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Why FIFA veterans and FIFA Street lovers will appreciate Volta

02:39 EAT 13/08/2019
Jadon Sancho FIFA 20 Volta
The new game mode has been designed to be picked up easy by all types of gamers

One the most common questions asked about FIFA's new game mode Volta surround how it will be different from the popular FIFA Street series.

The old street football game featured an arcade-style that was a complete contrast to the traditional FIFA version - which focused on providing a realistic product.

But while Volta is aimed at arcade and casual gamers, it actually has the the same engine and mechanics as the 11-v-11 mode in FIFA and will provide an authentic representation of street football.

FIFA 20 creative director Matt Prior explains there were fictional features added to FIFA Street as part of its arcade style and it was tough for gamers to adjust to the normal FIFA because of the different engine within the game.

"If you think FIFA Street, that was much more of an arcade kind of experience – you had the gamebreaker where you built up a bar and you had a superpower kind of thing. So playing Volta is a very much different experience," Prior told Goal.

"Back in the day, if you were proficient at FIFA Street, and then went to the 11-v-11 game it was almost as if you had to re-learn the mechanics of the game because it was that much different of an experience.

"For Volta, we wanted to base it around the [the standard FIFA] engine for a number of reasons."

Despite the wholly different environment that street football is played in, Prior said the research on the genre done by EA Sports suggested that, at the heart of it, it was still football.

Armed with this fact, Volta aims to be a game mode that can be played interchangeably with the standard 11-v-11 game - with playability for both new and old consumers of not only of FIFA but football in general.

"We went out and spoke to these real-world street players and the first thing I asked them was, 'What’s the difference between the street game and the pro game?'" Prior explained. 

"It was reassuring to hear that obviously there is the skills, flair and subculture of the look and fashion, but at its heart when you drill down into it, it’s still fundamentally football. It’s about winning, it’s about teamwork, it’s about passing, shooting, etc.

"We want people who are FIFA veterans of the 11-v-11 game to come to Volta and be able to play it and not have to re-learn.

"Alternatively, if you come to FIFA just for Volta – because it’s the most accessible FIFA we have ever made and you don’t need to follow a club or understand the rules – you can pick it up and play it easily.

"Also, if these consumers do want to transition to 11-v-11, hopefully we can get them into the world of football, because the world needs more football fans."

Volta will be a part of the new FIFA 20 game - which will be released on September 27.

- Goal's Kieran Francis tested an early version of FIFA 20 and Volta at the EA Producers Tour in Shanghai, China.