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90' + 2'
C. Gyeltshen
S. Chhetri
1 - 1
K. Lewis
N. Kumar
B. Ogbeche
Yellow Card
G. Singh
Yellow Card
F. Gallego
B. Ogbeche
1 - 0

Match Stats

48% 52%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 2
Total Passes 398 429
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FULL TIME: NorthEast United 1-1 Bengaluru FC
90' + 5' That has got to be one damning moment for Schattorie. The whole game was reeking of a NorthEast victory but the Bhutanese enigma could not have chosen a better moment to make his mark.
90' + 3' Lewis whips the ball into the box and Chhetri heads it to Chencho who bicycles it home as Bengaluru are on course to snatch a point off.
C. Gyeltshen
90' + 2' Goal Chencho Gyeltshen
S. Chhetri
90' + 2' Assist Sunil Chhetri
90' + 2' GOOOAAL!!! Chencho get his maiden ISL goal and what a time to come!
90' + 1' The motto of NEUFC is to play the ball away from any shirt in blue and that is exactly what they are doing. The defence has been top-notch tonight.
90' Five minutes to be added on.
88' CLOSE! Chencho on the volley hits it from the angle but cannot get the perfection from Xisco's lay off.
K. Lewis
N. Kumar
87' Substitution Nishu Kumar Tashni Kean Lewis
87' An injury to Pawan held the game up as BFC roll their last dice through bringing in Lewis. Can it make a difference?
85' Mascia comes on and the NorthEast United box has been put under presssure again. Delgado's delivery has been cleared first time but Udanta yet again slams it hurriedly into orbit.
J. Mascia
F. Gallego
84' Substitution Federico Gallego Revetria Juan Cruz Mascia Paysée
82' NorthEast Utd won't shy away from what they want to do here: see the game out and there is nothing wrong in that. However, Reagan concedes a freekick after pulling down Chhetri.
80' Ten minutes left. Is the unbeaten run coming to an end in Guwahati tonight?
Gurwinder Singh
R. Tlang
78' Substitution Redeem Tlang Gurwinder Singh
78' Right into action comes Gurwinder. Makes a good aerial block as Chhetri was threatening to run the box down. 
77' Two changes for the hosts now. Lakra has twisted his ankle and will be sent to the hospital for scans. Schattorie will shut shop as he puts in veteran defender Gurinwder into the mix.
R. Singh
P. Lakra
76' Substitution Provat Lakra Reagan Singh
76' BLOCKED! Khabra has a shy from the delivery into the box and Grgic makes a body block. From the second corner, Chhetri has been helf off brilliantly and the danger is averted from NEUFC's point of view.
75' Corner! Grgic keeps a close eye on Chencho's run from that through ball and it is a flag kick.
73' OFFSIDE! Puitea does well to take on a BFC man and keep the ball in his control. Passes to Robert on the left and his cross into the box had Gurpreet in danger but Ogbeche didn't time his run carefully. No complains.
72' Delgado take the freekick short and gets it back. Ogbeche slams him and gets booked. Now Xisco will have a shy from range on the dead ball.
B. Ogbeche
Yellow Card
71' Yellow card Bartholomew Ogbeche
C. Gyeltshen
Albert Serrán
71' Substitution Albert Serrán Polo Chencho Gyeltshen
70' Time to shuffle things for Cuadrat. Can Chencho provide that magic?
68' Wasted! Gallego lays it for Ogbeche and he drives it low and into the wall as the ball rolls out for a corner after the deflection.
G. Singh
Yellow Card
66' Yellow card Gurpreet Singh Sandhu
66' Ball bumps near the arc and Gurpreet comes off his line to slam the ball but Ogbeche has put his body there and smartfully earns a freekick.
65' Ogbeche draws the defenders towards him and clips it to Gallego inside the box. The Uruguayan waits patiently for Serran to fall in front of him and drives it hard into the net with Gurpreet's fingers not enought to stop it.
F. Gallego
64' Goal Federico Gallego Revetria
B. Ogbeche
64' Assist Bartholomew Ogbeche
64' GGOOOAAL!!! Gallego breaks the deadlock and the crowd has gone into a tizzy...
63' CHANCE! Paartalu loses the ball to Borges but he does well to track back and clear the incoming cross.
61' BFC takes a long time to take the corner. Bheke attmepts to run into the header available but misses. Delgado takes the shot from range and Grgic blocks it well
59' Delgado plays the corner short and the ball pings aorund into the box. It is Ogbeche who makes the final clearance to take the ball off Chhteri's radar.
58' BFC are pressing well now. Chhetri runs down the left flank and hits Lakra as they win a corner.
56' SAVED! Chhetri lays it for Paartalu who slams from range and Pawan Kumar in full stretch, sees the ball out brilliantly. Well, that should fill the Punjab-born with some confidence.
54' Ogbeche turns the ball inside out twice on the edge of the box. Ultimately, Juanan wins the dual as he slides to make the well-timed challenge. Corner for NEUFC. Borges heads it above the bar.
52' A bit of reshuffling for Bengaluru FC. Khabra has moved to right back and Bheke to left back. Nishu Kumar has been deployed in the left wing as the visitors play a 4-4-1-1 with Xisco just behind Chhetri.
50' Ogbeche is called offside and rightfully so. At least one linesman is having a good game. Time for Kennedy Sapam to take notes from Arun Pillai.
48' First shot of the second half and its Udanta from Delgado's pass. Slammed right to his home-state of Manipur.
46' OH DEAR PAWAN! He's having a bad day at the office to say the least. Gets a backpass from Komorski and this time he wants to slam it but right for a throw-in for the opposition. Lack of confidence.
45' We are back underway for the second half in chilly Guwahati...
