Top 10 Premier League overhead kicks of all-time- ranked: From Wayne Rooney's derby stunner to Alejandro Garnacho's 'goal of a lifetime' against Everton

Premier League fans have been treated to hundreds of amazing goals since the competition's inception back in 1992, with some of the best players in the world producing moments of wizardry that defy belief. There is one specific type of goal that elicits more joy than any other, though, because of the technical ability and sheer audacity that is required to pull it off.

Instant hero status is bestowed on those that manage to execute a perfect overhead kick. They are rarely seen during normal passages of play, not least because of the inherent risk of embarrassment that comes with the shot selection.

But there is no defence against it when its done right. For a player to get a strong enough connection to beat a goalkeeper with their back to goal everything has to be perfect, from their positioning and timing to their concentration and general poise.

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The English top-flight has probably seen more of these wondrous goals than any other league in Europe, and picking out the best of them for a top-10 list is no mean feat. But every so often a return to the archives becomes a necessity.

There will always be those who take to the skies in a bid to write their name into Premier League folklore, and GOAL is here to rank the greatest overhead kicks in the competition's history to date...