2018 World Cup: Optus Sport team up with SBS for all remaining group matches

Optus have decided to continue teaming up with SBS but are confident of handling the knockout stages solo

After sharing World Cup coverage with SBS over the past 48 hours due to technical issues, Optus Sport have announced that they'll continue to do so for all remaining group games at the tournament.

Optus have been plagued by issues since the start of the 2018 World Cup with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull even contacting CEO Allen Lew about the situation.

With football fans in an uproar, Optus decided to share 48 hours of full World Cup coverage with SBS on Monday, who were willing to take on the extra broadcasts at short notice. 

Since that announcement, Optus have been unable to fully resolve technical issues resulting in their troubled coverage and have decided the best way forward is with SBS fully on board until the knockout stages at least.

Once there, SBS still only have rights to broadcast the semi-final and final, with Optus Sport for now maintaining exclusive broadcast rights for round of 16 and quarter-final matches. 

"We've learned a very important lesson from last weekend and we're confident of handling the knockout rounds," Optus said. 

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SBS have previously broadcast all matches of World Cups in Australia, but struck a rumoured $8 million deal with Optus to share the rights in 2018 due to a reduced budget. 

As a means to win back football fans in Australia, reports are also emerging that Optus may make their Optus Sport platform free for all Australians until the end of August.