HALF TIME: NorthEast United 0-0 Bengaluru FC
45' + 1' A minute added on.
45' Bheke and Gallego have a tussle and the foul is against BFC. No bad blood between them as all is resolved with a shake of the hands.
43' Its the away side that have turned proactive now. Bheke's cross has been cleared but not so well. Komorski gets the ball again and is chased by Chhetri but he heads it out to safety.
41' First corner of the game after a long time. Bheke clears the delivery but Lakra goes first time from range and way off.
39' Bengaluru getting a masterclass from the hosts on how to pass the ball around and frustrate the opposition. Juanan has just been embarrased by Ogbeche as the Nigerian turns and then wrong-foots the ball away from him.
38' Bengaluru pressing in midfield hard but NorthEast have the possession for the last two minutes. Crowd getting impatient to see some goalmouth action.
35' Ten minutes to go for the first half whistle. Have NorthEast United been robbed because of poor referering?
32' Goal right? NO! Ogbeche was surely offside but the linesman does not raise the flag then and allows it to roll. As soon as Serran gets a touch, that should have been the freekick done and dusted. Ogbeche comes from behind and smashed the ball into goal. Linesman Kennedy Sapam now raises the flag. Refereeing standards I tell you....
31' More you see this game, more you get the feeling NorthEast will concede via Pawan's over confidence inside the box. This time too, he scrappily manages to clear it but for how long?
29' END TO END! Puitea's cross falls to Borges in the box and he cannot finish it through. Udanta runs on the counter but Komorski after a long battle manages to calm him down. Ogbeche has been wrongfully called offside from Gallego's lobbed ball.
27' WHAT ON EARTH IS PAWAN DOING? He is trying to be the sweeper-keeper but is panicking a lot as Chhetri closes him down. Komorski plays it out for a throw-in. Son, just be a normal Indian 'keeper and slam the ball into midfield every time you get it; that is my advice.
25' Dont know what Pawan is trying to do here. Udanta was right there but he still passes to Robert who has to hurriedly let in a throw-in.
23' Leudo moves up centrally to play Gallego on the left. Threads back a bit to send in a cross for Ogbeche but the delivery had a bit more meat to it. 
21' Great defensive work from Komorski. He was under immense pressure from an onrushing Udanta but he still manages to win the goal kick after the duel near corner flag. Meanwhile, Gallego has been tripped and there is no foul given at all. 
19' In the last few minutes, it is Bengaluru FC who have seen much of the ball. However, it is worth mentioning that NorthEast United have been pretty solid in defense so far. Paartalu takes a long ranger but awfully off target.
17' NorthEast have been poor to go grab the second balls as Udanta initiates a quick counter through Udanta and Bheke. Komorski does well to connect a foot to see it off.
15' Much will be said and written about how NorthEast United have been denied of a penalty early on here. If manhandling Ogbeche like that is not a yellow card for Xisco, then what is?
13' Close! Ogbeche gets on the end of the corner on the far side but cannot connect properly as Gurpreet catches the ball. But that could have been a penalty as Xisco speared him from behind looking the other way.
12' CHANCE! Puitea wrong foots Serran and threads in the ball into the box for Tlang who is onside. Wanted to chip it but Gurpreet comes off with a brilliant save!
11' Trouble! Komorski surprises Pawan with a backpass and it was a poor first touch by the keeper. Chhetri charges in but he manages to see it out somehow!
10' The first ten minutes of the game defines what is called cautios play in football.
9' Nishu tries to weave a forward pass for Khabra with Lakra closing him down. Ball goes out but the throw-in has been awarded to BFC. Khabra takes it gleefully despite knowing the referee has made the wrong call.
6' Gallego plays it fine to Lakra positioned near the touchline. The former Gokulam Kerala man tried to go long for Ogbeche but the ball does not find him.
5' Udanta breaks loose on the right flank and beats Robert first time. After playing a one-two with Khabra, Robert recovers well as he shields the ball to roll out for a goal kick.
3' Throw-in for the hosts, played back and Komorski's long ball for Puitea has been cleared mid-air by Bheke. The game has a nice tempo to it.
1' EEEK! Ball came towards Gurpreet immediatley after kick off and he comes off with an atrocious clearance. Ball was going towards a NEUFC player but Paartalu cleans up his 'keeper's blushes.
The teams emerge out of the tunnel. Action coming up next...
An unbeaten Bengaluru FC are on top of the table with 22 points from 8 games. The Highlanders, having played the extra game are four points behind on 18.
Eelco Schattorie fields the same team that drew recently in Jamshedpur. Albert Serran is fit and he comes in for Chencho Gyeltshen, in BFC's only change from their 2-1 win over Pune City last week.
Bengaluru Bench: Poirei (GK); Gill, Anto, Boithang, Lewis, Chencho, Semboi.
United Bench: Rehenesh (GK); Gurwinder, Keegan, Reagan, Rempuia, Kadam, Mascia.
BENGALURU FC XI: Gurpreet Singh Sandhu (GK); Rahul Bheke, Albert Serran, Juanan, Nishu Kumar; Harmanjot Singh Khabra, Erik Paartalu, Dimas Delgado; Udanta Singh, Sunil Chhetri, Xisco Hernandez.
NORTHEAST UNITED XI: Pawan Kumar (GK); Provat Lakra, Mislav Komorski, Mato Grgic, Robert Lalthlamuana; Jose Leudo, Rowllin Borges; Redeem Tlang, Federico Gallego, Lalthathanga 'Puitea' Khawlhring; Bartholomew Ogbeche.
NOMOSKAAR GUWAHATI! Hard to remember the last time this city saw the top two teams clash in the Indian Super League (ISL), but NorthEast United host Bengaluru FC! Welcome to Goal's LIVE match centre of game 49 of season 2018-19!
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