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M. Greenwood
Yellow Card
M. Greenwood
P. Pogba
2 - 1
B. White
Yellow Card
M. Rashford
Bruno Fernandes
1 - 1
D. Welbeck
0 - 1

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57% 42%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 7 3
Total Passes 604 436
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United move four points above Leicester in third and are now unbeaten in their last 10 league games. Their attention turns to the Europa League and their quarter-final with Granada on Thursday. Brighton stay in 16th but are still six points clear of the relegation zone after Fulham's loss earlier. Next up for them is Everton.
United come from behind to beat Brighton 2-1. Brighton had a great first half and took the lead through Welbeck who headed in the rebound after seeing his first effort saved by Henderson after Greenwood hit the post. Rashford then pulled one back for United with a low shot into the far bottom corner and Greenwood headed in the winner in the 83rd winner after latching onto Pogba's scuffed volley.
90' + 3' Brighton are still pushing forward in search of a late equaliser and it's well worked out to Gross on the right. He has time to pick out a cross but he ends up hitting it straight against Shaw.
90' + 1' Brighton win a free-kick on the left and it's another good cross into the box from Gross. Veltman flicks it on at the near post, but Maguire's clearance is only as far as Dunk. He heads it towards goal and Wan-Bissaka is there to block it.
M. Greenwood
Yellow Card
89' Greenwood stops Brighton from taking a quick free-kick and is booked for time-wasting.
A. Zeqiri
A. Lallana
87' Lallana is also making way, with Zeqiri on in his place.
A. Jahanbakhsh
J. Moder
87' There's a double change for Brighton here and it's an attacking one as Potter looks to get something out of this game. Moder is off, with Jahanbakhsh replacing him.
86' Lallana wins the ball from Fred in midfield and his first thought is to get his side upfield as quickly as possible. He sends it long, trying to pick out Maupay's run through the middle, but Lindelof is there to clear it for United.
S. McTominay
P. Pogba
84' Final change for United now and that assist is Pogba's last involvement as he's taken off and replaced by McTominay.
P. Pogba
83' It's actually a poor shot from Pogba as he scuffs the volley, but he ends up putting it into a good area in the box to set up Greenwood.
M. Greenwood
83' UNITED LEAD! Pogba is trying to hit Fernandes' cross on the volley, but he doesn't catch it right and Greenwood is following it in the middle. He throws himself forward to get his head on it and he sends it between Sanchez and White on the line to put United ahead. 2-1 United!
D. van de Beek
E. Cavani
82' Second change for United now and Cavani is being taken off, with Van de Beek coming on to replace him.
80' Greenwood switches play out to Fernandes on the left and the Brighton defenders are slow to close him down. He cuts inside, stepping away from Mac Allister, to get his shot away, but it's another comfortable save for Sanchez.
78' Brighton are patiently playing out from the back, but their passing is letting them down when they get into the final third at the moment. Maupay tries to tee up Welbeck on the edge of the box, but he gives it straight to Maguire.
76' GOOD SAVE! The space opens up for Fernandes and he drills a powerful low shot on goal which Sanchez parries away. James manages to touch it into Greenwood, who scuffs at the shot and it loops just over the bar and into the roof of the net.
74' United are trying to make something happen down their left side, but Shaw is blocked by White so he's forced to go back to Fernandes. They try again, this time by looking for James, but his first touch lets him down and it goes straight out of play.
D. James
M. Rashford
72' United are making their first change now and it's the goal scorer, Rashford, that's making way for James.
72' Greenwood wrongfoots Veltman as he cuts inside from the right and he decides to have a go from the edge of the box. He keeps his show low, aiming for the near post, but it's a comfortable save for Sanchez.
70' CLOSE! Brighton break quickly on the counter and Maupay is picked out in a lot of space on the left. He drills an early cross into the six-yard box which Welbeck is running onto it. He can't get a touch under pressure from Maguire and it rolls just wide of the far post.
69' Welbeck's clearance falls to Fernandes on the edge of the box and he just touches it back to Fred. He hits his shot first time and a big deflection off Lallana takes it looping towards goal but it lands on the roof of the net much to Sanchez's relief.
68' Rashford has only scored more Premier League goals against Leicester (five) than he has against Brighton (four).
B. White
Yellow Card
66' White wouldn't let go of the ball and let United take a quick throw-in, so he's shown a yellow card for time-wasting.
65' GOOD CHANCE! It's much better from United now as they move the ball upfield quicker than before and Wan-Bissaka pushes forward down the right. He fizzes a low cross into Greenwood at the near post and his first-time shot is just wide of the target.
A. Mac Allister
L. Trossard
63' Brighton are making the first change of the game here and it's Trossard that's making way for Mac Allister.
