Wanderers behind South-West Sydney's delayed A-League introduction

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A-League expansion will officially see Western Melbourne join the competition next season, but Macarthur South-West Sydney will have to bide their time and will be introduced in 2020/21 instead.

Despite being ready to go with a 15-year lease agreement with Campbelltown Stadium reportedly wrapped up, the club's close proximity to two other Sydney A-League teams in a state of flux means the FFA have opted to stagger their introduction.

The Wanderers have been struggling on and off the pitch as they enter their third season without a stadium in Parramatta.

The newly named Bankwest Stadium will be ready next season however and FFA chief executive David Gallop indicated Western Sydney's turbulence was one reason behind South-West's delayed introduction. 

"We know they (Wanderers) are going back into Parramatta, but we've also seen them without Parramatta and it's had a significant impact on their business," Gallop said. 

"This is part of the reasoning behind South-West coming in in 2020/21 as it will allow Sydney to settle down a little bit before a new team is added to the Sydney area."

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Sydney FC are facing a similar situation to the Wanderers with planned redevelopments to the Sydney Football Stadium meaning they've had to split their home games between three venues this season.

It's a situation that will most likely extend for another few years too, with a state government election set to wreck havoc. 

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