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Al Ittifaq have the right to demand a replay against Al Hilal - Pundit

10:11 EAT 30/01/2017
Controversy struck in Jameel League, as Al Ittifaq are claiming foul-play by the German referee who ended their game against Al Hilal prematurely

Saudi football pundit, Mohammed Shanwan Al Anzir, stated that Al Ittifaq has every right to demand a replay against Al Hilal, as the German team who officiated their match ended the game a minute before full time.

Al Anzi wrote in a tweet: “What’s right is right, the system and the rules are with you, the match has to be replayed, everyone spoke about that after the game.”

It’s worth mentioning that Al Ittifaq presented a complaint to the Saudi Football Association against the referee of the match against Al Hilal for ending the game a minute before time was up.