Real Madrid v Eibar Live Commentary, 22/10/2017

3 - 0
Paulo Oliveira (18 og)
Asensio (28)
Marcelo (82)
Estadio Santiago Bernabéu


So, three points for Real Madrid, ahead of their trip to Fuenlabrada on Thursday in the Copa del Rey and Girona in the league next Sunday - two games that Zinedine Zidane will expect his side to prevail in with some measure of ease. As for Eibar, back to back home fixtures against Celta Vigo and Levante offer fresh challenges - with their season rapidly slipping away from them as November approaches. Will they be able to recover form - and find a goal along the way? Until then, thank you and good night!
In the end, it may not have been the dominant performance craved by the Los Blancos faithful in that second half - but a brilliant piece of interplay between Benzema and Marcelo gave the latter a goal to cap off a fine win for the hosts, who run out comfortable winners and keep their championship hopes at the forefront of their minds. Full time at the Bernabeu, it finishes Real Madrid 3-0 Eibar.
90' + 2' A late corner for Eibar comes to nothing as Ramos guides it out - and Marcelo then spirits it downfield. Ronaldo reaches for a final header - but he can't make contact and the referee blows for full time!
90' Benzema breaks downfield again but has his ball pinched by Angel who clips it long to Inui. The Eibar man's shot takes a rebound and falls back to him - but his pass through to Jordan ends up being offside. Two added minutes.
88' Ronaldo takes a Marcelo pass into the right side of the Eibar box again, and once more, Dmitrovic delivers a wonderful safe to deny him. 
86' Jordan drives a cross in from the left which Ramos is unable to deal with, nearly opening it up for Rivera - but Casilla gets there before he can. Eibar appear to be heading for a fourth game without a goal in a row.
84' Benzema has been a spark since he arrived on the field and he nearly creates a chance for Nacho, only for Lomban to edge his way between the pass and intercept.
Real Madrid
82' And that's just the icing on the cake! Marcelo with a brilliant finish on the back of a sensational one-two from Benzema on the left flank - and he plants a left-footer from inside the box that buries itself in the bottom right corner, slipping under Dmitrovic.
80' Ramos manages to close down Inui enough for the Japanese man to miscue his shot on the edge of the box, directly in front of goal, sending it wide and high to the right.
Sergi Enrich
G. Escalante
79' Escalante now departs and Sergio Enrich Ametller arrives for the last ten minutes.
79' Marcelo stumbles around the box, somehow holding onto the ball under intense pressure, and he ultimately gets it away to Ronaldo on the extreme right - but the Portoguese man rockets it into the side netting.
77' Vázquez now takes delivery of a Modric pass on the right, which he brings into the right edge of the box - but he is forced out of play by Angel, though he earns a throw in the end.
76' Benzema gets a Modric lob over the Eibar defence and sprints into the box - but his second touch runs deeper than he expects and Dmitrovic clears.
74' Benzema and Ronaldo both breeze into the box - but a great sliding tackle from Oliveira denies them the chance to nail a decent shot and saves Eibar from conceding a third.
Rubén Peña
73' And for Eibar, capitain Capa departs too, with Rubén Peña Jiménez on in his place.
Dani Ceballos
Real Madrid
71' And so does Ceballos for Marcelo Vieira da Silva Júnior.
Lucas Vázquez
Real Madrid
71' Lucas Vázquez Iglesias is the latest man to enter the fray, as Isco departs from the field.
69' Isco filches a throw-in from Lomban headed for the Real box - and then releases Benzema and Ronaldo downfield, though neither are able to force themselves forward as the Eibar defence shores up.
67' And then Ronaldo sees a chance go begging too as he makes a break in the box, only to be denied by a brave save from Dmitrovic.
66' Modric nutmegs Jordan and then pops a shot off on the edge of the box, but it stutterrs wide. Ronaldo shows his frustration - he was running alongside to take delivery for an easier finish.
K. Benzema
Real Madrid
64' ...And one for the hosts as Asensio makes way for Benzema.
63' A change for the visitors now as Charles is replaced by Martínez...
63' Jordan whips a corner in for Eibar - but Ramos manages to get his head to it and clears easily enough. The visitors are getting a few chances - but they do seem to be lagging in energy again.
61' Close for Madrid! Modric puts a lovely pass with the outside of his foot to Asensio on the left edge of the box, but Oliveira gets in the way to force a corner. Real can't make anything of it in the end though - Dmitrovic rises to claim the cross.
