Honda's hilarious press conference slip-up

The Japanese star has clearly picked up the Aussie slang very quickly...

Keisuke Honda has been a polished product on and off the pitch this season for Melbourne Victory but the Japanese star's pronunciation let him down to eyebrow-raising effect on Friday.

Set for a long-awaited return from injury this weekend, Honda was speaking to the media about the issue that's kept him out of the game for over a month and seemingly dropped the f-bomb, only to quickly clarify what he actually meant. 

"I have to take care of myself, it's bad but it's real, it's fact," Honda said, though 'fact' sounded more like a certain swear word.   

"Fact, sorry. My pronunciation is maybe bad."

Victory currently sit second, four points behind Tony Popovic's side, with Honda desperate to play some part in the important match. 

“I think that I might have a chance to play second half," he said.

"I can, it depends on the game situation, maybe if I have to play the situation is maybe bad because I think we have to score, we have to attack.

"The most important thing is the team can play well."

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Though disappointed to have missed over a month of football, Honda is set to be firing just in time for Victory's foray into Asia. 

"I couldn’t do anything. I just thought that it was important with the beginning of the Asian Champions League," he said.

“It’s almost 100%, it’s close to that.”