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T. Bakayoko
Yellow Card
S. Dann
Yellow Card
W. Zaha
M. Sakho
2 - 1
T. Bakayoko
1 - 1
Own Goal
1 - 0

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43% 57%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 5
Total Passes 431 559
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Palace have done it! In their eighth game of the new season, they've finally managed to pick up their first victory. Even the most optimistic of fans wouldn't have been expecting their side to come away with much from today's clash against the reigning champions, but they battled brilliantly throughout to earn three much-needed points against a Chelsea side that pushed hard but struggled in front of goal.
90' + 5' Chelsea push forward on one final attack as they desperately try to find a late equaliser, but Luiz's lofted pass towards the penalty area is easily dealt with by the home side. That should be that for Palace, who are only seconds away from picking up a big, big win.
90' + 3' Zaha pentrates the right-hand side of the Chelsea box as the home side push forward once again. He works the ball over to Puncheon, who thinks about shooting before teeing up Van Aanholt, and the defender tries to round Azpilicueta but can't quite do so and has to settle for a throw-in instead.
90' + 2' More good play by Zaha sees him skip away from Azpilicueta as Palace counter-attack down the left flank. He then cuts inside and finds Fosu-Mensah, who quickly shoots but can't get the better of Cahill.
90' + 1' Fabregas goes close to equalising! Sakho can't quite get the ball out of his feet deep inside the Palace penalty area and allows Fabregas to get a shot away, but it fails to hit the target and sails wide of the far post.
90' The fourth official has indicated that there will be five minutes of added time.
89' And now Townsend goes close! Plenty of space is opening up for Palace as Chelsea pile bodies forward in search of a late equaliser. Townsend charges into the right-hand side of the penalty area and manages to get a shot away, but his low effort flies past the far post after getting the better of Courtois.
88' Milivojevic steps up and shoots from the set-piece, but his curling effort is easily saved by Courtois. A poor attempted clearance from the goalkeeper then allows Van Aanholt to get another shot away, but this time the full-back's effort sails a few yards over the top of the crossbar.
T. Bakayoko
Yellow Card
87' Townsend breaks away down the right wing on a wonderful run as Palace counter-attack quickly once again, but this time he's cynically fouled by Bakayoko and wins his side a free-kick instead.
87' Huge chance for Van Aanholt! A thumping low strike from Townsend isn't fully dealt with by Courtois, allowing the ball to bounce out to Van Aanholt. The defender is in a pocket of space and only has the goalkeeper to beat, but he ends up firing his first-time strike wide of the goal.
J. Riedewald
Y. Cabaye
86' Meanwhile, Cabaye has made way for Jairo Riedewald in another substitution for the home side.
T. Fosu-Mensah
J. McArthur
85' Palace have made another defensive switch as they try to hold on to their slender lead, with Timothy Fosu-Mensah coming on to replace James McArthur.
84' The resulting free-kick is blasted into the penalty area and towards Bakayoko at the far post, but Dann is there to get a head on the ball and make sure it can't pick out the Frenchman.
S. Dann
Yellow Card
83' Dann becomes the latest player to receive a yellow card after catching Pedro with a slightly mistimed sliding challenge as the Spaniard cut inside from the right flank on the break.
82' Almost an opportunity for Puncheon to make it 3-1! An attempted Chelsea attack breaks down and allows Palace to counter-attack quickly. Zaha takes on Azpilicueta and does well to wriggle away from the Spaniard, but he can't quite set up Puncheon well enough and the substitute can't get a shot away from inside the box.
80' Musonda gets himself into a good position deep inside the Palace half of the pitch and tries to tee up Pedro inside the penalty area, but his attempted through-ball is slightly overhit and Speroni does well to dive on it at the vital moment.
78' Townsend breaks into the left-hand side of the Chelsea box after Palace enjoy a decent spell of possession inside the visitors' half of the pitch. He then fizzes a fierce cross-cum-shot over towards the far post, but it's poorly hit by the winger and sails behind for a goal-kick.
76' Chelsea are unable to find a way through Palace's compact back line, forcing Musonda into shooting from 25 yards out. His strike is a slightly wild one though, and Speroni can watch it fly high and wide of its intended target.
J. Puncheon
J. Schlupp
75' Palace have made their first substitution of the game, with Schlupp making way for Jason Puncheon. Roy Hodgson looks as if he's going to try and shut up shop.
74' What a chance for Hazard to equalise! Zappacosta skips past his marker out wide and then fires a brilliant low cross into the heart of the Palace penalty area. Hazard almost manages to latch onto the ball a few yards away from goal, but he misses out on making contact by the narrowest of margins.
