Fabio urges KL fans to come support the team's transformation into one of Malaysia's top clubs

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Kuala Lumpur boss Fabio Maciel has urged their fans to support his dream of turning the club into one of Malaysia's top teams.

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Kuala Lumpur (KL) head coach Fabio Maciel has urged the team fans to attend their matches in order to support his dream of turning the club into one of Malaysia's top teams.

Speaking to the press after their dramatic 4-3 win over the more-fancied Kedah in their Malaysia Super League (MSL) match last Saturday, the Brazilian said that the side's yo-yo performance in their first season back in the top tier has not affected his approach to the game, describing his work with the team as a process.

"We are on the right path as we know this season will not be easy. Those who say this year will be easy, they don't know football. How long were KL not in the MSL before this? The first thing we need to do is to maintain [the performance]. We've beaten the league champions (Johor Darul Ta'zim) and tonight we beat the FA Cup champions, which means we have quality to become great in the league.

"(Although) we then lost to two teams who were promoted only on technical reasons (PKNP FC and Negeri Sembilan), we had a chance to win the games. I'm not under pressure and will keep my job because those who follow our training will know that we are doing well. Only the result has not been coming.

"Before tonight's game I told my players; 'I am the same person regardless if we win or lose.' I know the process that we undergo daily in training, and my team's abilities. I'm not under pressure ,because I'm doing this out of the love of football. There are people in the hospital and those who die because they are stressed out, fathers out there who have to feed their families, imagine their pressure. This (football coaching) is normal; and I tell my players to play good football for the fans," explained Fabio. 

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Fabio Maciel. Photo by Zulhilmi Zainal

And on the subject of fans, he urged their supporters to attend their matches and support the team, in order to help his work transforming the side into one of the best sides in the country. Playing against Kedah at their home ground the Kuala Lumpur Football Stadium, around 70 percent of the crowd were the away fans.

"I urge the fans to come watch KL play, to help make KL a big team again. We need to go up in the league, maintain our performance and attract more sponsors.

"Furthermore, KL is the capital of the country. In the future everyone will know of KL. We are on the right path, we're staying humble and we keep working hard," he remarked.