Government must employ expedite court actions against Nyantakyi, says Jinapor

The educationist believes a fast-track court must be instituted to handle the case involving Kwesi Nyantakyi

University of Education senior lecturer Dr. Ahmed Jinapor has urged the authorities to adopt an 'expedited jury trial' in the case involving former Ghana FA president Kwesi Nyantakyi.

The beleaguered football administrator, who was banned by Fifa last week, is among those caught on camera in an investigative documentary that exposed corrupt and match-fixing activities of top officials.

“As a country, we are a developing type and in terms of development, it’s not just about infrastructure but our code of conduct, ethics and [fighting] corruption," Jinapor told TV3.

“It’s unfortunate but I think government will have to expedite action in coming out with prosecution because if you will remember, Kwesi Nyantakyi was reported to the CID on May 20 and as it stands now, I don’t know if he has even been charged.

“I find it quite unfortunate when even after the brouhaha and the noise that was being made, the CID, still after inviting all these people including Nyantakyi, had to call on Anas to give them the video to look at it," he said.

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He added: “When Ghanaians tend to be cynical about what is going to come out of this issue, I think they have legitimate concerns. I want to see some kind of speed going on and if Nyantakyi is guilty, he should be jailed.”

Nyantakyi has resigned from his positions at Wafu, Caf and Fifa.