shot. Its touch-tape fastening makes slipping it on and off a simple task for children of all ages.

Get them from Decathlon for £6.99

Best gloves for grip: adidas Predator TRN

Adidas Predator TRN

There's nothing quite as disheartening as losing your hand on the ball at that all-important moment - luckily, these Predator TRN gloves from adidas will make sure you keep possession of the ball.

A studded backhand hides the invisible latex grip stretched from tip to palm on the inside of the glove, helping you improve your grip during those tense situations.

Get them from Sports Direct for £10.99

Best gloves for clearance: adidas Predator Fingersave

Adidas Predator Fingersave

If you can't make a catch, then punching the ball away will often do just as well - and the need for a good backhand has been taken into account by the junior Predator Fingersave, a scaled-down version of the popular gloves for adults.

Explicitly designed to provide additional coverage for fingertip saves, as its name suggests, its reinforced construction and bulkier design - complete with a flattering cut - help launch the ball with contact to help with those quality saves.

Get them from Sports Direct for £19.99 (was £24.99)

Best gloves for absorption: Kipsta Resist F500

Kipsta F500

Any player will tell you that a high-velocity ball stings, and any goalkeeper without reinforced gloves will tell you that's especially the case for your hands. Luckily, the F500 Shielder helps to absorb the blows and redistributes the impact intelligently.

Its rip-tab fastening ensures a tight fit, while its fingers will prevent any rollback injuries - and a dual latex-foam palm helps weather the hard-hit of a strike, allowing your kid to make saves with confidence.

Get them from Decathlon for £17.99

Best gloves for distribution: Puma Ultra Grip

Puma Ultra Grip

Are you looking for a pair of gloves that would be great for ball distribution? Whether it's punching the ball away from goal ready for a counterattack or diving down low to make a good save - the Puma Ultra Grip is the best option out there.

The grippy latex and classic flat palm offer an excellent grip on the ball, especially in various weather conditions. A backhand latex punch zone protects the hand whilst also being a stable base to punch away any threatening balls into the box.

Get it from Pro Direct Soccer for £35.00

Best gloves for winter use: adidas Fieldplayer

Adidas Field player

Technically an adult glove available in teenage sizes, the Fieldplayer stands out from traditional goalkeeper gloves for one eye-catching reason - it looks more like a garment for a winter's day than a standard pair of gloves.

That's in no small part thanks to its Climawarm insulation, which helps regulate heat to the palm and fingers. But don't let that fool you; its negative cut and strong coverage ensure a comfortable grip for the action.

Get them from adidas for £20.00

Best gloves for multi-weather: Nike Jr Goalkeeper Match

Nike JR Goalkeeper Match

You won't get the good fortune of deciding what weather you play in, but come rain or shine, the Jr Goalkeeper Match will always assist you when it comes to making sure that you get those saves under wraps.

With mesh panels to help create a steady airflow, and foam pads that are just as adaptable in dry or wet conditions, it'll make sure that cool evenings and wet afternoons won't put you off your game.

Get them from Nike for £12.95

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