Defensive discipline key to overcoming the Bos Gaurus - Rahmad

Rahmad Darmawan - Persija Jakarta
Goal / Abi Yazid
T-Team boss Rahmad Darmawan credited their 3-0 win over Perak in their Super League match to his men's defensive discipline.

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Following his side's 3-0 victory over Perak in their Super League match on Saturday, T-Team boss Rahmad Darmawan credited the win to his men's defensive discipline. 

"I am very pleased with our defence's tactics, they defended well and launched into counterattacks quickly.

"In the first half we did not get much of the possession, we resorted to making long balls which allowed Perak to come at us.

"But in the second we had more of the ball, played more patiently and more effectively, especially in organising our defence very well," explained Rahmad when interviewed by the match broadcaster.

When asked about the last-minute withdrawal of key midfielder Dilshod Sharofetdinov, the Indonesian trainer said that it was done due to the niggling injury faced by the Uzbek.

"He had picked up a knock four days earlier, so we simulated a number of formations, with and without him.

"We tried getting him to start the match earlier, but after warm up he said that he was in pain so in the end we withdrew him.

"We still hope that Dilshod can play against Kedah (Super League match on May 24) as he is our main man in midfield.

"But even without him, we will still perform our best using a different style," revealed Rahmad.

And on their encounter against the Red Eagles, whom they thumped 5-0 at home on April 15, Rahmad said that he wants his men to keep their momentum.

"Let's keep our momentum because I've been satisfied so far. But I don't want my men to be content with our situation currently.

"This is because Kedah are a formidable side, and we will play away to them. We must keep focused and prepare better, as we have around three weeks to do so.

"I can't let them have any more days off, as we've had six points deducted recently, which have made us lose sleep at night," he said.