T-Team submits appeal against points deduction

Farhod Tadjiev, Mahamadou Samassa, T-Team, Sandro da Silva, Kedah, Super League, 15/04/2017
T-Team FC
T-Team has provided a swift response to the points deduction and claimed that they have completed all payments

In under 24 hours since the points deduction announcement was made by Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership (FMLLP), one of the affected teams have already made their move to rectify the errors that have brought them the punishment.

T-Team issued a statement on their official social media stating that while they have appealed the decision and are hoping that FMLLP will give them a second chance, now that they have finally sorted out the arrears.

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"T-Team has no problem with players or officials' salaries, however there was some delay regarding payment to the Employees Provident Fund (EPF), Social Security Organisation (SOSCO) and Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRB) payments."

"Yes, there was some delay in updating the records in the Football Information and Management System (SPMB) and MYPass, however we've informed of this matter before the final date of 31 Mac given by FMLLP."

"What I can say now is that the issues surrounding late payments to the above organisations have been settled and we will ensure that it will not be repeated in the future," said Aidi-Naim Mohamad Samsani the Chief Executive Office (CEO) of T-Team in the statement.

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T-Team goes on to mention that they have already made all the payments last month with confirmation letter received from EPF on 27 April and from IRB on 30 April. The Super League side are hoping that FMLLP will take those actions into account and reconsider the points penalty.

With the 6 points deductions, T-Team dropped one place from 7th to 8th with their points total reduced from 16 points to 10 points.