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90' + 2'
André Gomes
Yellow Card
90' + 1'
H. Moreno
J. dos Santos
2 - 2
Cédric Soares
2 - 1
J. Hernández
C. Vela
1 - 1
Ricardo Quaresma
Cristiano Ronaldo
1 - 0

Match Stats

38% 61%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 3
Total Passes 345 551
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Portugal POR Portugal 3 2 1 0 7 2 +5 7 W W D
2 Mexico MEX Mexico 3 2 1 0 6 4 +2 7 W W D
3 Russia RUS Russia 3 1 0 2 3 3 0 3 L L W
4 New Zealand NZL New Zealand 3 0 0 3 1 8 -7 0 L L L




In the end, a draw seems like the fairest result. Both sides enjoyed impressive periods of play throughout what was a close encounter, although Portugal will feel frustrated at having thrown away a lead late on. They were arguably the better of the two sides for most of the second half, but Moreno was there to rise high and save his side when it mattered most.
90' + 3' Portugal try to push forward on one last attack as they attempt to get back into the lead, but they're unable to do so quickly enough and the referee blows his whistle for the final time.
André Gomes
Yellow Card
90' + 2' Gomes didn't seem to be too happy at something in the aftermath of the goal, and he's been shown a late yellow card for dissent.
J. dos Santos
90' + 1' That was a brilliant cross by Jonathan Dos Santos. He put the ball on a plate for Moreno, who then did really well to beat Fonte in the air under pressure from the centre-back.
H. Moreno
90' + 1' GOAL! Mexico look to have rescued a point right at the death! The resulting corner is swung into the box and finds Moreno, who rises high above Fonte before beating Patricio with a brilliant downward header that crashes off the inside of the post.
90' Fonte crashes into the back of Hernandez, gifting Mexico a free-kick 30 yards from goal. It's swung into the penalty area by Herrera and almost finds a white shirt, but Carvalho gets a touch on the ball to poke it behind for a corner.
89' And then Martins goes close! Ronaldo links up really well with the young forward, who then fires a low strike agonisingly wide of the far post. That surely would have wrapped up the win for Portugal.
88' What an opportunity for Hernandez to make it 2-2! Giovani Dos Santos breaks into the right-hand side of the Portugal box before teeing up Hernandez. The striker looks set to shoot, but he can't get the ball out of his feet and misses out on the chance to test Patricio.
Cédric Soares
86' GOAL! Cedric have taken the lead late on! Martins show great pace to fly down the right wing and towards the byline. He then fires a low cross into the penalty area that deflects off to Cedric, who quickly unleashes a strike that loops off a Mexico defender and into the back of the net.
85' What a save by Ochoa! A curling cross finds Andre Silva in a brilliant position in the middle of the Mexico penalty area, and the striker immediately sends a bullet header down towards goal. It looks set to find the back of the net, but Ochoa pushes it wide with an excellent diving stop.
84' Excellent defending by Hernandez! Cedric darts down the right wing on a marauding run before trying to fire a cross into the box, but Hernandez chases the full-back right down the flank before dispossessing him with a brilliant sliding tackle.
André Silva
Ricardo Quaresma
82' Portugal have made their last alteration of the game, with Quaresma making way for young attacking talent Andre Silva.
81' And then Jonathan Dos Santos goes close! Silva slips deep down the right flank and allows the Mexico midfielder to cut inside and get a shot away, but it ends up bobbling wide of the near post.
80' Big chance for Quaresma! Portugal are looking much better now that they're firmly on the front foot. Ronaldo plays a lovely flick back to Quaresma, who then quickly shoots, but the forward's effort is easily saved by Ochoa in the middle of the goal.
O. Peralta
R. Jiménez
79' Oribe Peralta has come on to replace Jimenez in Mexico's third and final change.
78' Portugal push forward once again as they continue putting pressure on the Mexico back line. Carvalho then tries to slip a pass into the box, but it's overhit and flies past the outstretched foot of Martins.
76' Quaresma is able to get himself into a decent advanced position once again before trying to pick out Ronaldo with a cross into the box. This one is much better than the last, but Ronaldo is closed down by white shirts before he can make contact with the ball.
74' Quaresma tries to pick out a team-mate with a curling cross into the box, but it's completely overhit and fails to find anyone in front of goal.