E. Cavani
Yellow Card
63' Cavani was booked just after Rashford's goal for dissent as he wasn't happy with Veltman's late challenge on Fernandes.
Bruno Fernandes
62' Fernandes is allowed to carry the ball a long way before he picks out Rashford and Veltman just can't get there in time to block it and he takes out the midfielder with a late tackle.
M. Rashford
62' RASHFORD EQUALISES! Rashford makes a great run into the left of the box as Fernandes carries the ball forward and he hits the shot first time when he's played in. He curls his low shot around White and Sanchez to place it into the far bottom corner. 1-1! 
60' GOOD SAVE! United are moving the ball quicker now and Pogba plays an early throughball into the box for Fernandes. He chests it down and he's going for goal despite the tight angle at the far post, but Sanchez is quickly off his line to smother it.
58' The quality for United is still letting them down at the moment, especially in the final third, with Fernandes having two crosses cleared at the near post. It comes back to Shaw and he's looking for Maguire on the far side, but it's a comfortable one for Sanchez to deal with.
56' It's a good corner from Shaw as he picks out Maguire, but he heads it against Dunk. Lindelof puts it back into the middle for United and Pogba goes for the spectacular with the overhead kick, but misses it and gives away a free-kick.
54' Brighton are happy just to let United keep the ball at the moment as the hosts continue to knock it around on the halfway line. Lindelof goes long, trying to pick out Fernandes with a long pass, but he gifts it straight to Bissouma.
52' SAVE! Rashford turns away from Lallana after getting the ball from Maguire, and despite being a long way out from goal, he has a shot. It's United's first shot on target, but it's straight at Sanchez, who holds onto it.
50' United are still pressing high up the field and Fernandes switches play out to Pogba on the right. He has three to aim for in the box but plays his cross straight against Welbeck, who brings it clear for Brighton.
48' Shaw plays a one-two with Fernandes before making a great run down the left, stepping away from White to get into the final third. He plays a low cross into the middle towards Cavani, but Dunk calmly clears his lines.
46' United get us back underway for the second half! 
Potter will be pleased with Brighton's performance so far - they've looked organised at the back and caused United some real problems going forward, so he'll be expecting more of the same from them. United have struggled since going behind and have looked out of ideas in attack. Solskjaer will want to see a big improvement after the break and they could benefit from making a change.
Welbeck's goal gives Brighton a 1-0 lead over United at the break. United started brightly and Greenwood hit the post with an early shot for the hosts. It was Brighton who had the better chances after that though with Welbeck heading in the rebound after Henderson save his first effort. Dunk then saw a header tipped over the bar by the keeper and Moder's shot was deflected just wide in added time.
45' + 1' CLOSE! The corner isn't dealt with by United as Pogba scuffs his clearance at the near post and it falls to Moder in the middle. He hits the shot on the half volley and Rashford gets an important touch on it to take it wide of the target.
44' Brighton are keeping the ball well at the moment and forcing United to drop deep in their own half. Trossard finds a pocket of space in the middle and plays a good throughball into the box for Maupay to chase, but Maguire steps across to intercept it.
P. Groß
Yellow Card
42' Gross is pulling back Fred to stop him from breaking forward which earns him the first yellow card of the game.
41' United break on the counter following a Brighton corner, but the visitors are quick to drop back into the shape. Fernandes is trying to pick out Greenwood, but Veltman is there to clear the danger.
39' Rashford is crowded off the ball after driving into the box again but Dunk touches it into Fernandes. He turns to square it to Pogba, who is running onto it at the edge of the box, but he gets it all wrong and sends it well wide of the near post.
37' Brighton break quickly on the counter with Gross finding a lot of space to run into down the right. He plays a low cross into the edge of the box, which Maupay steps over thinking Lallana was behind him, but he wasn't and Henderson comes to collect it.
35' United are trying to keep the pressure on Brighton here with Rashford making a good run down the left before being stopped by White. Fernandes gets it back and tries to play in Shaw, only to hit the pass straight out for a goal-kick.
33' Cavani does well to keep hold of the ball under pressure from Dunk on the edge of the box and he manages to pick out Pogba. He tries to switch play to Shaw on the left, but it's another easy interception for White at the far post.
31' United can't find a way forward down the right so Pogba sweeps it out to Fernandes on the opposite flank. He lays it off to Shaw who tries to drive into the box, but Welbeck is back defending for Brighton and he wins it back.
29' It's sloppy from United in midfield at the moment as they keep needlessly giving the ball away. Pogba's cross is played straight at Bissouma, who sets Maupay off on the counter. He's dispossessed by Fred, only for the Brazilian to gift it straight back to Lallana.
