'Going Home' - Story behind Newcastle United's 'Local Hero' walk out song, videos & does it have lyrics?

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Newcastle United play a particularly rousing tune ahead of each of their home games.

It's become a key element of the club's matchday experience for supporters at St. James' Park, but what exactly are the origins of the song, and what does it represent for fans?

Here, GOAL has all you need to know about about Newcastle United's anthem.

What is Newcastle United's anthem?

Newcastle's signature tune is known by many names, 'Going Home (Theme of the Local Hero)' being the full name of anthem.

The song is also known as 'Going Home (The Local Hero)' or simply 'Going Home' or 'Local Hero'.

Are there any lyrics in 'Going Home'?

'Going Home (Theme of the Local Hero)' is actually an instrumental rock track that charted at #56 in the UK, at #26 in the Netherlands and at #18 in New Zealand.

Being an instrumental track, "Going Home" does not have any lyrics.

When was 'Going Home' released?

'Going Home' was released on March 4, 1983. It was the closing track from the 1983 film 'Local Hero' soundtrack album. The album was recorded at The Power Station (formerly known as Avatar Studios) in New York and Eden Studios in London in 1982.

Nobody can be quite sure when the song was adopted by Newcastle United to run as their pre-match anthem, but it's evident that the tune has clearly caught on among fans.

Who wrote 'Going Home'?

The melody of 'Going Home' was penned by Glasgow-born and Newcastle-raised musician Mark Knopfler with lead saxophone lines by late American jazz saxophonist Michael Brecker.

The instrumental theme song has developed an emotional bond to the fans of Knopfler's hometown club, Newcastle United.

'Going Home' was created when Knopfler - a lead singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer with the band Dire Straits - sought a new dimension for his film-score writing.

Where all is 'Going Home' played?

'Going Home' left those who watched the film 'Local Hero' teary-eyed, and now has the same effect on Magpies supporters.

Beyond Newcastle, the composition has also aired at home games of Aberdeen, Tranmere Rovers and Burton Albion.

Knopfler performed 'Going Home' as a tribute to the late Formula One driver Sir Stirling Moss, and the theme was also used at the 1987 America's Cup yacht race, among other notable events.

When Newcastle's stadium bar was officially relaunched as 'Shearer's' under its new ownership in March 2022, it was only fitting that Knopfler was present to perform 'Going Home' live - reportedly without charging a fee for the rendition.

Going Home (Theme of the Local Hero) Official Video