73' And now Alonso goes close! Bakayoko shoots from distance, but his tame effort deflects behind for a corner. It's whipped into the middle of the box and finds Alonso, who makes good contact with the ball and forces Speroni into making a great save.
72' Great opportunity for Musonda! A beautiful lofted pass from Fabregas flies over the top of the Palace defence and finds the youngster, who chests the ball down and shoots but sends his first-time volley high over the crossbar.
L. Milivojević
Yellow Card
71' Milivojevic catches Hazard from behind with a cynical trip as the Belgian tries to sprint forward, leaving the referee no choice but to show the Serbian a yellow card.
70' Space opens up for Zaha on the break and allows the forward to fly into the Chelsea penalty area. He looks set to test Courtois, but he lets himself down with a poor final touch and has the ball poked away from him by Luiz.
68' More determined play from Chelsea results in another corner over on the right flank. It initially fails to result in a chance on goal but the ball bounces out to Zappacosta, who weaves his way towards the box and fires a low shot straight into the hands of Speroni.
66' Pedro breaks through the Palace defence on a run that this time doesn't see the linesman's flag get raised, but he's put under good pressure and is forced into unleashing a quick shot that's well saved by Speroni.
C. Musonda
65' Chelsea have made their second alteration, with Charly Musonda coming on to replace Willian.
63' Pedro makes a quick run into the Palace penalty area as he tries to latch onto a lofted pass forward from Fabregas, but for the second time in as many minutes it's slightly mistimed and the linesman's flag is quickly raised.
61' Zappacosta gets himself into a good position deep down the right wing and crosses, but he has to settle for a corner after the ball is thumped behind by Sakho. Chelsea quickly win themselves a second corner, and that one sets up Alonso to send a glancing header a few yards over the top of the crossbar.
59' Pedro immediately gets himself involved in the thick of the action as he cuts inside from the left wing and shoots, but his low effort doesn't have the power or placement behind it to trouble Speroni, who easily pulls off a decent save at the near post.
M. Batshuayi
57' Chelsea have made their first substitution of the afternoon, and it's one that Batshuayi doesn't seem particularly happy with. He lets out a cry of frustration as he makes his way off to be replaced by Pedro.
56' Hazard has really struggled to get into the game, as Palace have done a really good job of containing him whenever he's on the ball. This time he's able to sprint into the left-hand side of the home side's box, but he's well marshalled and ends up running the ball out of play.
54' Almost a great chance for Zaha to make it 3-1! Townsend drifts past his marker over on the right wing before firing a low cross into the heart of the Chelsea penalty area, where Zaha tries to latch onto the ball but misses it by the narrowest of margins.
52' Fabregas is able to get away another shot from the edge of the hosts' penalty area after a curling cross in isn't fully dealt with, but he can't make decent contact with the ball and sends his effort high over the top of the crossbar.
50' Fabregas hits the crossbar! The Spaniard is left in a bit of space just outside of the Palace box and unleashes a wonderful strike, but it clips the woodwork after beating the outstretched limbs of Speroni.
48' A quick pass from Luka Milivojevic manages to pick out Zaha on the edge of the Chelsea penalty area in a pocket of space, but the forward can't quite control the ball and ends up knocking it out of play for a throw-in near the corner flag.
46' We're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out on to the pitch ahead of the start of the second half. Neither side have made any substitutions during the half-time break.
Well, well, well, that certainly wasn't in the script! Everyone expected Chelsea to come to Selhurst Park and leave with a comfortable victory, but it's the home side who head into the half-time break with a well-earned lead thanks to an excellent first-half performance. The reintroduction of Zaha has done wonders for the Eagles, who look much better balanced up front with him in the side. Chelsea have defended poorly, however, and they've really struggled to get Hazard and Willian involved.
45' + 2' Chelsea try to push forward on one final attacking move as they try to find an equaliser before the break, but they're unable to do so quickly enough and the home side can hold on to their slender lead.
M. Sakho
45' That was great play by Sakho, who easily got the better of Willian and bundled him off the ball in a brilliant position. Once again, however, Chelsea were far too open and weak at the back.
W. Zaha
45' GOAL! Palace are back in front! Willian loses the ball midway inside the Chelsea half of the pitch and allows Sakho to tee up Zaha, who cuts inside and skips past Azpilicueta far too easily before beating Courtois with an excellently placed strike.
45' The fourth official has indicated that there will be two minutes of added time.
