Vandenbroeck reveals how Simba SC will stop opponents after first season loss

Simba SC players in training.
Simba SC.
The 2019/20 treble winners were defeated on Thursday but the head coach has explained the play style he wants to be implemented

Simba SC head coach Sven Vandenbroeck has revealed what style of play he wants the Mainland Premier League champions to adopt.

The tactician has stated he would like his players to keep the ball and create more chances with it in order to stifle the opponents. Wekundu wa Msimbazi were on a good run but it was stopped by Tanzania Prisons in Rukwa on Thursday when they suffered a 1-0 defeat in matchday six.

“You know my preference is always to play an attractive football where we have to enjoy ball possession more than our opponents and create more passes that will help us consequently create more goal-scoring chances,” Vandenbroeck told Mwanaspoti.

“This will ensure our opponents find it hard to deal with us and their primary target will always be getting a formula of stopping us.”

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The former Zambia head coach stated his players are learning the art of the playing style and how it would help them deal with any opponent going forward.

“My players have been accustomed to the demands of such playing style,” he added.

“If one has been watching keenly, they will realise that passes created in a game are always fewer than in the subsequent games. This is what I want us to do whether we are playing away or at home.

“If we manage to possess the ball and create more passes, the opponents will always be thinking how to stop us and we will not be thinking much about them. We have been trying to work on this, every day during our training programmes.”

Even though he believes his students are learning and adapting fast, Vandenbroeck gave conditions under which the style will be implemented with ease.

“In order to manage this attractive and ball possession style of play, every player must be very fit because if one of the players will not be fit enough it means we will find it difficult to implement it,” he said.

“That is why we have been playing a number of friendlies and Mlandege FC recently gave us a real test on whether we are at a great competitive level.

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“If we will get to possess the ball in every game, the way I want according to my philosophy, even defending will be easy because we would be having the ball in most cases. That is the best way of managing opponents by the way.”

Now sitting third behind arch-rivals Yanga and the impeccable Azam, Simba will host Ruvu Shooting and Mwadui FC for the last matches for October.