'They don't want Turkey to buy this club' - Chelsea bidder Bayrak offers update on takeover attempt

Muhsin Bayrak - ChelseaGetty

Turkish businessman Muhsin Bayrak claimed that the odds were against him in his bid to take over Chelsea from Roman Abramovich.

Bayrak is one of several reported interested parties in the Blues, who are up for sale.

Recent government measure freezing the club's assets as part of sanctions on Abramovich, though, threaten to complicate negotiations and cause significant upheaval at Stamford Bridge.

What was said?

"Today we received an e-mail from both the club and the UK government. We received an e-mail from the British Ministry of Commerce saying 'you can buy the club'," Bayrak signalled to DHA.

"We, our friends, have been following the process for the purchase of Chelsea for 15 days, both in England and in Turkey, and our law offices have followed the process. On February 27, after three days of work, contact was established and negotiations began. Chelsea's sale had not yet been announced to the public and we had information.

"The Turkish company coming to the fore created a lot of excitement in the world. Nobody in Turkey could have imagined that such an initiative would take place. With our relations with Roman Abramovich, we got ahead of the companies that were buyers.

"After making the official application, the British state put a restraint on Abramovich's assets with an operation at night. This is an issue that disturbs the conscience in international law.

"We agreed on the price. £1 billion would be covered by a fund in England anyway. Its infrastructure was prepared and everything was ready. We would be taking over with the club's debt and sponsorship. The rest of the money would remain in Turkey.

"This job would be finished within a week. There was a statement from the British government about the freezing of Abramovich's assets. It was stated that it would be discussed on the 14th. When the Turkish company entered here, some things officially emerged, after which there was uneasiness in the world. started."

Will Bayrak complete the takeover?

As well as Bayrak, a Swiss-American consortium headed by Hansjorg Wyss and Todd Boehly and a Saudi-backed group were also in the running for control of the club, though it is not yet clear exactly how the UK's sanctions will affect the sale.

The Turkish national, however, believes his country of birth will count against him.

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"I think they don't want Turkey to buy the club. Everyone should know that the Republic of Turkey is a very big state. Very serious business people come out of this state, and we exist and will be all over the world," he added.

"As a Turk, my colour in the world is red and white. I always wave the Turkish flag in that way, making you feel that power in every country I go to. If this job was canceled because I am a Turkish businessman, I would be honored with it."

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