27' Brighton have another corner and they're piling everyone into the six-yard box. Gross curls in a cross and it looks like Henderson's dealt with it until he spills it and Maguire reacts quickest to hook it clear for the hosts.
25' Maupay has three United defenders around him on the left and he does brilliantly to dribble his way past all of them to get into the box. He tries to pull it back for Trossard, but Maguire intercepts it for United.
23' Brighton have dropped deep in their own half and they're happy to just let United keep possession at the moment. Shaw drives forward down the left and swings a cross into the box, but it's over Cavani's head and Dunk is there to clear it for the visitors.
21' Welbeck is the first player to score as many as three Premier League goals against United after leaving the club.
19' GREAT SAVE! Brighton win a free-kick on the left and Gross swings a great cross into the middle of the box. Dunk rises highest in the middle to meet it, getting a lot of power on his header, and Henderson tips it onto the bar with his fingertips.
17' It's a great run from Greenwood from the halfway line and he chooses to touch it out to Wan-Bissaka instead of going for goal. He squares it to Rashford on the edge of the box, but he drags at his shot and it rolls well wide of the far post.
15' United are moving it upfield quickly now to try and get themselves back into this game. Fernandes plays a good throughball into Rashford on the left of the box, but three Brighton defenders crowd around him and he can't get in on goal.
D. Welbeck
13' BRIGHTON LEAD! Pogba gives the ball away in midfield and Brighton work it out to Maupay on the right. Welbeck gets ahead of Wan-Bissaka and Henderson does well to kick the shot away from close range, but he pushes it straight back to Welbeck, who doesn't miss the rebound. 1-0 Brighton!
12' Brighton are just starting to push forward now and Gross puts a great cross into Welbeck at the far post from the right. He cushions it down for Trossard in the middle, but Maguire does enough to put him off and he can't get a shot away.
10' United are still dominating possession here and they're patiently playing out from the back. Pogba spots Greenwood making a run into the box from the right and tries to pick him out with a throughball, but it's overhit and Sanchez collects.
8' OFF THE POST! United win a free-kick on the left and Fernandes plays a one-two with Rashford before picking out Greenwood on the far side of the box. He lets it bounce before drilling a low shot towards the near corner, but it bounces back off the bottom of the near post.
6' Bissouma landed awkwardly after an aerial challenge with Cavani and he's stayed down holding his arm. He looks to be in a lot of pain and the medical team are on giving him some treatment, but he's going to be able to carry on.
4' Shaw lays it off to Rashford on the edge of the box and he just touches it back for Fernandes, who is in a pocket of space. He sets himself to hit it before trying to curl a shot into the near top corner, but it flies high over the crossbar.
2' United are knocking the ball around well in the opening minutes here and Greenwood is picked out on the edge of the box. He tries to hook it forward for Cavani to his left, but White gets there just ahead of the forward to clear his lines.
1' Maupay gets the game underway for Brighton!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
United have won each of their last five meetings with Brighton in all competitions, netting exactly three goals in each of their last four.
Graham Potter was clearly impressed with his side's performance against Newcastle in their last game as he names an unchanged line-up today.
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer makes four changes to the team that lost to Leicester last time out as he brings in Shaw, Fernandes, Rashford and Cavani. Matic and Van de Beek drop to the bench, while Anthony Martial misses out with a knee injury he picked up while with France.
BRIGHTON AND HOVE ALBION SUBS: Jose Izquierdo, Alexis Mac Allister, Michal Karbownik, Alireza Jahanbakhsh, Steven Alzate, Davy Propper, Andi Zeqiri, Moises Caicedo, Jason Steele.
BRIGHTON AND HOVE ALBION STARTING XI (3-4-1-2): Robert Sanchez; Ben White, Lewis Dunk, Joel Veltman; Pascal Gross, Yves Bissouma, Adam Lallana, Jakub Moder; Leandro Trossard; Neal Maupay, Danny Welbeck.
MANCHESTER UNITED SUBS: Nemanja Matic, Axel Tuanzebe, Daniel James, Scott McTominay, Amad Diallo Traore, David de Gea, Donny van de Beek, Brandon Williams, Lee Grant.
MANCHESTER UNITED STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Dean Henderson; Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Victor Lindelof, Harry Maguire, Luke Shaw; Fred, Paul Pogba; Mason Greenwood, Bruno Fernandes, Marcus Rashford; Edinson Cavani.
United have a chance to open up a gap above Leicester City in third with a win today and come into this game unbeaten in their last nine Premier League games (W4 D5). They did lose their last game before the international break though when they were knocked out of the FA Cup by Leicester. As for Brighton, they've moved away from the relegation zone after big wins against Southampton and Newcastle United in their last two matches.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Manchester United and Brighton and Hove Albion at Old Trafford!