60' Verane shows some great footwork on the right side before a slick movement to the left finds Hernandez. He puts a cross into the box - but Arbilla clears it with a punt in the air, putting it out for a throw on halfway.
58' Escalante takes posession and twists in the box, looking to get a shot away - but Isco uses his distraction to take the ball from him and sprint away into midfield.
57' Casemiro fouls Capa in the circle and Angel taps it forward quickly, only for Nacho to steer it out for the throw.
55' Activity on both benches as Inui nudges another ball wide with a tame finish. Meanwhile, Modric lobs a ball downfield looking for Asensio but he is unable to find the forward before Dmitrovic roars out of his box to clear.
53' Inui miscues a half-volley as he races into the box off a rebound from Hernandez - but he too scuffs it well over the crossbar.
52' It's a weak free-kick from Ronaldo though - he sprays it way over the bar and into a rather vocal section of the Bernabeu crowd behind the net.
50' Ronaldo slips on the edge of the box surrounded by three Eibar defenders and tries to milk it for a free-kick but none is forthcoming. Asensio earns a quick throw for Madrid though and then Ceballos is fouled by Inui - only twenty-five yards out to the centre of the box.
49' A wonderful save now from Dmitrovic now, as Isco takes delivery of a clever pass from Ronaldo and canters into the box on the right edge, burying a low shot into the keeper's thigh.
48' Capa catches Escalante out on the right edge of the Madrid box - but his looping cross veers wide and Casilla watches it sail out.
46' And we're back underway in Madrid as Real tap off in the circle. Rivera poaches a loose pass and takes it downfield for Eibar - but he can't control his second touch and it runs off to Casilla.
Teams in the tunnel and about to head out for the second half now.
It started with a spark from Eibar, who raced around the field under Capa's lead, frustrating a Real side who looked to be over-reaching. But then, an own goal off a bounce from Oliveira at a corner, swiftly followed by an Asensio half-volley has put Los Blancos in full control. Half-time at the Bernabeu, it's Real Madrid 2-0 Eibar.
45' Asensio puts a flat pass into the box for Isco who roars onto it - but he comes up short of the ball and the referee blows for half-time!
44' Madrid are content to push it around the midfield as half-time approaches. They're in full control of this game - after a shaky opening quarter, they've been ruthless.
42' Hernandez whips a cross in for Asensio, looking to catch the Eibar defence cold - but Lomban sweeps in to block. Capa is then foxed by the Real forward - the Eibar captain's energy appears to have fizzled out after that first goal.
40' The visitors see their effort - via Jordan - cleared by Ronaldo, and then Capa's second effort is whipped away by Ramos.
39' Eibar get a free-kick in a promising position now - twenty-five yards out on the left - after Modric fouls Inui with a clumsy effort.
37' Inui gets  a free-kick after Ramos and Ceballos sandwich him in his own box, challenging for the ball. The effort is poor and Ronaldo intercepts - but he can't quite control it and it runs dead on the right again.
35' Charles picks up an intercept and hefts it downfield from the right, searching for Jordan on the left - but his fellow man can't get there before it rolls out for a throw.
33' Eibar are looking stretched right now; both Asensio and Ronaldo wind up a header and a volley after a lovely cross floated from the left but both times, the ball take a rebound off defenders and is herdeed away by Lomban.
32' Modric now earns a free-kick in midfield after he is clipped by Arbilla on halfway. Los Blancos have their tails up; they're sensing another goal before half time.
30' Much cheer is ringing around the Bernabeu right now, as Madrid nearly add a third, only to be called offside. Modric lofts a wonderful ball from the left side in for Ronaldo - but the flag denies him the chance to finish well.
Real Madrid
28' And it tells immediately! Asensio strikes a beautiful half-volley past Dmitrovic into the bottom right corner after Isco turns in a wonderful cross. The Real Madrid who were missing against Spurs in midweek are back right now.
27' There's a bit of fire here, in particular from Casemiro, who is unhappy with the way proceedings are going. Madrid are moving up fast though - and are starting to look the more lively of the two.
25' It's a wonderful free-kick floated in by Jordan, who swings it in from that left flank beautifully - but Nacho gets there first and manages to clear it in a harried fashion under pressure.
Yellow Card
24' As is Oliveira himself, for getting involved in the incident.