A. Guardado
Yellow Card
73' Ronaldo, who has seen little of the ball since the half-time break, speeds towards the Mexico box on a promising run before being fouled by Guardado, who gives away a free-kick and picks up a booking.
71' Hernandez and Jonathan Dos Santos link up well just outside of the Portugal penalty area after Mexico are able to carve out a bit of space, but Cedric sticks out a foot to deflect the ball up into the air and, eventually, away from danger.
69' Layun steps up and shoots from the set-piece, but there's slightly too much power behind the effort and it sails safely over the top of the crossbar.
Adrien Silva
Yellow Card
68' Giovani Dos Santos sprints towards the Portugal box before being clumsily tripped over from behind by Silva, who gives away a free-kick in a dangerous position before earning himself the first yellow card of the competition.
N. Araújo
C. Salcedo
67' Mexico have made another alteration, with Carlos Salcedo making way for Nestor Araujo.
65' Quaresma twists and turns deep down the left flank before swinging an excellent cross into the heart of the Mexico penalty area. It loops over towards Ronaldo, who misses the ball by the narrowest of margins before it's headed away by Layun.
63' Mexico patiently pass the ball around inside the Portugal half of the pitch before eventually losing possession cheaply. Their opponents try to counter quickly, but Ronaldo is unable to pick out Martins inside the box.
61' Reyes thumps a long, low pass up towards the Portugal box, where it finds Jimenez. The striker meets it well and quickly beats his marker before trying to set up Hernandez, but the ball is sent behind the Bayer Leverkusen man and fails to pick him out in front of goal.
59' Almost a huge chance for Pepe! Portugal are awarded a free-kick over on the right wing, and it's swung into a great position inside the penalty area. It finds Pepe all alone in front of goal, but he completely mistimes his attempted volley but has his blushes spared by the linesman's flag.
Adrien Silva
João Moutinho
58' And the second is Adrien Silva, who has taken the place of Joao Moutinho.
Gelson Martins
58' Portugal, meanwhile, have made a double change. The first player to come on is Gelson Martins, who replaces Nani.
G. dos Santos
C. Vela
57' Mexico have decided to make their first substitution of the game, with Vela making way for Giovani Dos Santos.
55' Guerreiro commits a poor error over on the left wing, gifting possession to Vela. The Mexico number 11 quickly darts into the right-hand side of the box before taking on Carvalho, who does well to get back and snuff out the danger.
53' The resulting corner causes a few problems for the Portugal defence once again, but Patricio is eventually able to collect the ball after a few nervy moments.
52' A lofted pass is thumped into the Portugal penalty area and causes problems for Fonte, who can only head the ball down to Jimenez. The striker takes a quick touch and shoots, but his effort deflects off the outstretched leg of Pepe and out for a corner.
50' As was the case at the beginning of the game, Mexico have started the second half on the front foot. Portugal look content to sit deep and soak up the pressure, which worked well for them earlier in the afternoon.
48' Mexico work the ball around nicely deep down the left wing before winning themselves a corner in a promising position. It's swung into the penalty area and over to the far post, where it misses everyone before bouncing out for a goal-kick.
46' We're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out on to the pitch ahead of the start of the second half. Neither side have made any substitutions during the half-time break.
It's been an evenly fought and entertaining first half, with both sides deserving to head into the break with a goal under their belts. Mexico started the better of the two teams before Portugal enjoyed an impressive spell on the front foot, but a poor defensive mistake by Guerreiro allowed their opponents to get back into the game through an excellent Hernandez diving header.
45' + 1' What a miss by Hernandez! Vela does really well as he sprints down the right wing and past Guerreiro. He then pokes a pass over to Jimenez, who cuts an even better one back to Hernandez, but the striker's first-time shot sails high over the top of the crossbar.
45' The fourth official has indicated that there will be just one minute of added time.
44' Hernandez twists and turns deep down the left flank before swinging another dangerous cross into the heart of the penalty area, but this time the Portugal defence are just about able to deal with the danger.
C. Vela
42' It initially looked as if Vela should have shot first time, but he did really well to set up Hernandez with a well-placed cross that allowed the striker to dart in front of Pepe.
