FKF v KPL: Nick Mwendwa casts doubt on the future of league runners

Stafford Ondego/Goal Kenya.
This is not the first time that Nick Mwendwa is going head on with KPL in his three years since he took office

Football Kenya Federation President Nick Mwendwa has cast doubt on the future of Kenyan Premier League Limited when their contract ends in 2020.

The KPL contract with the FKF in is set to run down on August 2020 and Mwendwa has made it clear that the federation might not renew the deal.

This might open up the old wounds of a bad relationship that the federation and the league runners enjoyed in Mwendwa’s first two years in office.

Asked whether KPL’s contract will be renewed, Mwendwa hinted that the time of the Limited company entrusted with the responsibility of running the domestic league could be coming to an end.

“I don’t know if that will be the end of KPL, but the fact is this entity cannot run the way it is today. It will be the job of members to decide what happens to the league when KPL’s contract expires,” Mwendwa was quoted by The Standard.

The football boss also hinted that even if KPL get another chance to run the league, some changes will have to be effected.

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One of the many changes Mwendwa wants to see take place at the Brookside Drive is rotating the chairmanship, where the boss of the club that wins the league automatically assumes the post at KPL.

“We don’t want to have a revolving chairmanship at KPL. We want to have a chairman, who is elected just like the FKF president with an executive to run the league.”

This pronouncement might open up the old squabbles between the two bodies especially in the forthcoming elections where KPL might front their own candidate to challenge Mwendwa who has since announced that he will be seeking a second term.