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Tanzania running out of ambitious & competent footballers - Magori

15:30 EAT 30/10/2019
Simba SC v Mashujaa FC.
The administrator claims previous teams had numerous players who were prepared to give their all on the pitch

Former Simba SC chief executive officer Crescentius Magori has claimed Tanzanian clubs are running out of competent footballers.

Magori, who is now the technical advisor to Simba SC's majority shareholder Mohammed Dewji, said the kind of players now representing their clubs pale in comparison to the ones who were there before.

“Our football style loves dribblers who sometimes offer little to the teams. In most cases, we do not objectively watch our players when they do not have the ball but we tend to concentrate on them when they have the ball,” Magori told Mwanaspoti.

“Some players would just prefer walking when they do not have the ball and these are the kind of players who are loved mostly in Tanzania.”

Referring to three former Simba players, Magori says a footballer should be a hardened character who is always ready to deliver a win for his side.

“Simba team had competent players like Juma Kaseja, Seleman Matola and Pawasa Boniface. Anytime you engaged them they would tersely tell you 'we will win',” explained the former CEO.

“Those are the kind of players Tanzania football wants. A player like Gerson Fraga is one who never wants to see Simba concede. They are the kind of players we want.”

Magori admitted he would never take serious a player who claims football is a gamble and different results are bound to occur.

“There is nothing which demoralises me like hearing a player saying in football there are three results; a win, draw or a loss,” he stated.

“The moment you hear that from a player, know he is not a competitive footballer.”

The football administrator added clubs must now find a way of helping the majority of the players from their youth setups to graduate to the senior teams.

“Tanzanian clubs are not investing in their junior teams. Have a look at Yanga SC and Simba's budgets and see how much has been allocated for the academies,” he said.

“Teams have very good players at their juniors sides but do the teams make sure the talented kids develop finally into their senior teams?”