J. Hernández
42' GOAL! Mexico have equalised! A looping cross from Layun should be easily dealt with by Guerreiro, but the full-back lets the ball bounce under his foot and over to Vela. The forward takes a quick touch before side-footing a pass over to Hernandez, who then beats Patricio with an exciting diving header on the edge of the six-yard box.
40' Quaresma almost makes it 2-0! Ronaldo pulls off a wonderful back-heeled flick to pick out Quaresma on the edge of the penalty area. It initially looks as if the Besiktas man has lost his footing before doing really well to shoot, and his low strike rolls just wide of the far post.
38' Great chance for Hernandez! Vela cuts inside from the right flank once again before swinging a wonderful cross into the heart of the penalty area. Hernandez rises high and meets it well, but his downward header is sent straight into the hands of Patricio in the middle of the goal.
36' Mexico try to carve out a chance on goal from the restart, but they're unable to do so and surrender possession back to Portugal. They find joy down the left wing once again, but Guerreiro's bullet cross into the box is just about dealt with before it can find a team-mate.
Ricardo Quaresma
34' GOAL! Portugal have taken the lead! Ronaldo charges into the Mexico penalty area before being closed down by a group of white shirts. He spins round and pokes a wonderful pass over to Quaresma, who then comfortably beats Ochoa from close range.
Cristiano Ronaldo
34' Assist Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro
33' Almost an own goal by Carlos Salcedo! A curling cross from William Carvalho is cut out by Salcedo, but the defender can't make decent contact with the ball with his head. He sends it looping behind him and towards the Mexico goal, where Ochoa is just about able to push it over the top of the crossbar with a fingertip save.
32' Vela cuts inside from the right wing and pokes a pass over to Dos Santos. The midfielder knocks it up and then side-foots a dangerous, looping cross into the heart of the penalty area, where Hernandez battles with Patricio but loses out to the goalkeeper.
30' Vela does so, but he's unable to curl a strike into the bottom right-hand corner of the net and sends it flying a few yards wide of the goal.
29' Hernandez twists and turns just outside of the Portugal box before being clumsily tripped over by Gomes, resulting in another free-kick for Mexico in a promising position. It looks as if Vela is going to shoot...
27' Quaresma whips in a cross from the corner that finds Fonte over on the far side of the penalty area, but it was terribly hit and curls behind the goal before reaching the defender.
26' Great goalkeeping by Ochoa! Quaresma pokes a lovely pass into the right-hand side of the Mexico box and towards Cedric Soares, who tries to shoot but is closed down brilliantly by Ochoa before he can.
25' Beautiful play by Mexico deep inside the Portugal half of the pitch sets up Vela to fire in a low cross from the right wing, but it's sent just behind Hernandez and fails to find the striker in front of goal.
23' Portugal quickly push forward from the restart and are able to carve out another chance on goal, but this time Gomes' close-range strike is scuffed back to Quaresma, who then fires a shot from the edge of the penalty area straight into the hands of Ochoa.
21' Big call by the referee! A manic few moments causes all sorts of problems for Mexico at the back. Ronaldo's free-kick is poor but he's quickly able to shoot again, and this time his effort smashes off the crossbar. It then bounces back out before yet another strike is unleashed, and this time is turned in off Pepe inside the box. It initially looks as if Portugal have taken the lead, but the referee consults the video referee before ruling it out for offside.
19' Quaresma weaves his way forward on another good run, but he's clipped from behind by Guardado and has to settle for a free-kick. It's in a decent position, and Ronaldo looks keen to shoot from it.
17' Portugal quickly come back once again before Ricardo Quaresma is eventually able to get a shot away. It isn't hit well enough to trouble Guillermo Ochoa, however, and the goalkeeper can watch it trickle wide of the near post.
16' Raphael Guerreiro and Gomes link up well deep down the left flank after lovely play by Cristiano Ronaldo. Gomes then fires a low cross into the heart of the Mexico box, but it's thumped away by Reyes before it can find a team-mate.
15' A deflected cross-cum-shot from Guardado bounces towards the near post and towards Vela, who swipes at the ball but can't make contact. Mexico are able to pick up a corner though, but Dos Santos' corner is well defended by Fonte.
14' After a long period on the back foot, Portugal are able to move the ball around inside their own half of the pitch. It doesn't last long, however, as Andre Gomes is easily dispossessed by Dos Santos after being closed down quickly.