Yellow Card
Real Madrid
23' Escalante puts a lovely nutmeg on Casemiro and then is fouled after losing the ball by Nacho. The former is very unhappy - and then comes into a blow with Oliveira and is booked for his troubles.
20' Well, that is a let-off for Madrid, who have looked the lesser of the two sides so far - and Eibar will certainly feel hard done by. Capa immediately presses forward but his attempted cross is tame and no-one shuffles up in time to meet it in the box.
Paulo Oliveira
Own Goal
18' The hosts break the deadlock! Asensio's first corner takes a deflection out for a second, which he plays short to Isco on the right. He lobs it into the cross - and it takes a deflection off Ramos and then Oliveira and flies off into the back of the net! 1-0 to Madrid, somewhat against the run of play.
17' Ronaldo is supplied on the edge of the eighteen-yard box off a rebound from Rivera and pops a shot off. It takes a deflection though and Madrid have a corner.
15' Asensio runs after a Ceballos long ball going down the right flank - but it goes too deep and Dmitrovic is happy to watch it roll out. There's a sense of pressure bearing onto the hosts here, fifteen minutes in - but they don't seem to be being bullied by Eibar either.
13' Capa is running his blood to water so far for the visitors as he concedes a throw. The Eibar captain is everywhere so far, as he pushes in to pinch Varane's effort from the touchline and shuffles it wide to Arbilla.
11' Capa earns a throw deep in Madrid territory after he pressures Hernandez out of the box. Eibar are unable to make anything of it though, and Modric doubles back to pick up a loose pass.
9' Down the other end, Varane lobs a left-footer into the box, aiming for Nacho who runs onto the right flank - but it is a touch too heavy-footed and it rolls wide for a goal kick.
8' Capa floats a lovely cross into the box for Eibar, seeking Charles, but Hernandez is first to it and clears it out wide.
7' It's a perky opening few minutes from the men from Basque country, as Lomban picks the pocket of Casemiro to take a Ronaldo throw. Ramos sweeps in to get the loose touch but Eibar are looking dynamic so far.
5' Eibar force Casilla to drop for a save after a rebound around the box from an Inui cross falls to Jordan and the forward puts a powerful right-footer towards the bottom left corner.
4' Ronaldo tries to twist away from Escalante on the extreme left flank for Madrid as he sprints into the Eibar half, but the canny defender forces his back pass to Nacho to run back.
3' Capa gets a nice through-ball into the box on the right side for Eibar and tries to twist back to play it onto Charles - but the offside flag goes up and Madrid get a free-kick in their own half.
1' And we are underway at the Bernabeu! Madrid immediately push downfield, and Ronaldo takes a sharp flick from Nacho - but sees his weak effort palmed away by Dmitrovic. 
Teams are coming out and we are moments away from kick-off...
Subs: Junca, Galvez, Pena, Bebe, Enrich, Riesgo, Garcia
EIBAR (5-4-1): Dmitrovic, Lomban, Angel, Arbilla, Oliveira, Capa, Inui, Escalante, Rivera, Jordan, Charles
Subs: Llorente, Hakimi, Ramos, Benzema, Marcel, Kroos, Vazquez
REAL MADRID (4-3-3): Casilla, Hernandez, Ramos, Nacho, Varane, Modric, Casemiro, Isco, Ceballos, Ronaldo, Asensio
Team news coming in now...
Real's danger man of course remains Cristiano Ronaldo - who has scored five goals in five games against Eibar. They've not been failing to get the goals in general for a lack of trying though; they've made 232 crosses this season so far alone, at least 38 more than any other team.
Los Armeros meanwhile have been leaving it fairly late to score in their games so far; they remain the only team to have netted all of their goals in the second half this season in La Liga. They haven't scored at all in the last three though - and remain in a points drought too, with one taken from the previous possible twelve.
Real are unbeaten in all six matches with Eibar in La Liga since the latter arrived in the top division; the only time they failed to win was a 1-1 draw in this same fixture last October. Los Blancos however only have the one home win to their name in the current campaign; their worst start in the capital since 1999.
Good evening and welcome to coverage of tonight's La Liga clash between reigning champions Real Madrid and struggling Eibar at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. last year's table-toppers have failed to find the form that led them to the trophy in the 17/18 campaign - but against a lowly opposition who are yet to find their footing this season, they'll be hopeful of capturing three points in the pursuit of retaining their crown.