Prepare to be parted with your money: Nike reveals 2018 Malayan Tigers jerseys

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2018 Malaysia home kit
Global sportswear giant Nike has revealed the new jerseys of the Malaysia national football team, ahead of the 2018 AFF Championship.

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On Thursday, global sportswear giant Nike revealed the new jerseys of several Southeast Asian national teams, including those of Malaysia's.

It is believed that they have done so in anticipation of the 2018 AFF Championship, which will kick off in December.

The new Malaysia black and yellow home kit has broken away from the convention of its past iterations, in that it featured very little black. The jersey is almost exclusively yellow, with muted tiger stripes. Only the Nike emblem and the roundneck collar are black.

2018 Malaysia home kit

2018 Malaysia home kit. Photo from Nike

However, the new away kit has revived the tradition of paying homage to the Malaysian flag, the 'Jalur Gemilang' (Stripes of Glory). While the previous edition only featured the colours of white and blue, the latest iteration added yellow and red back to the fray.

2018 Malaysia away kit

2018 Malaysia home kit. Photo from Nike

According to the Nike website, the jerseys will be available for purchase beginning the end of September this year