12' Herrera and Dos Santos link up well before the latter tees up Hernandez. The striker is in a good position just outside of the Portugal penalty area and spins quickly before trying to find Raul Jimenez, but his pass is cut out and can't reach the Benfica man.
10' The game gets underway once again and Portugal try to push forward, but they're unable to do so and give possession back to Mexico. Hector Moreno then smashes a dangerous lofted pass into the middle of the box, where it almost finds Jonathan Dos Santos but is instead headed away by Jose Fonte.
9' Portugal, who have struggled to spend much time on the ball so far, are able to push forward on a decent attack. It comes to a painful end though, as Nani is caught in the side of the head by a flailing arm from Hector Herrera, leaving him in a heap on the floor.
8' Mexico move the ball around nicely deep inside the Portugal half of the pitch before Layun is able to swing another cross into the box. This one is poorly hit, however, and Rui Patricio is able to watch the ball sail well wide of the goal.
6' Andres Guardado steps up and shoots from the set-piece, but his low effort deflects off the Portugal wall before hitting the ankle of Diego Reyes and rolling behind for a goal-kick.
5' More good play by Mexico allows Carlos Vela to fly towards the Portugal penalty area before being pushed to the ground by Nani, resulting in a free-kick in a very dangerous position 20 yards away from goal.
3' It's been a good start to the game for Mexico, who are pushing high up the pitch. Miguel Layun darts down the left wing before winning a throw-in for his side near to the corner flag, but Javier Hernandez quickly fouls Pepe as soon as he receives the ball inside the box.
1' We're off! Mexico get us underway, attacking from left to right.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
Meanwhile, Mexico boss Juan Carlos Osorio has also made three alterations to the team that featured in their last outing, with Oswaldo Alanis, Marco Fabian and Hirving Lozano making way for Miguel Layun, Andres Guardado and Raul Jimenez.
Fernando Santos has decided to make three changes to the Portugal side that started the victory against Latvia, with Pepe, Ricardo Quaresma and Nani coming into the starting line-up to replace Bruno Alves, Gelson Martins and Andre Silva, respectively.
Mexico substitutes: Cota, Araujo, Marquez, Fabio, Giovanni Dos Santos, Talavera, Damm, Peralta, Aquino, Luis Reyes, Lozano, Alanis.
Mexico XI (4-3-3): Ochoa; Salcedo, Diego Reyes, Moreno, Layun; Jonathan Dos Santos, Herrera, Guardado; Vela, Jimenez, Hernandez.
Portugal substitutes: Alves, Neto, Andre Silva, Bernardo Silva, Semedo, Sa, Pereira, Pizzi, Martins, Eliseu, Beto, Adrien Silva.
Portugal XI (4-3-3): Patricio; Cedric, Pepe, Fonte, Guerreiro; Moutinho, Carvalho, Gomes; Quaresma, Ronaldo, Nani.
There’s just over 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this afternoon…
These two sides have only met on two occasions in recent history, with Portugal winning on both occasions. The first came during the group stage of the 2006 World Cup, whilst a friendly in the United States three years ago saw the Euro 2016 winners leave with another victory thanks to a last-gasp Bruno Alves winner in the 93rd minute.
As for Mexico, they came from behind to draw 1-1 against the United States in their last outing, leaving them on course to qualify for next year’s World Cup. Like Portugal, they too have only lost once in recent months, with nine of their previous 13 outings ending in victories. They boast an impressive away record as well, with only Panama managing to stop them from winning since they lost to Brazil almost exactly two years ago.
Portugal have won their last five World Cup qualifying games in a row but still remain second in their group, despite Friday’s easy win away to Latvia. Switzerland are flying high at the top thanks to a 2-0 win against the Seleccao back in September, but since then Portugal have lost just once, with Sweden getting the better of them in a friendly in March.
All eyes tend to be on Cristiano Ronaldo whenever he steps on to the pitch, and that will certainly be the case today. The Portugal captain is currently facing accusations of tax fraud in Spain, resulting in rumours circulating that he will leave Real Madrid this summer. For now, however, his team-mates have claimed his mind is firmly on the Confederations Cup, starting with today’s opener against a talented Mexico side.
Good afternoon and welcome to our live text commentary of today’s Confederations Cup group stage game between Portugal and Mexico at the Kazan Arena.