44' Cabaye picks up the ball in a pocket of space over on the right flank and quickly fires a low cross into the Chelsea penalty area. It's poorly hit by the Frenchman, however, and his bouncing pass is easily dealt with by Luiz before it can find Zaha in front of goal.
42' Palace hold on once again! The ball pinballs dangerously around the middle of the home side's box as Chelsea put yet more pressure on them, but Batshuayi can't quite get a shot away before the ball is hooked away.
41' And now Fabregas goes close! Hazard is clumsily barged off the ball by Joel Ward as he darts towards the hosts' penalty area, leaving the referee with no choice but to award Chelsea a free-kick in a promising position. Fabregas steps up and shoots, and his effort ends up clearing the crossbar by only a yard or two.
D. Zappacosta
V. Moses
39' Moses will play no further part in the game, and it's Davide Zappacosta who has come on to replace him.
39' What a strike by Townsend! Chelsea are unable to fully clear the danger from the edge of their own penalty area and allow Townsend to get a shot away. It's well hit by the winger and causes Courtois to panic for a moment before curling narrowly wide of the near post.
38' This doesn't look good for Moses, who stayed down on the floor after that previous Chelsea attack failed to come to anything and now looks as if he's going to have to be replaced. He looks to have tweaked a muscle that has left him moving gingerly.
36' Moses picks up the ball just outside of the Palace penalty area and quickly tries to muscle his way into the box, but he's closed down by a sea of defenders and ends up losing his footing. It looks as if the Nigeria international is now struggling with a slight injury.
34' Once again, Chelsea cause problems for the home side with a well-placed corner, but this time Batshuayi is unable to keep his header down and sends his effort high over the top of the crossbar.
33' Great opportunity for Alonso! A low cross from Moses flies into the middle of the Palace box and somehow manages to find Alonso, who quickly gets a shot away but sees his first-time strike deflect off Dann and wide of the goal.
32' Townsend twists and turns on the edge of the Chelsea penalty area over on the right flank as he tries to get the better of Azpilicueta. The Spaniard sticks to him like glue, however, and it's the defender who eventually comes out on top before blasting the ball away from danger.
30' Jeffrey Schlupp lunges into Willian and brings the Brazilian down with a clumsy sliding challenge, resulting in a free-kick for Chelsea just inside the Palace half of the pitch. It's sent short and worked over to the left wing, where a clumsy pass fails to find Marcos Alonso and sends the ball rolling out for a throw-in.
28' Willian picks up a loose ball midway inside the Palace half of the pitch and quickly works it into the feet of Hazard. The Belgian spins and lifts a delightful pass over to Batshuayi, but the striker's run forward is slightly mistimed and the linesman's flag is raised just as he's about to shoot.
26' Eden Hazard and Willian link up well on the edge of the Palace box before the latter spins and works the ball back to Fabregas. The Spaniard then tries to pick out Bakayoko with a chipped pass into the penalty area, but he's unable to get the better of Mamadou Sakho.
24' Palace are finding a lot more joy in advanced areas than Chelsea would have been expecting, and it's resulted in the visitors lacking rather shaky at the back. Neither Luiz nor Cahill have done particularly well when trying to deal with Zaha, who looks dangerous every time he has the ball at his feet.
22' Zaha almost makes it 2-1! The forward continues causing all sorts of problems for the Chelsea back line as he penetrates the box. He then manages to get a shot away from the right-hand side of the penalty area, and a slight deflection sends it whistling just past the far post.
20' Zaha embarks on a wonderful run as he sprints into the left-hand side of the Chelsea penalty area and wins the hosts a corner. It fails to pick out a team-mate in front of goal, however, with Scott Dann going closest to making contact.
18' The cross from Fabregas from was excellently fired into the box, but Palace really should have done better to deal with the mass of white shirts camped in front of goal.
T. Bakayoko
18' GOAL! Chelsea have equalised! The visitors win themselves a corner over on the right flank, and it's one that's brilliantly placed by Cesc Fabregas, who perfectly picks out Tiemoue Bakayoko. The midfielder rises high and latches onto the ball before easily beating Julian Speroni with his downward header into the right-hand side of the net.
17' Chelsea are seeing plenty of the ball as they continue putting Palace under plenty of pressure. The home side enjoyed a great start to the game but now find themselves pegged back inside their own half of the pitch.
15' Patient play from the visitors eventually ends with a cross into the heart of the penalty area from Cesar Azpilicueta, but there's slightly too much power behind the ball and it's unable to pick out Michy Batshuayi in front of goal.
