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Safa presidential candidate Ace Ncobo slams Danny Jordaan and Dennis Mumble

19:32 EAT 13/03/2018
Peter Mancer with Ace Ncobo
Safa said the elective congress will go ahead as planned despite the IEC's decision to withdraw from facilitating the election on March 24

The battle lines are drawn between the South African Football Association (Safa) president Dr Danny Jordaan, CEO Dennis Mumble and presidential candidate, Andile 'Ace' Ncobo.

A few weeks ago, Ncobo was pronounced as a candidate to challenge Jordaan in an election that has made headlines in recent weeks.

The former Premier Soccer League general manager and Fifa referee last week made allegations that the country’s football governing body is not upholding the FA’s constitution.

Ncobo said he addressed a number of issues relating to the elections in writing to Safa CEO Mumble, before taking the next to write to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

The IEC was set to oversee the presidential election, but it has since pulled out following an engagement with Ncobo who also called for Jordaan’s immediate resignation.

Safa wants to hold the elective congress on March 24, but Ncobo says the election must be cancelled and be held on the original date, September 2018, because it was brought forward due to non-football reasons.

Ncobo held a press conference on Tuesday where he addressed the media regarding the upcoming election and serious violations of the association’s constitution.

The former official accused Safa of “gross violation” of several Fifa rules as well as Caf laws by shifting the date of the election (brought forward from September), failing to send him the meeting pack as he is now an eligible candidate and failure to supply him with the audited financial statements of the association.

“Two names had gone through the eye of the needle in terms of nominations. There has been a number of engagements with Safa following my decision to first of all re-familiarise myself with statutes and the electoral code so that as and when I made that decision whether to stand for the position of president of Safa, I would do so having drawn comfort from knowing that all the requisites processes were followed,” Ncobo told the media.

“That thorough perusal of the statutes and electoral code revealed many violations which caused me to engage Safa, draw to their attention those violations," he said.

“And in order for us to understand and perhaps answer a question that has been flying around amongst the football loving people in this country, the question why is it that Safa seems to think that a decision by either the NEC or the congress holds more legal strength than the constitution?"

“I think that is where I would want to start off today, that Safa is a juristic person; it is referred to as a universitas, an association of persons that owes its existence to its constitution which we refer to as the statutes," he continued.

“It is not like a company incorporated under the Companies Act. So, the primary instrument of governance at Safa is its constitution – congress is the highest decision making body, yes, however, every single decision that congress makes," added the former school teacher.

“Every decision the Safa council makes, must be both consistent with, and not in violation of the statutes," said the Eastern Cape-born candidate.

"Now if you have people, as we have heard in the past couple of days insisting that it doesn’t matter what the IEC says, it doesn’t matter whether or not we have an electoral committee," he asserted on Tuesday.

“Congress is the supreme body that will take decisions, you know sort of saying we will come together on the 24th, and because we are congress we will take the decision to continue with this elective congress despite the fact that the constitution says otherwise. That is the biggest problem we have in that institution (Safa), the president (Jordaan) assisted by a CEO (Mumble), both of whom have an obligation to uphold, defend and protect the Safa statutes (are) showing the middle finger to the same Safa statutes from whose authority they derive their existence and presence in that institution,” concluded Ncobo.

Meanwhile, Safa said they will go ahead with the planned election scheduled for March 24, and they have announced plans to take legal action against the IEC.