EXTRA TIME: Watch Bantwana train in Uruguay for Fifa U17 World Cup

Safa media
The South African Under-17 girls soccer team has been in Uruguay since Sunday, and they've stepped up their preparations

Bantwana is training for the Under-17 Fifa World Cup and you can see in the video that they're looking good.

Coach Simphiwe Dludlu spoke to Safa Media about how the team is getting used to conditions.

“I think in terms of training we are adapting better, the weather is not as bad, if anything its actually working in our favour,” said Dludlu adding that the early arrival will give her team enough time to adjust to foreign conditions.

“The bodies are still trying to get used to whether weshould sleep less or we sleep long. The bodies are yet to adjust fully but within three more days, things should improve and that is why we came in early,” added coach Dludlu.

“Training wise, the girls are adapting very well. Off the field that’s the only time you see them falling asleep on the table because of the massive time difference. However, I am getting a clear picture and they have already set the tone from each training session. It keeps getting better,” said the coach to Safa.

There's also a number of Banyana Banyana training pictures below, as they prepare for the ladies Africa Cup of Nations.

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