13' Chelsea immediately push forward from the restart as they try to quickly find a way back into the game, but Willian's attempted pass down to Victor Moses over on the right flank is poorly hit and rolls behind for a goal-kick.
Own Goal
11' GOAL! Palace have scored their first league goal of the season! Really poor defending from Chelsea allows a bouncing cross to find its way to Yohan Cabaye, who easily skips past Luiz in front of goal before poking the ball past Courtois in the middle of the goal.
9' There's a brief break in play after Cahill goes down off the ball. He seems to be struggling with his left knee, although it looks as if he's going to be able to continue for the time being as he tries to assess the potential damage.
7' It's been a really good start to the game from Palace, who putting Chelsea under plenty of pressure. This time it's Andros Townsend who bursts forward before knocking a pass into the penalty area, but it's slightly overhit and fails to find Zaha in front of goal.
5' Palace patiently knock the ball around inside the Chelsea half of the pitch before Patrick van Aanholt bursts into the left-hand side of the visitors' box and crosses. His pass is a well-placed one, but David Luiz is just about to get a foot on the ball at the vital moment.
3' What a chance for Wilfred Zaha! The forward almost enjoys a great return to fitness as he's able to test Thibaut Courtois with an early opportunity, but the Chelsea goalkeeper does well to save the effort at the near post after Zaha was easily able to spin round Gary Cahill.
1' We're off! Chelsea get us underway, attacking from right to left.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
Meanwhile, Chelsea boss Antonio Conte has also made four alterations to the team that featured in their last outing, with Antonio Rudiger, Andreas Christensen, N’Golo Kante and Alvaro Morata making way for Gary Cahill, David Luiz, Victor Moses and Willian, respectively.
Roy Hodgson has decided to make four changes to the Palace side that started the defeat against Manchester United two weeks ago, with the most notable inclusion being veteran goalkeeper Julian Speroni, who starts his first league game since May 2016. There’s also a place in the line-up for Wilfred Zaha, who is back from injury and starts up front in place of Bakary Sako. Meanwhile, Scott Dann and James McArthur have come into the side to replace Damien Delaney and Jason Puncheon.
Chelsea substitutes: Caballero, Zappacosta, Rudiger, Christensen, Scott, Musonda, Pedro.
Chelsea XI (3-4-2-1): Courtois; Azpilicueta, Luiz, Cahill; Moses, Fabregas, Bakayoko, Alonso; Willian, Hazard; Batshuayi.
Crystal Palace substitutes: Henry, Fosu-Mensah, Riedewald, Tomkins, Kaikai, Puncheon, Sako.
Crystal Palace XI (4-1-4-1): Speroni; Ward, Sakho, Dann, Van Aanholt; Milivojevic; Townsend, McArthur, Cabaye, Schlupp; Zaha.
There’s just under 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this this afternoon…
Palace may find themselves stuck in a deep and depressing hole at the moment but it’s they who were last victorious in this fixture thanks to an excellent 2-1 win masterminded by Sam Allardyce back in April. They’ve actually won both of the last two games here by the same scoreline, although Chelsea have picked up victories from seven of the previous 10 meetings between the two teams.
Defeats against Burnley and City and a goalless draw with Arsenal have left Chelsea struggling for points at Stamford Bridge this season, but they’ve performed much better on the road and head into today’s game in impressive form. They’ve won their last five away games in the league thanks to last month’s 4-0 thrashing of Stoke City, with only Manchester United managing to beat them in their previous 12 outings.
Another defeat this weekend will see Palace equal the worst start made by any side to an English league season, matching the eight-game losing run set by Liverpool in 1899, and that looks to be a real possibility as they take on a Chelsea side desperate to win. The Blues were defeated by early pace setters Manchester City in their last outing and will be looking to return to winning ways to keep the pressure firmly on the Sky Blues.
Having to face the likes of Manchester City, United and now Chelsea hasn’t helped Palace, and a difficult run has not only left them rooted to the bottom of the table but means they're already five points behind 17th-place Leicester City. With a trip to a strong Newcastle United side coming up after today’s game before a derby clash away to Tottenham Hotspur at the start of next month, it could get much worse before it gets better for the imperilled Eagles.
It never rains but it pours for Palace, who, thanks to a heavy defeat at the hands of Manchester United just before the international break, have made the worst start to a Premier League season in its 25-year history. Roy Hodgson taking control of the reins after Frank de Boer’s early sacking doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference, as the Eagles are still shipping goals at an alarming rate and remain without either a single goal or point.
Good afternoon and welcome to our live text commentary of today’s Premier League game between Crystal Palace and Chelsea at Selhurst Park.